In Loving Memory of Wynthyst

Gamepedia Senior Wiki Manager

b. June 29th 1963 - d. May 14th 2014 

Wyn, known on-wiki as Wynthyst, was an integral part of our team and community, a talented and incredibly passionate wiki contributor, and above all she was our friend and teammate. 
For those who may not have known or worked with Wyn, she was our Senior Wiki Manager. Wyn has been a contributor to Gamepedia since before there even was a Gamepedia and before any of us joined the company. She was the most prolific wiki editor we've ever seen, with an incredible passion for wikis and the communities that make them a success. Wyn was always fighting for what she thought was the best for our projects and communities. She was an irreplaceable part of our team and community and will be missed immensely.
We have created this page as a memorial for her where anyone who wishes may honor her memory with their words or memories in the comments section below.
Disrespectful comments will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Please report any inappropriate comments immediately.


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