Fastest Way to Level Monsters by Claytano

Fastest Way to Level Monsters


By Claytano


Hey everyone! Claytano here, and today I am going to teach you guys the most efficient way to level up your monsters in Summoners War: Sky Arena. I am going to break it down into easy to follow steps and also do my best to explain the reasoning behind each item as well to help you understand the thought process behind it.


Step 1: Getting A Farming Unit

One of the first things you want to work on when you start playing is getting yourself a “farming unit”. A farming unit is a single monster that is able to completely clear a dungeon on its own without the help of any other units during the battle. Some common monsters include Lapis (Water Magic Knight) and Sigmarus (Water Phoenix). Both units can be obtained for free either through quests or the fusion hexagon respectively. Keep in mind there are many other units that work well as farming units and these are just examples of a couple that you don’t have to spend any money to obtain.


Step 2: Choosing the Perfect Stage

Once you have your farming unit leveled up and runed to the point where it is able to clear dungeons on its own, the next thing to consider is what stage is the best for you to use your unit in. The most popular dungeon is Faimon Volcano: Hell Mode, Stage 1. Note, you don’t receive more experience by increasing the stage number, only new areas and harder modes will grant more experience so it’s always best to farm on the first stage of each area. The examples from step 1, Sigmarus and Lapis, work great in Faimon Volcano.


Step 3: Double Experience

Summoners War will oftentimes run events that grant higher experience drops from running dungeons so that will be a perfect time to start running those dungeons! But before we get too far ahead of ourselves, what do we do if there is not currently a Double Experience event going on? Well, the best thing for you to do is go into the shop and purchase a 3-day double experience boost ticket for 200 crystals. I highly recommend not buying the 1-day double experience boost for 100 crystals as you can imagine it is not the most efficient way to spend your crystals. You will also receive various double experience boosts through other events and quests so be sure to save those until you are ready to farm experience!


Step 4: Putting It Together

You have your farming unit, you have your dungeon picked out, and now you have your double experience booster ready to go! Now all we have to do is put it all together and start grinding those dungeons! So, apply your 2x experience booster by opening your inbox after you purchase it and head over to Faimon Volcano: Hell Mode, Stage 1. Place your farming unit into the lineup and remove all other monsters. You will have 3 open slots to place other units in and these will be filled by monsters completely up to you! Remember, these 3 units are the ones that you will actually be leveling so make sure they are not max level, otherwise they will be stealing experience from the monsters that aren’t max level. For example: Dungeons drop a set total amount of experience that is evenly divided amongst the units that you use to defeat the dungeon. So, if it drops 20,000 experience and you use 4 units to defeat the dungeon, each unit will be granted 5,000 experience each regardless if they are max level or not. Of course, if they are already max level it won’t have any effect on the unit so be sure to not waste that precious experience! Once you have your units set, the only thing left to do is hit ‘Battle!’.


Additional Tip/Tricks:

Since the experience you receive after defeating a dungeon is evenly distributed amongst YOUR units, it is a good idea to use a friend’s rep monster to clear the dungeon for you instead of using your farming unit. The experience you receive will now be distributed evenly amongst your 3 units and give no experience to your friend’s rep monster. This is the fastest way to level your monsters hands down!

Friend reps, as you can imagine are extremely important so make sure you are actively talking in global chat to make as many quality friends as possible to help you level up your monsters and even help you defeat harder dungeon you might not have been able to defeat without them! Expert tip: Friend reps reset at the same time your server resets every day. Take advantage of this by using your 24-hour double experience boosters or less at a time that allows you to use all of your friend’s reps twice during a single experience booster. For example: if the server resets at 12am, use the experience booster at 8pm and use each rep monster on your list to farm experience before the server resets at 12am. Then, after 12am, all of your friend’s reps will be available for you to use again to get all of that extra experience again!


That’s all for today everyone! I hope this has helped you out in understanding how to level your monsters in the most efficient way possible. I can’t wait to see you guys in the next one!

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