Boomsday - The Dreaded Aggro Shaman Returns! By Justin Warden

Boomsday - The Dreaded Aggro Shaman Returns!


By Justin Warden


Any seasoned Hearthstone player will remember the death of Hearthstone; the day players discovered the incredible synergy between Tunnel Trogg, Jade Claws, and Patches the Pirate. For four months we all suffered through what felt like a one-deck-meta, trying our best not to die by turn five. Personally, I almost disenchanted my collection when my opponent played the following:

  1. Turn 1: Trogg, coin Trogg.
  2. Turn 2: Jade claws, overload for 1, attack for 4.
  3. Turn 3: Southsea Deckhand, pulling patches from the deck, lighting bolt my face for 3, overload for 1, attack for 11.
  4. Turn 4: Lavaburst by face for 5, overload for 2, attack for 15. I died.



Next month, Electra StormSurge enters Standard, and Hearthstone dies again.


Electra has every element that breathes “broken.” Not only is she an aggressively priced legendary (she only costs 3!) but she is also an elemental to synergize with elemental matter cards.  


Not that any of that text matters. All that really matters is that she doubles the effect of the next spell cast this turn. This is an extremely flexible ability, and it’s good in pretty much every single deck that runs spells. With cards like Healing Rain, Electra becomes reno Jackson, healing for 28. Her real use, however, is in an aggressive shell, where she acts as an efficient finisher.


For example:

  1. With Lava Burst, she becomes a better pyroblast -- 8 mana for 10 damage and a 3/3 body. On turn 9, you can potentially combo for 15 damage!
  2. With Feral Spirits, she combos to be a better Living Mana for a class that has great direct damage!


Let’s compare Living Mana with Electra + Feral Spirits on turn six.


On turn 6, Living Mana reads: 1 card, create 6 2/2’s -- or in other words, 12/12 in stats for 6 mana.. Destroy all your mana crystals. For every 2/2 destroyed, gain a mana crystal. On turn 7, that leaves you with one mana crystal to play with. If you want to regain mana moving forward, you need to kill off your creatures rather than going face.


On turn 6, Electra + Feral Spirits reads: 2 cards, generate one 3/3, and 4 2/3s with taunt. Next turn, overload for 4. For those counting, that makes her a 6 mana 11/15 spread across 5 bodies. On turn 7, you are left with 3 mana crystals available, meaning you can still cast spells. Furthermore, on turn 8, all your mana unlocks, meaning you can aggressively attack face without worrying about losing resources moving forward.


All in all, we should prepare to worship our Shaman overlords, because aggro shaman is back.

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