How to Build A Cleave AO. By Claytano

How to Build A Cleave AO

By Claytano


Hey everyone! It’s Claytano, back with another Summoners War: Sky Arena article. This week’s topic will be all about how to build an expert cleave arena offense team. Don’t know what a cleave arena offense is? Perfect! I will explain it all for you right now.


So, in order to build ourselves an expert cleave arena offense team, the first thing we need to do is understand what “cleave” means. Cleave, in general, it means “to make your way through something forcefully, as if by splitting it apart.” Which is exactly what our goal is when using this type of arena offense. We want to enter the fight and win within just a few turns. Preferably one turn for each of the 4 units that you are going to bring with you.

What 4 units should you bring? You might think the answer to this question is simply answered with me giving you 4 names of 4 different monsters and sending you on your merry way. Wrong! There are several options for each role and they all have a very specific job to do. Also, if they are not there to do their specific job the whole thing could fail miserably so let’s be careful when selecting our units.


I will first talk about the main components that make up a cleave composition then we can discuss what units can best fit that template and hopefully be able to use some common units that a majority of people would have.


Component 1: Buff Stripper

The first thing you need in your offense for a good cleave team is a buff stripping unit. A unit that will remove all of the buffs that the opposing team might have from either runes, such as will runes and shield runes, or skills that buff immunity, invincibility, or really anything that would prevent our team from having a clear shot at the enemy. Some examples of monsters that possess reliable buff stripping skills are as follows: Tiana, Juno, Praha, Triton, Soha, Aquilla, Gemini and many more. You will notice that there a several option that are not natural 5 star units and they are more easily obtainable than you would think!


Component 2: Defense Break

The next thing we want to bring with us is an area of effect (AOE) defense breaking unit. Defense break debuff is one of the most important aspects of the game and reduces the opponents defense by a large percentage! Some examples of monsters that have the ability to defense break all of your opponent’s monsters at the same time are as follows: Galleon, Luer, Gemini, Mantura, and of course many other units!


Component 3: Attack Boost

Now that we have successfully removed our opponent’s buffs with our buff stripper and have reduced their defense with our defense breaker, we now want to buff all of our units with the attack buff. This will make our monsters deal a lot more damage, again, keeping in mind we want to clear their team in the first turn or two. Some examples of monsters that can grant our entire team with the attack power buff are as follows: Galleon, Bastet, Megan, Hwahee, Aquilla, and as always there are a number of other units that are not listed that will also do the trick!


If you have noticed by now there a few certain monsters that have come up more than once in different categories. These units are probably a good choice for building your team around because they fill 2 or more roles within a single unit such as Galleon’s Time to Loot skill that increases attack power of all allies for 2 turns as well as decreases all enemies defense for 2 turns in a single skill! Another thing to note is that since Galleons skill doesn’t damage the enemies, it is not subject to glancing hits which decreases the chances of landing the debuff.


Component 4: Area of Effect Damage Dealers

For this component we actually need more than one, hence why “Damage Dealers” is pluralized. The reasoning behind this is that if you happen to not out speed the enemy to allow all of your units to strike first, chances are one of your damage dealers will die since they are normally built for damage and not sustaining hits against them. If all of your damage dealers die then you won’t be able to successfully cleave your opponent. An AOE damage dealer is a monster that can produce a ton of damage across all of the enemy units in a single move. Some examples of monsters that are AOE damage dealers are as follows: Zaiross, Tosi, Sige, Sigmarus, Teshar, Alicia, and many more.


Now that we know what components we need to start building our team let’s talk about some of the best options we have to make a successful cleave arena offense. To fill the role of a buff stipper, Tiana is second to none as her 3rd ability cannot be resisted by the enemy so let’s use her as our first component. She can also act as a 3rd damage dealer with her 2nd ability if it comes back around to her turn. Let’s then bring Galleon as our attack power booster and AOE defense breaker to kill two birds with one stone. Lastly, for our damage dealers I will choose Zaiross and Tosi to provide heavy AOE damage and also utilize the 33% attack power boost from Zaiross’ leader skill.


We have our team! Zaiross leader, with Tiana, Galleon, and Tosi but were not quite done yet. Running our units is just as important as picking the units themselves. We need to make sure that their turn order is correct with our buff stripper going first to clear the way for our AOE defense breaker to go next, then immediately roll into our damage dealers at the end. The closer we can get our units in speed with each other the better chance we have of getting our combo off correctly without an enemy unit cutting in between one of our monsters and messing the whole thing up! Using the team we built, the correct turn order will look like this; Tiana, Galleon, Zaiross, Tosi, Tiana. By the time Tiana goes a second time, the team should be dead! Congratulations, you have successfully cleaved your enemy!


One last thing to note is that if you are not able to out speed your opponent’s team then using one set of will runes on all of your monsters will be extremely crucial so that way your combo is less likely to be broken up by one of your units being stunned etc. Also, adding one shield set to any of your monsters will allow them to last a hit or two more before dying which again will increase your odds of success.That’s all for today everyone! As always, I hope this has helped you out in understanding how to build your very own cleave arena offense team and I can’t wait to see you guys in the next one!

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