Tanks and Damage Dealers. By Claic Yuzolt

Tanks and Damage Dealers

By Claic Yuzolt


Team building is something I get asked a lot about from the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius community.  What units you should use, how many damage dealers to take, and which tank is best for this fight. I am hoping to explain each role here in this article so that you can start building your own teams in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius with ease!


The game itself will limit you to taking five of your own units and then a friend’s unit with you in order to complete your team and, on some challenges, we will be forced to only take five total to complete some missions.  Let’s start with the basics, what are the main roles you will decide from when making your team? There are tanks, healers, supports, breakers, and damage dealers. In today’s article we will be focusing on tanks and damage dealers!


Tanks are the damage soaking unit in our team composition, they are there to take the big hits and get healed up so your squishier units can stay alive and complete their jobs and are needed in almost every team!  Tanks can be broken down into two types, single target and AoE coverage. Single target tanking is when your unit will draw all attacks that would hit any other one-party member. AoE stands for area of effect, which means, they will protect your entire party from the damage from the boss that would hit the entire part -, Meteor for example.  AoE covering can even cover single target damage that targets one of your party members! Once the AoE cover has been proc’d the tank will stay out in front of your party and soak that damage for the remainder of the enemies turn!


However, there are two different types of damage in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius which includes physical and magic.  Only one AoE cover ability can happen at once during a turn so you cannot have both physical and magic AoE covered at once!  The first to be proc’d will stay up front and the other damage soaking tank will not be able to do their job! Most tanks will either AoE cover physical OR magic, so you will have to choose which you will need for a certain battle, if the boss does a lot of AoE physical then a tank like Warrior of Light with AoE physical cover is a good choice.  If the enemy does a lot of AoE magic damage, Mystea would be the better choice over WoL.


Having a single target tank ALONG with an AoE tank can sometimes be the answer!  Most bosses will have single target “auto attacks” where they just hit once for physical damage multiple times in their turn.  If you can have a unit like Wilhelm be there to provoke and take those hits for you while Awakened Rain tanks the AoE magic damage then your team would be well covered!  This isn’t always the case sadly as some bosses do AoE Physical AND AoE Magic damage, causing headaches and Game Over across the game. You will have to decide which is more important to cover and then just try and have your team survive the other hits with buffs and HP.  

Overall Tanks are a much-needed unit in your arsenal and one, and even sometimes two, should always be included when starting your team!


Next up we are going to be talking most people’s favorite type of unit, damage dealers!  Just like with enemy damage there are two different types of damage you can do, magic or physical!  Along with those two types of damage the units in this category can also be broken down into either being chaining damage dealers or finishers!

Chaining damage dealers are a type of unit that hit multiple times in a single ability use and like to have partners so when those hits connect they do so around the same time causing a game mechanic known as chaining to happen!  The higher you build the chain the more bonus damage modifier is added to your attack, with a maximum of 4x added. In order to accomplish this and get the chain to reach high totals most of the time you want the have your chainers have the same chaining frames!  Chaining frames are the animations that the unit and ability will perform as the damage is dealt to the boss.


Let’s take a popular chaining unit like Orlandeau for example!  His Divine Ruination is a simple chain to get going as long as you take another unit with the same frames with you!  He will hold his hand out and then balls of light will come from the sky striking the enemy several times, this is why you need to have similar chaining frames as they MUST hit very closely together!  The ability will hit 7 times and, if you are dual wielding, will be cast twice for a total of 14 hits! The best part is if you use the abilities close enough together it will not break the chain and can go all the way up to 27!  


Learning which units and abilities will chain together is trial and error along with research and data mining, so I suggest doing a bit of studying on the units you would like to use!


Chaining damage dealers are considered the best when it comes to dealing damage and are a must in almost every scenario!  When normally building a team composition I will have one chaining damage dealer, that I build with my best equipment, and then I take a friend unit that is either the same unit OR has the same chaining frames as the unit I am taking.  There is a ton to go over when talking about chaining so I will do so in more depth in a future article or video!


Finishers are a type of unit that do all of their damage in one big hit!  This means they normally only hit once when you activate their skill and that skill will have a large ability modifier backing it up!  In order to get the most out of these abilities we want to build a chain and have that hit from your finisher cap it off once you have hit the maximum chaining modifier, which is 10 hits when elemental chaining.  Hence why they call the role, finisher! You literally blast the boss and finish off a chain with big damage! Keep in mind, you don’t always have to do it at the end though, sometimes it's best to fit the hit somewhere in the middle to make sure you take advantage of the built chain!


Let’s take one of the best finishers in the game as an example, Olive!  She has an ability that I feel fit this role very well. Her True Shot is single target 1 hit physical attack with a large multiplier that can be used to deal a large amount of damage if you can fit it into a chain!

Essentially take two units that chain well together, for example Tornado chaining, and once you see the chain hit 10 you are good to go and you want Olive’s True Shot to smack the boss after that during the chain! This can sometimes be difficult as some units have wind-ups and animations before their damage hits the boss!  Try practicing with your finishers to get the optimal timings!

Finishers, for most people, are a luxury over being a core team member.  Like stated above sometimes you can only fit five units into your party and with a Tank, Healer, and two chaining partners needed in most cases you are left with either taking a finisher or breaker/support and in most scenarios the finisher losses this battle.  However, if you can fit one into your party you can quickly see their merit and how much extra damage they can produce!

That concludes this week’s article on team building!  I will cover Healers/Supports and Breakers in a future article!  I hope this helped you better understand the different roles that tanks and damage dealers bring to the table and can now have a better time when deciding what types to bring with you into battle!


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