World Cup Buildings. By DayDreamz

World Cup Buildings

By DayDreamz


With the recent announcement of a $60,000 prize pool for season 2 of the Dragon Campaign World Cup, I think it's appropriate that we take a look at the most important buildings and strategy for this event.


Let's start with the three most important of these buildings, the Crystal Mine, Armory, and Training Grounds. Contrary to popular belief, the Crystal Mine is no different than the Armory and Training Grounds, all three of these buildings give you 16 points per minute after you successfully hold the building for two and a half minutes. These buildings are the most important because of these high points per minute, so make sure you are making them your number 1 priority.


The second most important buildings are the Tower of Blessings, and don't get me wrong, you could easily consider these the most important buildings due to the attack and defense bonuses they give. After holding them for two and a half minutes you will receive 25% attack and 25% defense for holding one of the towers, which means if you are able to hold both towers, you will receive a 50% attack and 50% defense bonus. I can tell you this much, you want to make sure that you are holding at least 1 of the 2 tower of blessings, because if you give your enemy 50% attack and defense buffs, it is going to be almost impossible to win with that statistical deficit.


Similar to the Crystal Mine, Armory & Training Grounds that we mentioned earlier, the Supply Points are another buildings which give you points per minute. There are 5 of them around the map, and these buildings give you 6 points per minute. Holding 3 of these buildings will yield you 18 points per minute, which is 2 more than holding the Crystal Mine, so these buildings might be small in stature, but are highly important. I recommend holding at least 3 of the 5 supply points at all times.


The Teleport Points are not important during the regular season of the Dragon Campaign, but in the World Cup the Teleport Points give you a 100% march bonus. That is like using 2 50% march speed bonuses on every march, which cost you 2,000 gold, so these are going to actually be worth taking in the World Cup. Anything you can do to save gold will help you, these are not a main priority, these are extra buildings that if you can take a couple of them, they will save you some gold. Remember that there are 4 Teleport Points on the map, so if you can manage to take all four, that is 400% march speed boost saving you 8,000 gold per march for instant speeding. That adds up quick!


Speaking of saving gold, the Medical Hall will give you accelerated healing speeds for your entire team, as well as 100% hospital capacity bonus. Troops do die in the World Cup, so that hospital capacity is a major bonus, but healing your troops faster and at a cheaper cost is the best part of this building, players will be using a lot of their allocated 1 million gold for healing and speeding. Taking the Medical Hall is going to be high priority in close battles. If your enemy runs out of gold half way into the battle because they are healing at 100% the cost as you, that's going to give you a massive advantage.


The Dragon Tower has been a weak building for a very long time in the Dragon Campaign. That ends now that Clash of Kings gave the Dragon Tower a massive buff, dealing damage to the enemy troops every 4 seconds. The reason this could be a serious advantage is that with march and rally sizes being so similar in the world cup, every troop is going to matter, if the Dragon Tower wipes out even 5% of the enemy troops, that could sway the battle in a major way considering the statistical gap is very small with the recent changes to skill points and equipment. So you might want to rethink the importance of the Dragon Towers, I know I have.


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