True Doublehand and True Dual Wield Explained! By Claic Yuzolt

True Doublehand and True Dual Wield Explained!

By Claic Yuzolt


You have been hearing True Doublehand (TDH) and True Dual Wield (TDW) be talked about in various forums and around the game for a while now but you just are not sure on how it works or what exactly the mechanics mean, but don’t worry, I am here today with this article to save you and explain why these passives are amazing and how best to utilize them!


So first let’s discuss what these two passives and Doublehand have in common, they all do the same effect to your unit and that is to increase your equipment FLAT ATK stat by a certain percentage!  For example, your helmet you put on has +20 ATK and +15 DEF and your chest has +5 ATK and ATK 20%, this means that the +20 ATK and +5 ATK will be increased by the amount that the passive specifies but the ATK 20% will not be affected!  Something important to keep in mind is this only applies to FLAT ATK stat increases not a percentage-based increase such as the ATK 20%. When building a unit for any of these builds it is best to prioritize straight ATK stat on equipment over the percentages!  True Doublehand and Doublehand share a pre-battle passive percent cap of 300% and True Dual Wield is hard capped at 100% so these are the percentages you are aiming to hit when putting these passives on your unit!


True Dual Wield is a passive that reads, increase equipment ATK when dual wielding, meaning that as long as you are holding two weapons in your units' hands all of your flat ATK increases from your equipment will be increased by whatever percent is specified in that passive.  This is an extremely powerful ability as the percent increase also applies to the two weapons making it possible to reach super high ATK totals and to increase your damage for that unit immensely. The problem with this is in the future most units will be utilizing the True Double Hand passive making Dual Wielding and the TDW passives not as powerful.  Don’t get me wrong, these abilities will still get you an impressive result when it comes time to dish out the damage it just won’t be as powerful as the next passive we will be discussing due to weapon variance and a unit's ability to W-cast.


True Doublehand is a passive that increases equipment ATK while single wielding either a single-handed weapon or a two-handed weapon.  The difference between True Double Hand and Double Hand is that Doublehand only applies if you are using a single-handed weapon. What is the advantage to True Doublehand and two-handed weapons?  Weapon variance. Weapon variance is a damage range that is added to your damage calculation that varies from two-handed weapon to two-handed weapon but on average it is 100% to 160%. For comparison all one-handed weapons are 100%.  If you think about this in terms of ability multipliers we can potentially add 1.6x to our attacks which is more than a killer ability or 50% elemental imperil would add! Now this does roll between the 1x and 1.6x every single ability we cast or attack we do but it is clear to see this is very beneficial!  Fixed-Dice is a crazy weapon coming in with only +1 ATK BUT the two-handed weapon variance on it is 1.2x all the way up to a 6.5x! This is why people are using it with True Doublehand builds! You could hit the higher end and add an entire abilities worth of multiplier to your attack calculation and damage!


Now I know some of you are wondering, Claic, if we use only one weapon our physical chaining abilities will only be cast once right?  True Doublehand must only be used for finishers as they don’t need to chain! This used to be a correct statement until a few units got some ability enhancements, Tidus with Quick Hit getting a huge multiplier increase, and now that 7 stars are coming with something referred to as W-Cast or Triple Cast!


What W-Cast or Triple Cast allows the physical damage dealers to do is cast their physical ability, such as Quick Hit, either twice or even three times!  This is how we get around the Dual Wield double casting problem AND keep our awesome weapon variance addition! We won’t be getting into it too much but a unit coming very soon named Hyoh will really break the game using these abilities hand in hand with True Doublehand and show damage we have never seen before!  I just want to specify here that most units have a specific name for their ability to W-cast and Triple Cast and the actually ability names won’t be W-cast or Triple Cast. The only problem most run into is that most two-handed weapons do not have an element attached to them so you must have an outside source applying this element or miss out in imperil and elemental weakness when attacking!


In conclusion the future of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius high end meta damage will be in stacking True Doublehand passive to 300% and using a unit that has the ability to cast their physical ability attacks twice or even three times in a turn!  Remember this when looking at what to summon or and what weapons to enhance in the item world! I hope this article helped you understand the differences in these amazingly powerful passives and the best way to use them!


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