Building a Layer By DayDreamz

Building a Layer

By DayDreamz


To build a proper layer, you must first know what a layer is. A layer is a line up of troops in clash of kings that marches into battle. You must pair your troops with a Hero & Dragon and combined with the troops, this creates your layer. There are many things you need to be thinking about when created a layer, so we will go over that today. Don't forget to share this with your alliance members so they can become better at Clash of Kings.


The first thing you need to ask yourself when starting a layer, is whether or not this is for offense or defense. Each layout requires a different grouping of troops and heroes to create the maximum effect. Make sure you know which Dragon Glass & Grapheme Stone you are also using, what equipment you have on, and what your heroes best attributes are. I'll get into the specifics of each in a future guide, but today I will just show you how to setup an offensive and defensive layer, just make sure your setup compliments your layer.


The first thing you want to add to your offensive layer is a strong front line. This consists of front line swordsman, such as T12 and T10. Siege Rams which are T9 and T12. I highly recommend that you have at least 25% front line troops. I would suggest using 20% Infantry T10/T12 and 5% Siege T12. If you don't have T12 siege, just use all swordsman, they work similarly. After that, you definitely need to have some spearman, these are the T9 Halberdier. I would only add about 5% of your troop force to this, just enough to punish the Cavalry of your enemy. These are cheap units so it won't cost much to replenish. Next up is your Cavalry, you are going to want to add around 10% T10 front line Cavalry, and around 20% Cavalry T12. The T12 Cavalry shoot from a range, so they are safe, the 10% front line T10 will guard them and keep them safe. The next step is really simple. It's the meat and potatoes of the layer, and that's the Archers. Archer have been the dominant force in Clash of Kings for years, so most players are setup for Archer, so I'm creating this layer based on Archers, with your remaining 50%, add in 15% T10, 5% T8 & 30% T12 Archer, if you do not have T12 just use T10 in their place, they are the same unit just weaker, but will still get the job done.


The Defensive layer is similar, but you are going to want even more tank troops to soak up the blow from the enemy, keep in mind, if you are reinforcing an ally, front line troops get wounded first, and die first, so you definitely want to help out your teammate sending primarily front line infantry and cavalry. For a basic defensive layer though, we will do things more strategic. You are going to use 40% front line Infantry, 30% T12 & 10% T10. If you do not have T12 just use all T10 Infantry, next you will use 20% Cavalry T10, 5% T12 Cavalry & 25% T12 Archer or T10 Archer, which ever you have.


These layers are highly subjective depending on your setup and equipment. These layers are based off the majority of Clash of Kings players using an Archery setup. I hope you learned something from this video, make sure you share with your friends as these guides are exclusive to the Amazon AppStore.

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