How to Build a Bomb AO- By Claytano

How to Build a Bomb AO
By Claytano


Welcome back everyone! The past couple weeks we have gone over how to build a couple different types of arena offenses in Summoners War but we’re not done yet! We know how to cleave and we know how to Lushen so now we will learn how to bomb!


Before we go too far into this guide I want to warn you guys with full disclosure that a bomb arena offense is heavily reliant on Seara, the wind Oracle. This is because her 3rd skill, promised time, immediately detonates all bombs that are on the enemies. Without Seara, a bomb arena offense is still possibly but way more likely to fail because the enemy will have a chance to remove the bombs if they are not detonated with Seara.

Now that I have that out of the way, let’s continue! We know that we most likely need to have a Seara, but now we need to think about what monsters to pair well with her. The obvious option would be to add another area of effect (AOE) bomber with her. This is a monster that will drop one bomb on to each enemy at the same time. Some examples are Dover (Light Kobold Bomber), Liebli (Dark Joker), Malaka (Water Kobold Bomber, and Jojo (Fire Joker). Of course, some bombers are more desirable than others due to additional base stats that give you higher attack or added accuracy. However, any AOE bomber will be able to get the job done!


The next piece of the puzzle can be filled by a variety of other units just as long as that monster can give your team the attack power buff. A few good options would be Bastet (Water Desert Queen), Megan (Water Mystic Witch), and Galleon (Water Pirate Captain). The reason behind bringing an attack power booster with you is the fact that bombs deal more damage based on the amount of attack you have. All other stats don’t matter when it comes to the actual damage output from the bomb itself. If you don’t an attack power booster or feel like you want to try something a bit fancier, you do have the option to use a second AOE bomber instead. Keep in mind the, damage output from 1 bomb plus attack power boost might exceed 2 bombs without attack power boost so it’s a good idea to do some testing to see which one does more damage based on your specific runes.


Lastly, to put everything together we need a unit that can remove any will runes or immunity from the enemies to clear the path for our bombs. This type of monster is known as a buff stripper. Most of the time the best monster for this slot is Tiana (Wind Polar Queen). Like the other roles though, there are several other alternatives ranging from other 5 star monsters to 4 star monsters such as Soha (Water Nine-Tailed Fox) and Aquilla (Wind Brownie Magician). At the end of the day, if you are able to successfully remove the enemy’s buffs you will give your team a much higher chance of winning!


We now know the 4 types of monsters that we want to bring into our bomb arena offense and a strong example would be Seara (Lead), Tiana, Dover, Bastet. But let’s talk a little bit about turn order and runes. We want to have our buff stripping unit go first so that it clears the way for all of the other monsters on your team. In this case it’s Tiana. If Tiana went after any of your monsters it would completely remove all of your buffs and potentially all of the bombs you just placed on your opponent so make sure your turn order is correct! After Tiana, we are free to add our attack buff onto our units. We want to do this before landing any bombs because the amount of damage is based on the attack when you place the bomb rather than the attack when the bomb detonates. Using Bastet or Megan to boost our attack will also give us an added attack bar boost to ensure the enemy monsters won’t cut in between or combo.


Once you have prepped the battlefield with Tiana and Bastet, you are now free to bomb. Use your AOE bomber next to place 1 bomb on each enemy. We have this monster go before Seara because we know when Seara moves she will be able to detonate all of the active bombs. It’s okay if you happen to miss a bomb on one of the monsters because Seara is also able to place 1 bomb and instantly gain another turn with her second skill. If you miss 2 or 3 bombs with your AOE bomber it will be much harder to win at this point so make sure you are building your bombers with enough accuracy to get the job done. Typically, around 70% or higher.


Now it’s Seara’s turn. Like we talked about, we want to use her second skill to place a bomb on any monster that hasn’t received a bomb, or, if all 4 monsters received a bomb successfully from your AOE bomber then choose the monster with the most threat to aim for with a second bomb from Seara. Once the bombs have been placed we are able to complete the combo and detonate them all with Seara’s third skill. At this point the enemy should be dead or extremely close to it leaving you with just a few leftovers to clean up before claiming your victory in battle!

Bomb AO’s are extremely powerful when used correctly so invest runes into the 4 monsters for the best possible results. That’s all for this week! Stay tuned for the next one.


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