A Collection of Riot's April Fools-Related Skins

Man, does Riot love April Fools Day? Colloquially known as "Urf Day" to League of Legends players, it's a source for various inside jokes, and it showcases the sillier side of the company. One of their best featured game modes, URF Mode, is usually debuted around then, which overpowers the game so much that it becomes its own interactive joke. Outside of that, Riot's best tribute to the day of pranks and hoaxes comes in the design of funny character skins that usually remain some of the best in overall quality, no matter the theme.


It all started in 2010, when the official mascot of April Fool's Day in League, Urf the Manatee, 'died tragically' while surfing the river of Summoner's Rift. To pay tribute to Urf, a skin for the werewolf assassin Warwick was sold that featured the mutt draped in a manatee suit. Priced at a heavy discount, it sold so well that Riot was compelled to donate some of the earnings to the real world Save the Manatee Club.



Urf would be featured prominently in 2011's April Fool's skin, as Corki's rickety airship was replaced by the majectic manatee. If you're wondering how a sea mammal can fly, then I have to wonder why you're even here.



Fisherman Fizz gave the nautical nuisance the April Fool's treatment in 2012, replacing the shark in his ultimate, Chum the Waters, with the world famous manatee. His little rain coat makes him look like the guy on the front of those fish stick boxes, which might hit a little too close to home, for me...



April Fool's related joke skins wouldn't return until 2015, but when they did, it was in a big way. Now, five different champions all got funny skins, with only one of them representing the glory of Urf. They were all part of the same theme - characters dressing up for a costume party. And let me tell you, Riot nailed it with these. Druidic monk Udyr dressed up in cheap animal costumes, sandy dog cleric Nasus wearing a classy suit, Amumu left outside in the rain. Very funny stuff.







This year, Riot doesn't look to be slowing down at all. These upcoming costumes are fewer in number than last year (only 4) but each are pretty much solid gold. Tahm Kench (who is criminally devoid of skins) is turned into Urf, complete with lobster bib and mini-gun. Meowkai puts the giant tree into cat pajamas and gives him cat like animations, which is a lot to take in at first.  Definitely Not Vel'koz is a super convincing disguise for the void-born tentacle beast. My personal favorite has to be Draven Draven, which is the axe-wielder just wearing a NBA Jam sized mask of himself. It's one of the trolliest things Riot has thought up, and it's perfect for the glory hound.






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