6 Deadbolt Tips to Make You a Better Reaper

So, you routinely turn into smoke, talk to a sentient fireplace, and are practically immortal. I guess you think that makes you pretty kick ass, huh? Go into any mission of Hopoo's Deadbolt with that kind of attitude, and you're going to end up on the wrong side of a hail of bullets. Death, be not proud, though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, for thou art not so - not until you read these tips, that is.

1. Be Prepared

Before you kill your first minion of darkness, you can stop and rummage through the trunk of your car for weapons you've previously purchased with the souls you're earning. While buying these weapons, you should focus on acquiring items that vary from one another. Sure, you could get a BIGGER pistol, but it probably has less bullets and still doesn't hit harder than a shotgun.



2. Choose Silence

Without the option to toggle into and out of some sort of active sneak situation, your stealth procedures have to go down the old fashioned way - by not being seen or heard. The best way to not be seen is to kill an enemy quickly and with the least amount of shots. The best way not to be heard is to do the previous with a suppressed weapon. Even slugging it out in melee could make enough noise to startle people nearby. Speaking of...



3. Don't Forget Melee

Close combat weapons are definitely effective choices for dispatching some of your most common enemies. Knives and hammers can really do a number on someone close up, but they are even more effective when thrown. Sledgehammers are slow to wind up, but will one-hit pretty much anyone. The Scythe, though expensive, is lethal to all but the toughest of bosses. And when you're all out of ammo and have to think on your feet, your fists are still furious.



4. Always Knock

I've never met a door I would choose to kick in when I have the drop on someone. Not when I could knock, anyway. If the enemy doesn't know that your behind the door, the closet goon will answer your rapping, putting them in range for a well placed bullet to their ghoulish face. If the room has other baddies in it, there will be a brief pause before they open fire,  as they let the shock wash over them first. 


Also: It's polite.



5. Flank and Keep Moving

If you can avoid attacking a room head on, you are almost always better off. Especially when enemies are alerted by you, because they'll begin to take up positions based on the last place they assume you were. Use vents and elevators to move from room to room rapidly. Don't be afraid to stir up trouble in another part of the building to get away from the trouble you started somewhere else.



6. Take Cover

It's easy to forget that most rooms of a stage are littered with things to hide behind when lead starts to fly. Use cover to the ultimate advantage. Make it part of your entrance plan (knock, shoot guy 1, run into cover, shoot guy 2, etc) and use the relative safety to buy your time while you cook up your escape. But beware, melee enemies will just walk up to you and whack you.



Bonus Tip: Buy the Soundtrack

For real, Chris Christodoulou's work on this game's OST is not only the best work he's done, but maybe some of the best game music you'll find in any game, great or small. With help from drummer Thanasi Moustogiannis and guitarist Christos Spirakis, it runs the gamut as far as genre and tempo go, and each enemy gang has a sound and style all their own. Be it the lowkey trip hoppiness of the Undead Kingz, the avant garde glitter trance of the 1000 Year Royals, or the rolling Buddy Holly greaser rock of the Dredged's demons, the music informs very specific identities. Outside of the game, it's still just great to listen to.


How are you enjoying the unflinching work of The Reaper? Let us know, and for more information, drop by the Official Deadbolt Wiki.



 Jarrett Green 


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