4 Quick Tips to Get You Started in the Battleborn Beta

Gearbox, world famous for their wildly successful Borderlands series, is taking a stab into the up and coming hero shooter subgenre with their colorful entry, Battleborn. Taking control of up the 25 different characters, you're tasked with protecting the last star in the universe from an existence level threat. This explains some of the sass many of these characters have, as the end of life itself can make a person pretty prickly.


The beta has just hit PC and Xbox One (it started on PS4 a week ago) and it is chock full of MOBA-like design, with minions needing to be escorted down pre-made tracks and a focus on destroying big hub objectives and what not. This game can be a lot to handle, though. Try some of these quick tips and get your head in the right space to save the universe.


1. Do the Story Missions

The five person co-op missions allow players to use the characters they've unlocked in a small sampling of the PvE missions in Battleborn. The story missions provide players with plenty of opportunities to gain experience and level up their abilities - you'll almost always hit level 10 early - and see the full extent of a character's powers. It's also a great way to earn in-game credits and find high quality items to equip. Additionally, it's where you'll get a good look at some of the other secondary characters, and it's the best place to take in Battleborn's stellar writing. This game is funny.


2. Experiment Early, Commit Later

There are a lot of characters to play in Battleborn, many of which you unlock as you progress in overall command rank. Take some time to experiment with all of them, if you choose. Don't feel like you have to lock yourself into a particular character to understand all of its ins and outs before knowing whether you should stay or go. What you thought you liked about them may be better realized elsewhere.


Note: This also goes for relationships.



3. Prioritize Thrall Merc Camps

This is an objective based Hero Shooter with special focus on the OBJECTIVE part. No matter how many headshots you get with Marquis, you can't win Incursion mode without taking down two sentries. What this means is that keeping minions supported while they take these big weapon platforms' shields down is your real goal. The best way to do that, without being there to personally gun down everything in sight, is to make mercs do it. The brutish Thrall Mercenaries have to be tamed first, but keeping as many of them slicing down waves of enemy players as possible is a surefire way to keep your minion pressure up. Players should do this in groups to minimize the time it takes to clear these camps.



4. Build, Build, Build

What differentiates Battleborn from many of the more strategy-oriented MOBAs on the market are the tactical options to spend in match Shards on various buildings scattered throughout the map. Most of them are offensive in some capacity, be they machine guns or long range missile launchers, but there's never a time where not having one is better than having one. The guns attack automatically, and the buff devices are often difference-makers in close battles.


For additional Battleborn tips or information, stop by the Battleborn Wiki on Gamepedia.


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