14 Pokemon GO Memes That Will Give You Life

I probably don't need to tell you this, but Nintendo's Pokemon franchise has come back in a BIG way. Partnering with Niantic, the House of Mario has combined the technical powers of the mobile game innovator with the license to print money that is their own Pokemon franchise. They've created what has to be the ultimate childhood-dream-made manifest with this latest game, Pokemon GO.


Using GPS-based, augmented reality software Niantic developed and refined with their previous game, Ingress, the adventures of the television series and the long-running series of video games can be lived by anyone with a smartphone and a will to be the very best that no one was before. All you have to do is start up the app and begin searching the real world for Pokemon to catch, train, and battle. In the very short time it's been live in the United States, almost 7.5 million people have downloaded Pokemon GO. By some reports, Nintendo is making $1.6 million dollars a day in revenue from micro-transactions, and Nintendo's stock price has skyrocketed. On Android phones, Pokemon GO is on track to outpace Twitter in active users per day. Safe to say that it's a bonafide hit.


The big story about Pokemon GO is how the internet has taken the game and turned it into a meme craze bordering on an unstoppable phenomenon. If you're looking for a collection of some of the best on the web so far, let these bring you life.



That fire 🔥. #firemixtape #pokemongomemes #pokemongo #pokemon #dankmemes

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Me: Poké Ball, go! Pokémon Go server: Ayo hold dis L for me right quick

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The future is bright. 🌎🌞 #pokemongomemes #pokemongo #pokemon #dankmemes

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Worth a shot. 👮🏾 #pokemongo #pokemon #pokemongomemes #dankmemes

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God dammnit Weedle. 🐛 #pokemongo #pokemongomemes #dankmemes #pokemon

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Totes worth it. 🔫 #pokemongo #pokemongomemes #pokemon #dankmemes

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Hopefully these memes give you life and motivation to get back out there and be the Pokemaster we know you can be. If you have your own, ping us with them on Twitter or Facebook. If you're looking to learn more about Pokemon Go or share your own knowledge, check out the Pokemon Go Wiki on Gamepedia.



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