10 Pokemon Go Details Revealed at Comic-Con

Comic-Con attendees were disappointed that there was no legendary Pokemon spawn during the Pokemon Go panel this weekend. While we may not have a new addition to our Pokemon collection, we did receive a lot of great information about the future of Pokemon Go and Niantic’s roadmap. Check out ten of the things we learned below.

1. Yes, the developers know about the three-step bug.

Niantic is aware of the issue in-game that causes all nearby Pokemon to appear three steps away, and they’re working on a fix.


2. You haven’t found all the Easter Eggs.

As we mentioned in our previous Pokemon GO article, you can control your Eevee’s evolution by using a clever naming trick. Not only did Niantic confirm that this is indeed an Easter Egg, but it was hinted that there are more Eggs in the game.



Pokemon Go Team Leaders from Comic-Con

3. The Team Leaders have faces!

This weekend, we were introduced to Candela of Team Valor, Blanche of Team Mystic, and Spark of Team Instinct. It was stated that the trainers will have a larger role in the game moving forward. You can learn more about Teams on the Pokemon Go Wiki.



4. Pokestops could be getting some improvements.

The developers are looking at ways to improve and change the functionality of Pokestops. We already use lures on Pokestops in the game – wouldn’t it be great if we could also use objects on lures to heal nearby Pokemon?


5. More Pokemon are coming.

If you’ve noticed that there are still a few Pokemon missing from the game, you’re correct. Niantic has confirmed that they’re being added. You can see the current Pokemon in the game on the Wiki here. According to a Reddit thread from last week, Mewtwo and other legendary Pokemon will more than likely be reserved for special events.


Trading is planned for the future of Pokemon Go - Revealed at Comic-Con

6. Trading is planned for the future.

We’ve talked about Pokemon Go improvements we’d like to see, and trading was on the list. Thankfully, we learned this weekend that it’s on Niantic’s roadmap.


7. Breeding has been discussed.

During the panel, Niantic recognized that breeding was a great suggestion, and that they’d discussed the concept before. It’s something to consider for the future, but, right now, the developers are focusing on more pressing issues.


8. Server stability is a priority.

While new features are exciting, the developers are focusing on sever stability and continuing their global rollout of the mobile game. Is Pokemon Go still not available in your country? There’s a website that will email you the moment it goes live.


 John Hanke speaking at Comic-Con about Pokemon GO

Source: @HopeCBS8 via Twitter

9. Niantic wasn’t prepared for the app’s success.

To be fair, I don’t think any of us predicted the insane success Pokemon Go has achieved. John Hanke, Niantic CEO, admitted that the team didn’t anticipate the huge growth.


10. Pokemon GO isn’t going away anytime soon.

Niantic expects to support the game for months and years into the future, so prepare yourself for plenty of awesome updates and new features. You’ll have plenty of time to continue your quest to becoming the very best!


Eager to become a Pokemon Master? Our Pokemon Go Wiki includes tons of information on eggs, evolutions, Pokemon types, and more. You can even add your own information to the resource and help new trainers learn more about the exciting world of Pokemon.

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