What Are Atlas Stones for in No Man’s Sky?

If you’ve come across an Atlas Interface in your No Man's Sky journey, you've likely received at Atlas Stone. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what Atlas Stones are used for, and if you should save them or sell them for a nice amount of units. Warning, spoilers ahead.


When it comes to Atlas Stones, you have two options. Final reminder: spoilers.


Sell Atlas Stones for Units in No Man's Sky

1. Sell them.

You may not have noticed, but Atlas Stones can be sold for quite a lot of units. Whether you’re really hurting for currency or you’re trying to be the richest explorer in the galaxy, selling Atlas Stones is a viable way to make some bank.


PROS: Earn a lot of money, don’t waste inventory space carrying Atlas Stones around everywhere

CONS: Miss out on a potentially awesome end-game thing described below



For real this time - last chance! Big spoiler below.


No Man's Sky Birth New Star with Atlas Stones

2. Create a new star.

After you’ve collected 10 Atlas Stones, you’ll proceed to a final Atlas Interface. Here, you’ll be given the opportunity to birth a new star in exchange for the 10 Atlas Stones. After choosing to birth a star, you’ll travel into the very center of the galaxy and be transported to your creation in the most stunning way possible. In the video below from RapidRetrospectGames, you can see the awesome sequence that takes place.



When you arrive to your destination, you’ll awaken on a new planet in a new and unexplored galaxy. Your ship will be damaged. Your surroundings will be foreign. Sound familiar? This is exactly how No Man’s Sky started for you when you first created your game. The only difference is that, this time, you’ll have your upgrades and items from the previous galaxy. Now, you’ll be tasked with adventuring through this brand new world.


Is this all players have to look forward to at the end of the game? This is all we know of so far, but it’s important to remember that Hello Games has announced free content updates. It’s very possible something exciting has still yet to be revealed.


Side note: If you decide to follow this option, but you’ve already sold a few Atlas Stones, don’t fret. You can find them for sale – but, they’re quite pricey.


PROS: Another galaxy to explore, a cool end game sequence with an awesome soundtrack

CONS: A bit anticlimactic, have to carry around 10 Atlas Stones



So, will you skip star creation and just sell off your Atlas Stones? Or are you up for more adventuring in a brand new galaxy?


To learn more about Atlas Stones or Atlas Interfaces, visit the No Man’s Sky Wiki on Gamepedia.


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