5 Easy Minecraft Costumes for Halloween

If you haven't realized it yet, Halloween is less than two weeks away. For those still searching for the perfect Minecraft costume, we're here to help. Take a break from exploring the Nether to check out our list of easy, amazing costume ideas. You can terrorize your neighborhood as an explosive Creeper or explore the world around you as the legendary Steve himself – the choice is yours. Your Minecraft Halloween costume is only a few clicks away.



Minecraft Halloween Costume - Steve and Alex


Two of the most iconic player skins in Minecraft are the default skins, Steve and Alex. You can easily replicate their outfits from your own closet, and a Steve Head or Alex Head is all you need to complete the look. Don’t venture out into the night without tools, though – that’s Minecraft 101. A useful pick axe or a study sword are the perfect accessories to carry around.

Steve Head Mask for Minecraft Halloween CostumeAlex Head Mask for Minecraft Halloween CostumePick Axe for Minecraft Halloween CostumeDiamond Pick Axe for Minecraft Halloween CostumeSword for Minecraft Halloween CostumeGold Sword and Pick Axe for Minecraft Halloween

 Minecraft Halloween Costume - Skeleton


They may not be able to handle daylight, but Skeletons are still some of the most ruthless mobs in Minecraft. Sure, their aim could use a little work. Maybe they could get trapped in ravines less frequently. But, with the bar set so low, this is your opportunity to be the best Skeleton that ever existed. A Skeleton Head paired with a bow and arrow is the key to a successful Minecraft skeleton costume.

Bow and Arrow for Minecraft Skeleton Halloween CostumeSkeleton Head Mask for Minecraft Halloween CostumeSkeleton Shirt for Minecraft Halloween Costume

Minecraft Halloween Costume - Creeper


What’s that hissing sound? It’s danger looming from doorstep to doorstep. It’s the last thing you hear before your front porch is disintegrated. It’s you, wearing your Creeper costume on Halloween night. You could get away with just a Creeper Hoodie, but the Creeper Head is a nice touch.

Youth Creeper Hoodie for Minecraft HalloweenAdult Creeper Hoodie for Minecraft Halloween CostumeCreeper Head Mask for Minecraft Halloween Costume

Minecraft Halloween Costume Enderman


Do you enjoy picking things up and placing them where they don’t belong? Are you constantly surrounded by purple sparkles? Can you teleport? If you answered yes to these questions, then you’re probably an actual Enderman, and you don’t want this costume. However, if you’d like to be an Enderman for Halloween, this black bodysuit and Enderman Head are exactly what you’ll need. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain.

Enderman Head Mask for Minecraft HalloweenBlack Bodysuit for Enderman HalloweenEnder Pearl for Enderman Halloween

Minecraft Halloween Costume - Ocelot


Want to dress up as everyone’s favorite Minecraft feline? This Ocelot hoodie is an easy costume, and it’s sure to be a hit with Minecraft fans and general cat enthusiasts alike. Plus, let’s be honest, if you got this hoodie, you’d wear it year-round; your love for these skittish little creatures is infinite.


Ocelot Adult Hoodie for Minecraft HalloweenSee the Ocelot Youth Hoodie


Which of these costumes will you be sporting this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to visit the Official Minecraft Wiki on Gamepedia for all of your in-game questions.


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