An Amazing Civ 6 Easter Egg Has Already Been Discovered

Frederick Barbarossa and a Civ 6 Easter Egg


Even though Civ 6 only released in the US last night, players have already started to find Easter Eggs. One of the first ones found is the Firaxis logo in a rather unexpected place.


Frederick Barbarossa, the leader for Germany, is a charismatic ruler with a strong military intellect. His leader bonus includes an extra military policy slot and +7 combat strength when attacking city-states. When looking at the leader himself, you’ll notice a regal crown, cape, and scepter paired with a strong suit of armor. This is where the Easter Egg comes in.


Civ 6 Easter Egg located on Frederick Barbarossa's cape


If you take a close look at the clasp on his cape, you’ll notice the Firaxis logo engraved on the gold hardware. Quite a sneaky detail! Thanks to TimothyDahBomb for finding this amazing secret.

For all of your Civ 6 questions on leaders, wonders, districts, and more, stop by the Civ 6 Wiki on Gamepedia.


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