Level Up Your Cooking with the Official World of Warcraft Cookbook

World of Warcraft Cookbook


I think Nomi, the laughably incompetent Pandaren cook, has been unjustly thrown under the bus by the community. Sure, he consistently burns your hard-looted Gamey Bear Ribs and Mossgill Perch, but at least he’s tryingNomi aspires for greatness with his cooking, even if he fails more often than not. I think we should all be more like Nomi, and World of Warcraft: the Official Cookbook is a great place to start.



World of Warcraft Cookbook
A great thing about the cookbook is that all recipes are sorted for difficulty level. So if you're a bit closer to Nomi on the cooking competency scale, you can start with something simple, like Honey-Spiced Lichen. If you’ve already maxed your IRL Cooking, there are plenty of options to challenge your chops, such as a master-level Conjured Mana Strudel



World of Warcraft Cookbook Drinks
There’s also something for the mixologists among us. Although not as fancy as Faronaar Fizz, Hearthglen Ambrosia and Cherry Grog are great options for celebrating your recent boss kill or legendary drop.


Do Nomi proud and reach for culinary greatness. 



World of Warcraft Cookbook

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