Overwatch Holiday Skins We Wanted to See

Blizzard's debut of this year's holiday Overwatch skins has the whole community buzzing, and for good reason - they're pretty rad. There is plenty of room for expansion and improvement, though. Some characters didn't make the cut, while some could have gone an extra step to spread some holiday cheer. Here's some suggestions we would make if they wanted to do a second run.


Toy Solider 76

1. Toy Solider: 76

Low hanging fruit, sure. But the excellent Nutcracker Zenyatta skin begs for a classic, wind-up key toy solider counter part, and I can't think of a better candidate than Call of Duty Dad, himself.



Shalom Symmetra

2. Shalom Symmetra

We often forget that there are other big holiday celebrations going on during December, and Hanukkah is one of the biggest. Symmetra is a good candidate to turn any room into an exciting celebration of the Festival of Lights. Especially if you turn her Sentry Turrets into dreidels.



Yuletide Bastion

3. Yuletide Bastion

The Yule Log is big block of wood that is supposed to be enough fuel to light a fire during each of the 12 Days of Christmas. So, obviously, there should be a skin for everyone's favorite animal loving death bot that involves being constructed completely out of them. Because reasons.




Mrs. Mercy

4. Mrs. Mercy

Mercy is an easy target for skins, for what should be a pretty obvious reason. Sexy Mrs. Claus isn't a new concept, but we don't have to re-invent the wheel with these.



Jingle Junkrat

5. Jingle Junkrat

Junkrat is a tinkerer of sorts, and I think he would appreciate the Bohemian and eclectic aesthetic of covering himself head to toe with jingle bells. 



Reaper the Red-nosed Reindeer

6. Reaper the Red-Nosed Reindeer

I know Reaper is very serious, edgy business. Giving him antlers and a bright red nose might undermine his mall goth chic, but imagine replacing his ult with the words "HO! HO! HO!"



Gingerbread Mei

7. Gingerbread Mei

The current holiday Mei skin, which decks her in a red and white Santa suit, does the trick, but it lacks vision! What if the costume was bedazzled with gum drops and icing? And when she used her Cryo-Freeze, it turned her into a signature Gingerbread cookie!? Hire me, Blizzard.


What holiday-themed skins would you make?



 Jarrett Green 


Jarrett shares his love of video games and geek culture through feature articles on Gamepedia. He prides himself on his deep attraction to Japanese beat-em ups and his god-like Bushido Blade talents.




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