What Your Favorite Final Fantasy Says About You

If you are a fan of role-playing games, than Final Fantasy is a name you are probably well familiar with. There's a great chance that you've developed a favorite over the almost 30 years this series has been around. With every entry in this anthology of semi-scifi, near-fantasy being so incredibly different than the others, one can probably discern a specific set of traits about the kind of person that likes any particular game. Or at least, that's what were about to attempt.



Final Fantasy

  • You are old.
  • Time travel excites/scares you.
  • You'll literally talk to anyone (and everyone).
  • This is your favorite web comic.


Final Fantasy II

  • You often dream of riding flightless birds.
  • You've considered changing your name to Cid.
  • You're very good at memorizing key words and phrases.
  • You're a rebel with a very specific set of causes.


Final Fantasy III

  • You are the hippest of hipsters.
  • You love options.
  • You have a healthy mistrust of clouds.
  • You think a well-rounded set of inheritance laws can prevent disasters.


Final Fantasy IV

  • To you, there's no such thing as "too many party members."
  • You're really into space travel.
  • King Arthur is your spirit animal.
  • You are very forgiving.


Final Fantasy V

  • You ship ExDeath/Gilgamesh.
  • You're a pirate every year for Halloween.
  • You're very skeptical about trees.
  • No one understands you.


Final Fantasy VI

  • You're old or a hipster.
  • You think pixel art is the best kind of art.
  • Your favorite Batman villain is The Joker.
  • Sadness makes you happy.


Final Fantasy VII

  • This was your first Final Fantasy.
  • You love 80's action movies.
  • You don't play many JRPGs.
  • You're pretty trendy.


Final Fantasy VIII

  • You value on-the-job training over traditional schooling.
  • You think that there is no inappropriate spot for fur trim/chains.
  • ...
  • Whatever.


Final Fantasy IX

  • You are a quirky theater nerd and probably have a favorite Shakespearean sonnet.
  • You might also be a furry. (No judgement.)
  • You love Dragon Ball Z, especially the men with monkey tails.
  • This is the last Final Fantasy you liked.


Final Fantasy X

  • You might believe in ghosts.
  • FFX is also your favorite Meg Ryan movie.
  • You're really into the beach.
  • Whales make you nervous.


Final Fantasy XII

  • You like Star Wars a lot.
  • Bunny ears didn't do much for you before, but now...
  • You're very much a "hands-off" kind of supervisor.
  • To you, there are no bad guys.


Final Fantasy XIII

  • You always have time to talk about your Lord and Savior, Lightning.
  • You prefer subs over dubs.
  • You probably love Gilmore Girls.
  • You are rubber, they are glue.


Final Fantasy XV

  • You're still waiting for that Euro Trip sequel.
  • You've recently found out that you're a foodie.
  • Seat belts feel like constructs developed by The Man to trap you.
  • You have immaculate taste in hair.



 Jarrett Green 


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