World of Warcraft Class Mounts From Patch 7.2

In World of Warcraft Patch 7.2, you can expect to see new class mounts as rewards from the Order Hall story line. From dragons to decorated steeds, each class has a very unique and appropriate mount with multiple color variations. While Patch 7.2 is not live yet, MMO-Champion has found several models on the PTR for our viewing pleasure. Check out the mounts below, and let us know which one is your favorite.

Death Knight Class Mount

The Death Knight mount from 7.2 has a wide coloration variety, with the icy blue dragon being quite impressive. The chain detailing seen on the mount is also a nice touch.

Death Knight Class Mount Green Death Knight Class Mount Blue Death Knight Class Mount Red

Demon Hunter Class Mount

For the Demon Hunter mount, only one color variation was available on the PTR. What other Felbat colorings would you like to see once 7.2 officially arrives?

Demon Hunter Class Mount

Druid Class Mount

I'd expect nothing less of the majestic and powerful creature that is the Druid mount. A variety of color variations were found on the PTR, and the sparkling wings are a nice touch.

Druid Class Mount White Druid Class Mount Red Druid Class Mount Black Druid Class Mount Brown

Hunter Class Mount

The Hunter class mounts in Patch 7.2 have a very rustic and authentic feel. The quiver attached to the saddle is a cool detail.

Hunter Class Mount Blue Hunter Class Mount Green Hunter Class Mount Red

Mage Class Mount

The Mage class mount perfectly represents the three Mage specializations: arcane, fire, and ice. The simplicity of the floating platform is a nice contrast against a few of the more elaborate mounts.

Arcane Mage Class Mount Fire Class Mount Frost Mage Class Mount

Monk Class Mount

While we don't have any additional colorations, the jewel-toned Monk class mount in 7.2 is reminiscent of Pandaren style.

Monk Class Mount

Paladin Class Mount

We found a variety of Paladin class mount colorations on the 7.2 PTR. Be sure to use the model viewer to the see glowing effect on the hooves and tail.

Paladin Class Mount Jaina Paladin Class Mount Purple Paladin Class Mount Horde Paladin Class Mount Alliance

Priest Class Mount

The Priest class mount in Patch 7.2 includes elaborate armor, a saddle with a high back, and a very cool glowing effect that can be see in the model viewer.

Priest Class Mount White Priest Class Mount Gold Priest Class Mount Shadow

Rogue Class Mount

The Rogue mount's animation is my favorite of all the mounts, as it creates a looming smoke effect around the wings. The glowing eyes are also a nice touch.

Rogue Class Mount Blue Rogue Class Mount Black Rogue Class Mount Red Rogue Class Mount Green

Shaman Class Mount

As one of the most popular class mounts in Patch 7.2, the Shaman mount is definitely unique. Who wouldn't want to ride an elemental around Azeroth and beyond?

Shaman Class Mount Wind Shaman Class Mount Fire

Warlock Class Mount

The Warlock class mount for 7.2 is similar to previous class mounts. When viewing in the model viewer, you can see how strong this mount's glow appears.

Warlock Class Mount Red Warlock Class Mount Green Warlock Class Mount Purple

Warrior Class Mount

The Warrior class mount includes a boatload of weapons, a ton of armor, and an incredible wingspan.

Warrior Class Mount Warrior Class Mount Warrior Class Mount


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