How to Play For Honor: The Complete Getting Started Guide

 For Honor is a competitive third-person melee fighting game mixing speed and strategy with visceral, close-range combat in multiplayer action. Experience the chaos, fury, and brutality of battle where you and your friends cut a bloody trail of carnage as brutal Vikings, deadly Knights, and cold-blooded Samurai.

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How to Play For Honor - Defending and Attacking

Defending and Attacking

When locked into combat, you’ll see an icon for the guard system.  It represents the areas of defense and attack: left, right, and top.  The sections determine which way you swing your weapon and section you are defending against incoming attacks.


There 2 basic types of attacks: light and heavy.  You can string attacks for unique combos and special moves, but watch your stamina; running out will leave you completely vulnerable.


In addition to attacks with your weapon, you can also perform a guard break. A guard break has the chance to leave your opponent open to an attack.  To avoid incoming guard breaks or other unblockable attacks, you’ll need to dodge.


If you end a fight with a heavy attack, you have the ability to perform an execution move. And don’t forget about your emotes after you’ve emerged victorious.




How to Play For Honor - Game Modes

Game Modes

In addition to the game’s campaign, there are 5 game modes.  


Dominion has two teams of four players along with AI troops. You’ll fight over three different zones to control the battlefield.


Elimination is about being the last to survive. Two teams of four begin with only one life each, and the last hero to survive wins the round for their team.  Best of 5 wins the match.


Skirmish is won if your team is the first to earn 1,000 points.  Two teams of four earn points by killing enemy heroes, soldiers, and captains.


Brawl is a 2v2 mode in which each team of two players will need to kill the two enemy heroes to win a round. Best of 5 wins the match.


Duel is the ultimate battle of skill against skill. No running or hiding - just two players fighting to the death.  Best of 5 rounds wins the match, and each round starts in different location. Players can use knowledge of the environment to their advantage.



How to Play For Honor - Factions and Heroes

Factions and Heroes

There are three warring factions in For Honor: Knights, Vikings, and Samurai. Additionally, there are four hero types within each faction: Assassins, Heavies, Vanguards, and Hybrids.  Although the hero types share common traits, they are all unique.  


The Peacekeeper is the Knight’s Assassin.  She is fast and lethal with light leather armor.  Her sword and dagger combination allows for quick counter attacks and bleed damage.


The Berserker is a chaotic and brutal dual axe-wielding Viking Assassin.  They wear animal pelts as light armor.  Their hand axe combines speed of handling with the balance required for accurate throwing over short ranges.


The Orochi is the Imperial Assassin of the Samurai.   Their armor is composed of metal plates that cover most of the body with chainmail underneath.  Their weapon of choice is the katana, a single-edge curved sword.


The Conqueror is the Knight’s Heavy. Wearing great helms and plate armor, they carry a studded shield and the footman's flail that inflicts massive wounds.


The Warlord is the Viking’s Heavy. He was not born into leadership, but earned it through blood, sweat, and steel. Wearing leather and chainmail, he fights with a gladius paired with the sturdy shield.


The Shugoki is the Samurai’s Heavy. appears slow and cumbersome, but possess the strength of a demon and an unbreakable will.  Wearing massive metal plates and wielding a traditional club that delivers a crippling blow, The Shugoki easily leaves others vulnerable to counter-attack.


The Warden is a powerful, noble Knight Vanguard. Their armor is a set of interwoven metal plates atop chainmail.  Their two-handed longsword with a leather-wrapped pommel offers a balance of offense and defense.


The Raider is the Viking Vanguard, and they are often found hacking through enemies at the forefront of the Viking horde. They wear a blend of toughened leather with a few pieces of metal and swing a heavy two handed Dane axe.


The Kensei is the living incarnation of Bushidō and the Samurai Vanguard.  Their armor is a solid metal cuirass and their sword is the nodachi. Longer than the classic katana, the nodachi was initially designed to be used from horseback.


The Lawbringer is a Hybrid Knight.  A combination of the Heavy and Vanguard, The Lawbringer wears full body plate armor with chainmail underneath.  His poleaxe is a versatile weapon, and it has a axe for slicing, a blunt end for bashing, and a spike for thrusting.


The Valkyrie is the unique combination of a Viking Heavy and Assassin.  She wears mostly leather armor with some metal plates.  Her spear is simple and her shield is small, but they are a deadly combination.


The Nobushi is the Samurai’s Assassin and Vanguard Hybrid. She wears leather with a coat and Sode shoulder armor. Her naginata is a long weapon consisting of a wooden shaft topped with a curved blade.




How to Play For Honor - Overwatch Map


There are different maps for each faction settlement with different weather and variations.  For example, the Knight’s Cathedral map looks different on rainy day versus a clear sky. The Knight’s other map is the Citadel Gate.  The Samurai maps include Overwatch and the Forest. The Vikings maps are the Canyon and River Fort. Additionally, there's also the Sanctuary Bridge map.




How to Play For Honor - Leveling and Customization

Leveling and Customization

Leveling up your character will give you access to more abilities and customization options.  You can create emblems and upgrade your gear in 6 ways. In the game, armor is 3 pieces - helm, chest, and arms. Your weapon is 3 pieces as well - the blade, hilt, and guard.  Each piece can be balanced with effects, and the look can be altered for full customization.


Feat abilities are only available in the 4v4 modes.  Hero specific, these feats add passive and active effects to your character as you level them up.


At the end of each match, you are awarded XP, and you can loot the battlefield for items. You can also spend steel to open scavenger crates to get item drops. Steel can be found on the battlefield, obtained from finishing the tutorials, or purchased through the in-game store.



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