For Honor Orochi Guide: Attacks, Tips, and Tricks

Of the Samurai faction's collection of feudal warriors, the Orochi's speed and precision is unmatched in For Honor. Able to use their agility to harass opponents and counter aggressive attackers with movement tricks, there are few more capable duelists than these quick and lethal counter-strikers. Let's review the tips and tricks that will help you dominate the battlefield with the Orochi.


Chain Attacks

Orochis make the most of their chain attacks when taking advantage of their built-in two-hit combo. When attacking from the top with a light attack, you'll get a free unblockable second light attack when the first makes contact.


This is a good thing to be aware of when trying to land this first chain, Crosswind Slashes (light, light, light). The first two hits will come quickly if you can land them up top, with the third light free to go wherever you want it to go. These are short-ranged attacks, though, so know that you need to be very much committed to land these.


The second chain, Lightning Strikes Twice (heavy, heavy) is a two-hit combo for big damage, but is slow and short-ranged, even for horizontal swings. You will have a bad time trying to land this without guard-breaking or dodging to a flank first. It's a great tool for heavy damage, otherwise.


The third chain, Tidal Wave Slashes (heavy, light, light) puts the slow, big damage attack upfront and allows you the flexibility to mix in your free light attacks up top. This is another good combo to use off of a Parry or guard break, and it's another example of the power of switching guards mid combo.



Other Attacks

As with all assassins, the Orochi's guard is replaced with the "reflex" ability, which means the guard is only active in a particular spot for a short time. You can't just rest your guard up top and expect to block everything that comes from the top endlessly. You'll have to reapply top guard every couple of seconds.


Orochi's make up for this with their deflect ability. If you dodge in the direction of an incoming attack just before impact, you will deflect the attack and keep moving unabated. When an attack is deflected, you can follow up with Wind Gust (light) or Hurricane Blast (heavy). Both are unblockable, but Hurricane Blast is slower and more prone to interruption.


Zephyr Slash (dodge right/left, light) is great for moving out of the line of fire while still staying offensive. The dodge is a bit large though, so the attack is going to be way off center. Still, it's a great way to stay safe against forward-charging aggressors.


Riptide Slash (back, heavy) is a great top attack that makes the Orochi take a step back first before following up with a heavy blow. This is good for dodging and countering heavy telegraphed attacks, and it can really come in handy against some of the bigger brutes of the game.


The Orochi has two good moves for closing distance. The Lightning Strike (dodge towards, light) is a dash, followed up with a rolling vertical strike. Storm Rush (dodge back, hold heavy) causes the Orochi to hunch over for a second and eventually charge forward quickly to deliver a fast side strike. Both are great for closing gaps, but each has its advantages. Lightning Strike has a slower attack but less telegraphed movement, while the Storm Rush takes a while to initiate, but the attack is much faster.




  • The Storm Rush looks cool, but it's a very difficult move to land on enemies who are standing right in front of you. If closing distance quickly on someone you're actively engaged in is the goal, them Lightning Strike is the better option most of the time. Even if you don't actually pull the trigger on the attack, you're in full control of the dodge, which means you'll be available to block or even deflect instead of over-committing on an attack and getting punished.

  • Both Wind Gust and Hurricane Blast can be cancelled by dodging or guard breaking during the animations. This is especially good for Hurricane Blast, which can get interrupted easily by a quick-thinking enemy.

  • Be careful about throwing opponents away with the Orochi, because it's entirely possible to throw them out of range for a follow up attack.

  • Kunai is one of the best feats in the game and it's available to the Orochi. Never leave home without it.

The Orochi is a ninja among men, moving in and out of engagements with deft agility and intense focus. By consistently harassing opponents and brutally punishing mistakes, this precision striker can take all comers on the field of battle. Their movement quirks are tricky to master, but at high levels, Orochis are incredibly lethal because of them. If you want more information, come to our For Honor Wiki.




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