The Complete List of Machine Creatures in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Alloy, the main character and awesome robot hunter from the Guerrilla Games open-world adventure Horizon: Zero Dawn, faces some unique challenges. Regular, run-of-the-mill animals such as deer and turkey are terrifying enough as it is without adding this world's machinated animal hybrids into the mix. 


If you expect to progress in this strange world then you'll need to know about all the various Machines available to hunt. Here's a safe and sane rundown of the various Machine types and what to look out for while hunting out in the wild. 





The name says it all: These small sentry-type creatures are able to detect threats, then report danger back to larger, more hostile Machines. They lack weapons, but that doesn't stop watchers from tackling humans. 



One of the first Machines shown in the initial Horizon:Zero Dawn trailers, the strider resembles a horse, and it travels in packs across the lands. Alloy can tame and ride these robo-beasts, but they can also be used for baiting out larger predators. 




Another peaceful, pack animal, grazers are hunted by humans for the energy canisters on their backs. This energy is pulled from the grass and plants the creature grazes on while moving across the land. 



The scrapper is the hyena of the Horizon:Zero Dawn world, surviving off the crashed corpses of Machines like the Glinthawk to survive. These beasts also possess a piercing laser attack, becoming a dangerous problem when dealing with packs. 





The Broadhead is another grazing creature, resembling the longhorn variety of cow. As seen by the energy canisters on their hindquarters, this is another type that can be a source of energy. The Broadhead is hackable. 



Longleg and Tallneck

The Longleg and Tallneck are both Machines with a long stride that are more peaceful than most other creatures. The Tallneck acts as a mobile communications hub, with its head acting as a radar dish. 




The name says it all: Tramplers are temperamental beasts that will attack at a moment's notice. These Machines resemble bulls and often travel in herds.


The Sawtooth is a predatory beast, resembling a saber-toothed tiger. Armor also covers a majority of the body, leaving the torso and rear as potential weak spots. 



Walks like a crab, likes to kill people. The Shell-Walker is a high-defense creature that is prone to jump attacks and uses shields to outlast enemies. Their backs are also used to carry cargo. 




Stalkers and Ravagers

As the name implies, these cat-like Machines prefer attacking through stealthy means. Stalkers are able to turn invisible, while ravagers have no problem attacking and running down prey in the open field. 




Glinthawks and Stormbirds

The Glinthawks are flying Machines that scavenge and recycle other beasts who have fallen. Stormbirds are much larger, and they are considered a combat-class Machine that can take on any opponent. 




The Snapmaw resembles a lizard, which is also why these Machines act as solar collectors. As Snapmaws sit out in the sun, they absorb energy from the panels on their backs. They also possess a ranged attack in the form of a freezing cryo-mortar. 





Corrupters are an ancient Machine that infect animal and robot alike, inciting violence in an instant. Some tribes use them for defense against wild creatures. 




Behemoths are transport-class Machines that resemble rhinos, using anti-gravity technology to move large loads. Said technology is also a weapon, as the Behemoth can lift large rocks and objects for the purposes of throwing.





The Thunderjaw is king of the Machines, resembling a T-Rex while also being a fierce fighter and defender. This beast is immune to tactics such as explosive arrows and lacks many of the normal weak spots that other types possess. 





Deathbringers are the most non-animal looking Machines in Horizon: Zero Dawn, possessing a monstrous body and attacks such as a fierce rocket barrage. This monstrosity has one glaring weakness in that it over-heats easily, which must be exploited in order to survive. 


Will Harrison


Will is a freelance writer and reporter in Texas that has appeared in Unwinnable Magazine, VideoGameWriters, and Venture Beat. He's also the gaming critic for the Toledo Blade. His wife and two cats keep him sane above all else.


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