10 Craziest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Moments

The battle royale mega-hit known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, currently in Early Access on Steam, is all about gathering supplies, playing strategically and knowing when (and when not) to start a potentially deadly firefight. Except when it’s not. In the handful of months since PUBG first arrived, players have shown time and time again that, sometimes, the best way to survive on an island filled with dozens of enemy players is to try an absurd strategy nobody could ever see coming. Like riding inside an opponent's car. Or bringing fists to a gunfight. Or simply refusing to fight all together.


It’s that unpredictability which makes the survival shooter so addicting. Every match of the game brings new, unexpected surprises, resulting in a game that is every bit as entertaining to watch as it is to play. Below is a collection of some of the craziest PUBG moments to have been broadcast live on Twitch.


1. Punch Out

The beginning of any PUBG match is always a bit of a scramble. Players rush from house to house in order to find a weapon to defend themselves with, hoping that nearby enemies don’t find one first. Unable to find a weapon, jumblezombie proves in this clip that sometimes you just have to float-like-a-butterfly and sting-like-a-bee to survive the game’s opening moments.



2. Guns Blazing

Occasionally, the best defense is a great offense. Lirik shows there’s no reason to hide when you’re armed to the teeth, taking out an entire squad of enemies with ease.



3. Pacifist Run

While some PUBG players like to blaze a path to victory in a storm of bullets, avoiding conflict at all costs can also lead to some surprising results.



4. Praise The Pan

The frying pan is the most coveted melee weapon in all of PUBG, not because it’s great at killing opponents (though it can be) but because of its potentially life-saving properties. As CyanidePlaysGames shows in this clip, sometimes simply having the pan equipped can be the difference between life and death.


5. 360° No-Scope

Who doesn’t love a good no-scope? After nearly being taking out while sprinting around like a lunatic, DrDisRespect proves aiming is optional when he jumps, spins in mid-air and then manages to kill his assailant in a single shot.



6. Defending His House

With his head on the swivel, Void91 shows just how deadly the shotgun can be in close-quarters, taking out an entire squad of home invaders single-handedly with a mix of good positioning, quick reflexes and steady aim.



7. From Downtown

If you’re browsing clips of top PUBG plays, Grimmmz is a name that comes up often. From killing dozens of players by himself to sniping up a storm, Grimmmz is no stranger to the chicken dinner. One of his most impressive moments is a nearly 1,000 meter sniper kill on an opponent that is a mere speck on the horizon.



8. Could You Pull Over?

Imagine this: you’re driving a car, minding your own business, when a voice in the back seat asks if you could pull over. Oh, and that stranger in the back seat happens to have an Uzi. This clip from NormalDifficulty is a wild ride.


9. Death Race

Cars are perhaps one of the most unpredictable elements of PUBG. Whether it’s unintentionally killing yourself in a car accident or being run over by a high-speeding vehicle that seems to come from nowhere, they can be deadly to both driver and pedestrian alike. In this clip, Markydooda shows the benefit of squeezing a car into an area not exactly known for heavy traffic.



10. Martyrdom

When death is certain, sometimes it’s best to go out with a bang. Streamer soapyfries uses his dying moments to toss a grenade at his feet, resulting in an explosive surprise for the two enemies eager to loot his corpse.


Looking for more PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds goodness? Be sure to check out the Official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Wiki for advice on the best loadouts, ways to optimize game performance and more. See you on the Battlegrounds.


Cameron Koch


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