The Importance of Building in Fortnite Battle Royale: Live Lessons From Twitch

A popular criticism towards Epic's Fortnite Battle Royale is that it is almost too similar to Player Unknown's Battlegrounds. They share many features, like a high player count, single death survival with a rapidly truncating map, jumping from a plane (battle bus?), supply drops and more. But there is at least one key difference: building. In Fortnite, breaking structures down into raw materials to be used to build you're own battlements is not just a gimmick – it's essential. Some of the game's most defining moments come when building is implemented to its full potential.


Don't believe me? Let the following clips, mined meticulously from, support my argument.

1. Slight Home Remodeling

By inverting the roof and turning the top floor of this building into gun nest, Grimmmz maximized his defenses. The stairs not only give him access to good perches that see all around the map, they also block entry ways from inside the house itself.

2. Fortress Fortnite

FrivviFox's opponent built a mega construct in the distance out of brick, which one can only image was the only thing between them and the barbarians below. Unfortunately, he would soon be reminded that walls only work when you stay behind them...

3. Stairway to Heaven

Sacriel uses one of Fortnite Battle Royale's signature techniques in this clip, involving building stair cases to reach the unreachable. In this particular case, the unreachable was a chest on top of a water tower. He even built floors to secure safe passage to the prize. Then he got there just in time for one of his partners to break it down from under him.

4. Metal Ceiling

Piggy-backing off of the same concept, Dakotaz figured that the best way to get the drop on his final enemy is to take to the sky. Hair-brained, but it seemed to work. Then he got a follow up idea that was way worse...

5. On the Fly

Taenin's clip does a good job at illustrating the dynamic tactical usage of the build mechanic. As he storms this little fortification, he is building walls and stairs between him and his enemies to provide cover to escape.

6. On the Fly Fall

Using a similar strategy, Malcynna builds as fights when his little shelter comes under siege. He falls down the cliff face accidentally, but doesn't let that shake him and recovers nicely with the help of a well placed wall/ceiling combo.


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