What Your Favorite Overwatch League Team Says About You

The Overwatch League, the next big thing in esports, doesn’t begin until January, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start stanning our faves right now. There are 12 teams, each with their own hometowns, logos, and uniforms. Based off those pieces of information (and reading way too much into each), here’s what your favorite Overwatch League team says about you.

Boston Uprising


  • You like the Patriots
  • The season hasn't started yet, and you're already talking about a 'curse'
  • You're a diehard fan already, but you don't know what an Overwatch is, but it's the Patriots so...
  • Seriously, you love the Patriots
  • Everybody hates you already

Fave Character: Soldier 76

Dallas Fuel


  • You are always tired
  • Has a legendary beef with Philly fans but no one knows why
  • You drank seven Red Bulls, and you're still tired
  • Burnt out, pun intended

Fave Character: Reaper

Los Angeles Valiant


  • You're the league mom
  • Winning isn't everything so long as we all have fun...and win
  • You're a vegan, but you're cool because you don't tell everyone about it
  • You literally love everybody. See that guy over there? You love him

Fave Character: Orisa

London Spitfire


  • You are a lore expert and super into the Overwatch fandom
  • You've read every Overwatch comic in triplicate
  • Have several theories on what happened in Switzerland 
  • You've written several essays on why McHanzo is canon
  • And Pharmercy

OTP: Pharmercy

Seoul Dynasty


  • You're literally the best at everything
  • Regina George, but less evil
  • Nobody messes with you because you can and will destroy lives
  • OP AF pls nerf

 Fave Character: Widowmaker

New York Excelsior


  • Graphic design is your passion
  • Extremely unfashionable, but nobody cares because you're extremely talented
  • You're best friends with Seoul fans
  • Because nobody else can tolerate you

Fave Character: Winston

Florida Mayhem


  • Clever AF
  • Chaotic neutral
  • You enjoy beaches and sun, but will probably get sunburned within moments of stepping outside
  • Is Looks anxious but is super chill

Fave Character: Roadhog

Houston Outlaws


  • You're the most fashionable member of the squad
  • And the coolest
  • Swag for days

Fave Character: Doomfist

Philadelphia Fusion


  • You're the team nerd
  • In that you're the smartest and will likely get your ass kicked by everybody else
  • But you will throw hands at Dallas fans on sight

 Fave Character: Moira

San Francisco Shock


  • You're the team Dad
  • Is incredibly fond of puns
  • Corny but won't hesitate to choke someone out if they step out of line

 Fave Character: Reinhardt

Shanghai Dragons


  • The OG fans
  • Liked the Overwatch League before it was cool...and before it was a thing
  • You own every legendary skin for every character
  • Because you have that much money to buy them all
  • Rich, talented, and insufferable about it

 Main: Bastion

Los Angeles Gladiators


  • You're the league diva
  • You're always trying to fight someone
  • Has no friends because you're always trying to fight someone
  • Mortal enemies of Valiant fans

Fave Character: Symmetra


So do you agree? Disagree? Which Overwatch team will you be rooting for? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to check out our Overwatch Wiki for more info!


Ashley Parrish 


Ash is a part-time writer/full-time gamer and has managed to successfully combine the two hobbies into one profession. She enjoys RPGs of all stripes and dreams of being a competitive Triple Triad player.



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