How to Earn Canes (And Festive Furniture) in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp's Holiday Event

It’s the holiday season. A time for family, friends, and for the introverts like me: doing your level best to avoid both.That’s where Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s new Christmas event comes in. All of the holiday cheer you love with none of the exhausting social interactions or intrusive, borderline offensive questions about your love life.

But navigating the first holiday event for Nintendo’s interior design/student loan simulator is a little different from playing the base game. Here’s a handy guide to ensure you get all of the Christmas goodies.


Acquire Canes

Canes are this event’s special currency. You need them to craft all the Christmas themed items and you earn them from completing general goals and companion requests. Crafting the holiday items are extremely expensive. The cheapest items require 20 canes while the higher end items will cost you 300. Since you only get a tiny handful of canes from every completed quest be sure to follow your ABC’s Always Be Collecting (canes). Plan your crafting ahead of time to maximize cane rewards.



Collect Clothing

Christmas can’t be complete (and nor will your achievement list) without all the right threads. You can earn a full Santa costume set: pants, skirt, boots, and a coat from hitting special milestones. Nintendo, our gracious overlords, gives you the Santa hat for free when you first log in. The rest though, you acquire from completing quests or crafting holiday specific items. These will be the hardest items to get because most of the milestones that reward you with clothes require you to craft items, which require canes, which are already hard to get.



Appease Your Animal Gods

The animal companions are capricious little beasts that are Scrooges when it comes to giving out cane rewards. Complete as many quests as you can for them and log in often as they rotate out to maximize the ratio of quest completed to cane rewarded. Does this mean you’re going to play a lot? Yes? But consider the alternative: talking to people.


Pocket Camp’s first seasonal event lasts till December 26th and if you want more info on your furry friends and local loan sharks, check out our Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp wiki!

Ashley Parrish 


Ash is a part-time writer/full-time gamer and has managed to successfully combine the two hobbies into one profession. She enjoys RPGs of all stripes and dreams of being a competitive Triple Triad player.



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