How to Become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves (And What That Gets You)

In Sea of Thieves, the goal, or end game, is to become a Pirate Legend. Prior to release, there weren't many clues to hint at what might be unlocked at such a rank. However, thanks to a few Twitch streamers who've recently earned the title, we now know exactly what you'll unlock when you become a Pirate Legend.

How to Become a Pirate Legend

You have quite the journey ahead of you if you want to become a Pirate Legend in Sea of Thieves. You'll need to reach level 50 across all three Trading Companies — and that's a lot of plunder and fetch quests. As of April 3, only two public players have managed to reach the goal: Prod1gyX and SniperNamedG. Prod1gyX may have managed to do it first with the help of his Twitch community, but SniperNamedG accomplished the feat all his own. Regardless of which path you choose to take, you'll be playing the game for quite a while: SniperNamedG only accomplished the feat after playing Sea of Thieves for 21 hours straight.


Reaching level 50 across all three Trading Companies unlocks the gear you need to claim the title of Pirate Legend. Your legendary voyage across the high seas doesn't end there, though. Once you've unlocked your new rank, head to a tavern and talk to the Mysterious Stranger. He'll help you figure out what you're supposed to do next.


*Spoilers for what happens when you become a Pirate Legend follow*


Solve the Mysterious Stranger's Riddle

Upon talking to the Mysterious Stranger, you'll be given a riddle to solve. It reads:


Through many voyages upon the sea, you searched to find the legends key.


Now one last step to pass the Tests, to find where Athena's Fortune Rests.


Take this tune and make a sound, the secret lies near in the ground.


You'll also be given a new song to play. According to the riddle, you're now tasked with finding the current whereabouts of Athena's Fortune. Thankfully, like the riddle says, it's very close by. Look for a wheel on one of the walls of the tavern. It should be next to the broken staircase. Walk towards it and play the song. The floor will open up and reveal a path to a glowing green portal. Step into the portal and you'll be transported to Athena's Fortune.


Exploring Athena's Fortune

Within Athena's Fortune, you can interact with your fellow Pirate Legends and drink glowing grog. Special ghost gear is also available for purchase. Any player can enter Athena's Fortune, provided that a Pirate Legend accompanies him or her — but only a Pirate Legend can buy the items that are for sale. If you want to completely outfit your crew, you'll need to help all of your friends become Pirate Legends, too.


The ghost gear for sale in Athena's Fortune is unlocked when the player reaches a certain level of reputation. You can do this by completing voyages for the Pirate Lord who resides in Athena's Fortune. Each voyage costs 250 coins. They combine quests from the other three Trading Companies.


For now, that's the extent of being a Pirate Legend; a new space to hang out in, some new voyages, and various pieces of ghostly attire. However, Liz, who you can find at Athena's Fortune's shipwright shop, does have this to say:


"Coming soon to a shipwright near you, a delightful range of ship accessories for the discerning pirate legend."


It sounds like Pirate Legends can look forward to some new customization options for their ship. Now that players are beginning to unlock the highest rank that Sea of Thieves has to offer, it wouldn't come as a surprise if those new accessories start trickling out soon.


Looking to become a Pirate Legend yourself? Learn how to keep your booty safe on the high seas with our Sea of Thieves wiki.


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