Wizard of Legend: Everything You Need to Know About Relics

Wizard of Legend is a frenetic romp about slinging spells and dungeon delving. Using Arcana may be how you defeat enemies standing in your way, but Relics are an integral part of making your battle strategy as effective as possible. The best chance of you beating bosses and getting to the end of the Chaos Trials lie in your Relic collection. But how do they work? Let this guide show you.

What are Relics?

In Wizard of Legend, Relics are items of great power, crafted by wizards to enhance their own magical abilities. There are over 170 of them and they come in various shapes and sizes, so there's a relic out there related to just about anything you could want to do. Relics can have positive or negative effects, some even both.


What sorts of things do these Relics do?

Maybe the easiest thing to do is to separate Relics into categories:


  • Offensive - Offensive Relics help you be more effective in combat. They help you do more elemental damage, add on-hit effects to your attacks, or raise your critical hit chance.
  • Defensive - Defensive Relics help keep you safe. This could mean just reducing the damage you take, or giving you a counter attack when struck.
  • Misc - These Relics don't cleanly fit into any of the previous slots. They do odd things, like slow down enemy projectiles, or increase the gold you gain during a run in the Trials.
  • Cursed - Cursed Relics can only be obtained by dealing with Nox the Unfortunate. This shopkeeper looks the part, and his wares give you great power at a cost. His relics do things like increase all damage done, wizards and enemies alike.
  • Doctor - Doctor Relics can only be obtained from Doctor Song. She takes a random Arcana from you in exchange for a random Relic from a short list than only she can provide. They're all health related, providing you with healing every time you teleport, or increasing the effectiveness of all healing, etc.

How do I get Relics?

A few ways. You can permanently buy Relics from the Relic shop in town before you enter the Trials. His assortment is random, but when you buy one, it's replaced by a new random selection. You can equip one Relic to bring into the Trials with you.


Relics can also be bought in the Trials themselves by various shop keepers, or found when dropped from slain enemies. These Relics are temporarily added to your inventory, and their effects accumulate, making you more and more powerful with every pick up.


What Relics should I definitely buy if they're available?

This is a tough question. How a relic will benefit you is mostly dependent on how you play the game. If you tend to lean towards certain elements of Arcana over others, investing in Relics that enhance their effectiveness is a must. This would include picks like Battery of Taranis or Gaia's Shovel. Well-rounded Arcana sets tend to spread the elemental damage around, as to not get pigeonholed by a particular boss. The Captain's Ring will fill in for elemental-focused Relics, in this case.


The defensive relics can be equally situational, but there are some selections that are always good. Leemo's Leaf lets you evade all attacks while dodging. The Limited Edition Robe reduces damage taken by a single attack to a maximum of 10 percent of your max health, which is very useful in later dungeons. Some more utilitarian Relics like Glove of Midas can help you gain more gold earlier, so you can buy more Relics.


Are there Relic Combos I should keep my eye out for?

Because you can't select relics prior to a run, making up combo's is sort of moot. Finding relics that work perfectly together is completely up to chance. That said, there are some Relic interactions that you should look out for.


There's a very obvious combo involving the Wanderer's Mechanism and the Volatile Gemstone. When combined, they make the Perfect Time Crystal, that boosts your signature Arcana in a big way, but also increases the decay rate of it. Adding the Surefire Rocket will remove that decay, meaning the Perfect Time Crystal will work without any negatives.


Vampire's Eyeglasses pair well with anything that increases your critical hit chance. Tapping Gloves and Analytical Monocle are work horse choices. This would also be a prime time to pick the Crimson Clover, if Nox has it on offer. When collecting critical hit chance Relics, picking up critical hit damage Relics is a smart move, too. And remember, there are robes that increase critical chance as well.


A combo you should stay away from is the Ring of Recycling and Infinity Marble. The Ring gives you a shield when you let your signature spell meter run out, but if the Marble doesn't let it run out, then the shield never activates.


There are many more combos to find, of course. All of them and more can be seen at the Official Wizard of Legend Wiki!


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