Become the Ultimate Traveling Shopkeeper with These Moonlighter Tips and Tricks

Digital Sun's Moonlighter is a very good video game about exploring dungeons and a free market economy. Adventure Capitalism, one may call it. Tricky and sometimes difficult are other names to describe it. In the beginning, things can seem overwhelming, but this guide will help you keep pep in your step and coin in your pockets.


1. Speed to Dungeon 1, Level 3 ASAP

Running through dungeons is normally a good way to get yourself killed early, or at least ensures you'll miss out on some cool secrets. But the first time you go through the dungeon, its imperative you get to level 3 quickly, so that you can get the Catalyst as quickly as possible. The Catalyst allows you to open a two-way portal back to town for fee, allowing you to offload your findings into safe keeping before going deeper.

2. Find/Make a Bow and Arrow ASAP

There are some monsters in even the first dungeon that you are better served by not engaging in melee. Even if you can kill it in one or two hits, taking a stray blow during a run is a poor trade for speed. Dungeons are wars of attrition, and bows let you dictate the pace and the range.

3. Find the Health Pool, Love the Health Pool

These big springs of naturally occurring water can be godsends if you're looking to conserve on your potion usage (and you probably are). Just stand in them, and your health will regenerate in no time. I often try to find these on a floor first, then explore some of the riskier areas after, so I always have a place to come back and recharge. Be warned, there is only a limited amount of healing to be gained from it, so don't over rely on it.


4. Consider Health Upgrades Seriously

Health is one of those resources that can quickly vanish you if you aren't on your toes. Sometimes, you get caught off guard and things get out of your control. We've all been there.


A solid way to make sure you don't return there too soon is upgrading your health. There are limited ways to increase your defense (like equipping a shield), but you can reduce the damage's impact on you by increasing the amount of damage you can take. Upgrading your armor will give you a higher max HP, while upgrading your bed in the shop gives you bonus HP every time you rest in it. Both are worthwhile options for increasing your chances of survival.

5. Oh, About That Catalyst...

So, I know I told you to rush the Catalyst earlier. It's still a very good idea, but there is a downside I forgot to mention.


When you return to the dungeon, all of the monsters will have respawned in the rooms, and many of those rooms will have upgraded difficulties (read: stronger monsters in them). Also, any cursed items you left in a chest (or non-cursed items you exchanged for them) will have new curses on them. This is a risk still worth taking, if you have a sack full of items that you want to keep.

6. Speaking of Cursed Items...

Cursed items are ones with particular qualities that make them a nuisance to store in your pack. They can break items in adjacent slots, can only be placed on a particular side of the bag, or are mystery items that can't be immediately identified. Some cursed items actually remove curses from other items, or send some items home immediately. It's important to manage your stacks appropriately.

7. Upgrade Your Storage

And a great way to manage your stacks is to upgrade your storage. Giving yourself more pages in your home chest is a godsend, as that thing will get filled very quickly.


8. Get Enchanted

Enchantment will help take your gear a step further in between upgrades. They can boost the damage your weapons do, boost the speed buff that boots give you, or even increase the health and armor buff from equipment. Absolutely worth the investment.

9. Keep Your Eyes Open for Secrets

Dungeons have all sorts of special stuff to find in them that isn't loot. Some rooms have pitfalls that actually lead to lower level rooms. You might find skeletons of adventurers who didn't make it. Smash them, and you can often find notes and potions left behind. Keep your eye's peeled and turn over every stone.

10. Don't Take Too Long

There is an unspoken time limit in each dungeon. If you overstay your welcome, you'll see an eyeball pop up on the bottom of your screen. That means, in short order, a monster is going to burst out and begin to chase you. If it catches you, you will die, and it won't be pretty. 


11. When Selling Loot, Test the Waters First

You have to make your own price guide when it comes to figuring out how to sell your various loot. The only way to do that is to watch your customer's reaction to it and adjust. To cut your losses on bad price points, start with one item at a time. Once you find the sweet spot, dive in with full stacks and pull in that money!

12. Look Out for Quest Givers

You'll notice that some patrons just walk into your shop and kind of loiter. Sometimes, these folks have jobs for you. These jobs almost always involve finding a certain amount of something, and returning it to them by a specific date. It's good to grab these when you can, since plundering dungeons is what you'll be doing anyway.

13. Take Advantage of Specific Interests

Some of your customers stroll into the shop with specific wants. If you notice a customer step in with a thought bubble filled with weapons and armor, for instance, lay out a sword or a helmet. They will gravitate towards it, and even pay a higher than normal price for it.


With the tips above, you're certain to have become a better entrepreneur and dungeon dweller. If you need anymore guidance, come to the Official Moonlighter Wiki!


 Jarrett Green 


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