How to Craft Medicine in Vampyr

Dontnod Entertainment's Vampyr is a multifaceted game where you do a whole lot more than mindlessly guzzle down the blood of your victims. You have a lot more civility than that, you know. Though you're living the life of a vampire, you mustn't forget that you're still a doctor, and you have patients to keep in mind. They need your assistance, and you need to help them get well if you want to make any meaningful progress through the game. If you don't nip a sickness in the bud, there's always the possibility that you might end up with a diseased district, and that's just going to cause you more trouble.


With that in mind, we've put together a guide to help you craft all medicine recipes in Vampyr, so you can help heal the various villagers' ailments, whether it's a simple headache to deadly sepsis. You'll be a regular Florence Nightingale in no time. Just make sure you don't just turn around and kill the folks you heal with your new vampiric abilities and all that. That'd be kind of rude.

Where to Craft in Vampyr


First of all, you'll need to learn how to craft. If you want to start some hardcore creating, you need a workbench first. You can head to any hideout to find one, which are usually conveniently located in lesser-trodden areas with doors featuring risky-looking labels, like "keep away." Those shady areas are exactly where you want to go. Alternatively, you can go to Dr. Reid's room in Pembroke Hospital, which is probably the simplest workbench area to get to in a pinch. There, you can rest up and start creating things to your heart's content. To interact with the bench, just walk up to it and press your "action" or "confirm" button, depending on which platform you're playing on.


From there, you'll be greeted with a menu. You'll see all the crafting materials you currently have, with the options to highlight them and go ahead and create the item. If you're unable to create the item, you'll be shown a red number showing off what you still need to craft the item, and you'll have to go out and pick some of it up — just a quick little "shopping" trip!


If you're low on crafting recipes, you can use the "Analyze" option to examine recipes and blood samples you've collected throughout the course of the game, which can be a helpful option when it comes to finding new items to craft and figuring out new recipes. It's a good idea to get into the habit of analyzing items as they come in.

How to Craft in Vampyr


To find these items, you'll have to be patient. You can find Shillings, a currency used for purchasing things in the market, scattered around the game, just as you will the various crafting materials needed to make medicines. Shelves, crates, boxes, and various other containers are the place to go for these items, as well as dropped loot from enemies. You're basically left up to the luck of the draw with finding crafting items, unfortunately,


If you want to treat all of London's sick citizens, you need to become a crafting master, or at the very least memorize what you need in order to treat various illness. There are nine medical treatments you can craft. Here's a breakdown of what the game requires for each treatment. Each begins with a base of a Glass Vial, so as long as you have stores of those, you should have no trouble finding the rest of the ingredients as you play through the game. 


  • To create a Treatment for Fatigue, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 1 x Quinine, 2 x Ferrous Tartrate, and 2 x Sodium Hypochlorate Solution.
  • To create a Treatment for Anemia, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 2 x Quinine, 8 x Ferrous Tartrate, and 8 x Sodium Hypochlorate Solution.
  • To create a Treatment for Sepsis, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 4 x Quinine, 15 x Ferrous Tartrate, and 15 x Sodium Hypochlorate Solution.
  • To create a Treatment for Cold, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 1 x Clove Essence, 2 x Codeine, and 2 x Potassium Permanganate.
  • To create a Treatment for Bronchitis, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 2 x Clove Essence, 8 x Codeine, and 8 x Potassium Permanganate.
  • To create a Treatment for Pneumonia, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 4 x Clove Essence, 15 x Codeine, and 15 x Potassium Permanganate.
  • To create a Treatment for Headache, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 1 x Salicin, 2 x Ergotamine, and 2 x Opium.
  • To create a Treatment for Migraine, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 2 x Salicin, 8 x Ergotamine, and 8 x Opium.
  • To create a Treatment for Neuralgia, you'll need 1 x Glass Vial, 4 x Salicin, 15 x Ergotamine, and 15 x Opium.

Once you have the items you need, simply take them to a workbench and start crafting. You'll need to go back to the person you want to use it on and speak to them to give them the medicine, but beware, as it isn't a cure all. You'll have to wait a few days and return to them if you wan to see them well. Luckily, you can pass time in bed at a hideout, so after you give a treatment, you can keep tabs on a patient and watch them get better in no time.


If you don't have all of the recipes, you'll have to complete the corresponding quests in Vampyr to unlock them, which begins with speaking to Nurse Crane at Pembroke Hospital. If you haven't completed the quests required to craft the various medicinal recipes, you won't be able to put them together and save the ill patients you're tasked with taking care of, and that wouldn't make you much of a doctor, would it?


This should get you going with the basics of crafting, and the recipes you need to start getting all of those villagers back to good health so you can suck all their blood. Kidding, of course. But if you find that you need additional assistance while taking on the mantle of Dr. Jonathan Reid in Vampyr, be sure to check out the Vampyr Wiki for the answers to all your other vampiric questions.


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