How to Tame Creatures and Forge Partnerships in Rend

If you've been spending a lot of time in Rend lately, you've no doubt discovered several features that, while integral to performing well in the game, you're not quite sure how to go about completing them. One of these important actions is learning to tame creatures, which can be bit more complicated than the game lets on.


Having a tame creature in Rend is extremely useful. Much like pets in other games, your tamed creature companions can fight alongside you, help carry items, and can utilized in other interesting ways as well. To do this, however, you're going to need to put in a bit of work before you can just start summoning your creatures willy-nilly. Here's how you can go about taming creatures in Rend and begin summoning them to your side.


How to Tame Creatures

Taming creatures can be a bit difficult if you don't know what you're doing, so before you start looking around for various animals to keep by your side, you'll first want to make sure you actually have the Spirit Stables available at your base. You can do this by researching the Spirit Stable, and building a "Mystic Altar." The Spirit Stables, once researched and built, will open up access to the Taming Workshop as well. This will open up the areas you need to tame any creatures available in Rend.


Once you've got the Taming Workshop and Spirit Stables available, you'll need to craft the items that correspond to actually doing the deed. These include the Spirit Taming Bow, Spirit Arrows, Taming Crystal, and the Rough Spirit Siphon. There's a wide variety of items you need to complete the taming process but the Taming Crystal is one of the most important, as you need it to take animal spirits and transport them into the Spirit Realm.


But you can't do any of that without Spirit Residue, which you'll have to look all over to obtain. Look for spirits roaming the countryside at night, and collect Lost Blossom plants to raise up your reserves. You'll also need to mine Topaz stores for a Sunstone Topaz to close the loop on everything required to tame creatures.


Once you've taken care of all the necessary prep, you can simply start taming creatures. When hunting, make sure you don't kill your target before using the Taming Crystal. This means you'll move its spirit to the Spirit Realm upon killing it. Once you've taken the animal out (which is a weird way to "tame" it if you ask me) you'll also have to go to the Spirit Realm. Once there, you've got to go ahead and kill the poor creature again (yeah, kind of brutal) with your spirit bow. Once that's done, consider your prey "tamed," or uh, killed twice for some weird reason.


From there, you can come back to the realm of the living, head to your base's Spirit Stable, and see all your tamed creatures. After you've established a store of creatures, you can summon them forward at any point during the game. It' a bit of a grisly and gruesome process, but that's what needs to be done if you're interested in keeping a pet around, after all.


Need more assistance figuring out some of Rend's mechanics? Be sure to check out our Official Rend Wiki for more cool tips and tricks!


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