How to Create a Successful Park in Parkasaurus


Ever wanted to build up your own dinosaur park? You don't have to go all the way back to the Jurassic period to do that. You can simply opt for the cute and colorful Parkasaurus, the dinosaur theme park simulator that takes the colorful beasts and lets you corral them into your own awesome park! Needing some help getting started with making the best, most efficient park you possibly can? We've got you covered with this guide.

Keep Your Customers Happy And Safe


First and foremost, you're going to need to do whatever possible to make your customers happy. While you'll inevitably be attached to your somewhat derpy dinosaurs (I say that with the utmost love and affection), you have to realize that your customers are your biggest asset, and they're going to make or break your game. With that in mind, always be making moves that you know will attract customers.


For instance, hire the best security detail to keep them safe, especially when you never known when a dinosaur is going to get loose and needs to be tranquilized. You also need janitors, veterinarians, and plenty of other staff members to keep things running properly. Don't be afraid to invest some cash in things that make your park run even more smoothly, and most of the time that means hiring more staff.

Make Sure Your Dinos Have Some Privacy


Raising your privacy level can help ensure you improve your fledgling park's quality. If your dinosaurs don't get enough private space to retreat to when feeling overwhelmed by the amount of guests watching them, they're going to become unhappy, and the overall quality of your exhibit will diminish. You can check the privacy level of each tile in the game's menu of the Exhibit Pane. This can be an important part of setting up new attractions that can often be overlooked, so make sure you keep an eye on it to improve the overall vibe of your dinosaurs.

Never Skimp Out On Utilities For Guests


Build those paths, create those shelters, and put up those donation boxes! Those are the only ways you're going to guarantee that you'll continue generating revenue. If you need to, build Balloon Shops, Tom's Wonton Truck, or one of the various selections of structures that'll keep your guests paying and enjoying themselves. You'll see the returns rolling in, and fast. This means you'll be able to keep spending money on improving even further, which is definitely something you want!

Make Each Exhibit Biodiverse


There are a wide variety of different biomes you can choose from when you're putting together exhibits. It's important to set up as many as you can (without making a mess of your land) so you can continue to welcome additional dinosaurs, which will ultimately result in having a better park.

Don't Ignore Research


One of the game's main currencies is research, which you'll hire scientists to help generate. You can spend it on important upgrades, including advertising campaigns to get more bodies into your park. Make sure you pay attention to the research point trees and unlock as many as possible, because in the end you'll see it paying out in terms of visitors and revenue, both of which will eventually equal a successful park!


Need more assistance in the vivid world of Parkasaurus? Be sure to check out our Official Parkasaurus Wiki for additional tips, tricks, and tidbits on how to make your dino park the best it can possibly be. 


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