Weekly Official Wiki Roundup: Tiny Metal, Gamedec, and Railroad Corporation

There are so many huge game releases nowadays that it's easy to miss out on some amazing smaller titles that tend to slip through the cracks. Smaller titles can sometimes feel rough around the edges, but more often than not they are able to take greater risks with their design. This sometimes leads to some absolutely outstanding gems of games, and often allows us to re-live nostalgic experiences that we loved in older titles. With that said, we invite you to take a look at three games that may scratch that itch for you in this week's official Wiki roundup!


Official Tiny Metal Wiki

Tiny Metal is a turn-based Japanese war game inspired by the old Advance Wars games published by Nintendo. In Tiny Metal, players will flank, assault, and deploy heroes from orbital dropships as they craft unique strategies to outmaneuver their foes while commanding over 16 tactically diverse units. At its core, Tiny Metal is a return to the golden age of turn-based tactics games with a story filled with political intrigue and personal conflict that follows the assassination of the Artemisian king.



Official Gamedec Wiki

Gamedec is an adaptive cyberpunk RPG based on the books by M.S. PrzybyƂek. In Gamedec, players will take on the role of a private detective in Warsaw City during the XXII century whose job it is to solve crimes inside virtual worlds, and the decisions players make will affect later parts of the game. "Real" is a relative term in the world of Gamedec, and large virtual worlds have given rise to the problems of lust, sloth, envy, and pride. These virtual game-worlds require specialists, known as Gamedecs, who discover and exploit cheats hidden in the realities of their clients in order to solve mysteries.



Official Railroad Corporation

Railroad Corporation is, unsurprisingly, a game that allows players to build vast networks of railroads. Players can relive the pioneering spirit of the golden age of steam by establishing their own railroad empire across 19th century North America; however, it's a race against time as the competition is looking to do the same. Players must bring settlements together while producing and trading goods to develop new technologies which will advance their railroad empire. Fans of Transport Tycoon may find a lot to love with this game, and it's a great example of a modern take on the genre!



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