Danger Blog 19: Don't Shut Up When You're Talking to Me

I’ll start off with an apology, both to my boss, Benjamin, and to any readers that might have been waiting for the next blog for quite some time, it’s been really crazy for me lately! This week I want to talk about Curse Voice, our new and freely available voice program which was recently green lit for use in League of Legends as an acceptable third party program. Personally, I find it really hard to plug a product I don’t believe in, especially when I have people in my ear telling me it’s my job to do so. I think it goes without saying that advertising something you truly enjoy is much easier and comes off as more genuine than advertising, say, something that’s complete crap. To me, that’s Curse Voice, “not complete crap”.

Curse Voice offers a unique opportunity for League of Legends players around the world who care about winning matches. For example, yesterday I was playing League with a friend of mine and we were using Curse Voice, we got into a lobby with three other complete strangers during a ranked game and one of them put up a CV call address. We, having already been in a call, posted ours and people started joining. Just one at first, then two, and finally a third member meant we had our entire ranked solo queue team on CV.

We were playing around mid plat elo and quite honestly it was one of the easiest and most fun ranked games I’ve played in a long while. In a game that so heavily relies on communication, Curse Voice gives you a huge advantage over your opponents. I’m pretty sure in the 15-20 ranked games I’ve played using CV with 3+ people in the call, I’ve won roughly 90% of those matches. When your tone of voice and inflection can be properly portrayed through crystal clear voice technology there’s a lot less gray area for misinterpretation.

For example: “wtf Akali” turns into “haha damn Akali that was such a risky and crazy play!”. Players have a tendency, given the situation to write out the first entry and not so much the latter, but when you’re using voice and the other party can detect your humor and tone the message is received in a much different way. In short, Curse Voice is a great way to make your play much more efficient and it diffuses heated situations before they even happen.

I’m really happy to see the community starting to pick up our product and actually use it during their matches. On top of winning more, you can also meet some really cool people with whom you can freind and play with later. Lobbies are created and disbanded in the blink of an eye and you can choose to share however much or little information with your teammates as you desire. Curse Voice is more than just a product my company makes, it’s the next step in improving the League of Legends experience that can so often get a bad rap given the community.



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