The Funniest H1Z1 Videos So Far


H1Z1 Early Access launched a few days ago, and tons of hilarious videos are starting to appear on YouTube. Since the game is currently in Alpha, many of the videos showcase various bugs, such as gravity-defying vehicles. Additional videos include ruthless interactions between players, including a not so pleasant experience in Pleasant Valley. Watch seven of the funniest H1Z1 videos that have been released thus far.


Calling His Bluff

 I think they'll take better precautions next time.


Space Jeep: The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of CohhCarnage's jeep. Its continuing mission: to defy all laws of gravity.


Not So Pleasant Valley

Six players enter Pleasant Valley, but only one makes it out alive.


Arrow of Death

Literally an arrow. He ran into an arrow.


How to Lose a Car in 60 Seconds

That beautiful moment in H1Z1 and you finally get a car - but wreck it almost immediately.


Jeeps Don't Grow on Trees

Actually - nevermind. Many H1Z1 players may already be familiar with this bug, but it doesn't make it any less hilarious. 


Truck VS Iron Man

Most players would be killed by a speeding, terrifying truck flying towards them, but not Iron Man.


If you'd like more information about H1Z1, including weapon information, crafting recipes, and more, stop by the Official H1Z1 Wiki on Gamepedia.


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