The 10 Best Game Locations to Build Your Chalet

Video games are like books, in that they help create powerful settings for players to get lost in. They are very different in that video games literally create a world for you to interact with. Sometimes, the best things about a game are its locations. Be it in the depths of the ocean or high in the sky, some video game settings are so immersive - so beautiful - that you wish you could build a house in them.


Morrowind - The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind

It's wet, swampy, and in some occasions dark and smoldering. It's full of weird creatures, slavery, and shady magic rituals, but under the tangled thorns of this island storied history, is a real charm. 


London, 1886 - The Order: 1886

The interesting thing about the London in The Order 1886 is that it really isn't much different then what London probably looked like in 1886. Besides, you know, the airships and lighting guns.


Shanghai - Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Urban sprawl is normally an ugly sight, but future Shanghai has found a way to make the unsightly shanties produced by uncontrollable wage gap into a beautiful skyline.


Genroku - Muramasa: Rebirth

The Genroku-era of Muramasa: Rebirth is bright and beautiful. It's watercolor palette is a great is a great place to wake up and get your newspaper in.


Columbia - Bioshock: Infinite


Columbia is a beautiful flying wonderland that serves as a symbol of post-expansionist American ingenuity. It's also a scary, fundamentalist prison. IF you can get past that, though, its most definitely the best view in the world.


Cloudbank - Transistor


Another cityscape that defies the stereotype of being big and ugly. The super sleek city of Cloudbank is full inspired architecture and breathtaking views, perfect for your new casa. Just mind the Process.


Skyrim - The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

Besides newly revived dragons terrorizing the countryside and something about ancient prophecy coming to pass, Skyrim is one of the most scenic places in Tamriel.


Outset Island - Wind Waker

One of the first places you encounter in Wind Waker is one you never want to leave. Living on this island would be like living in Hawaii, but with way more adventure.


Gran Pulse - Final Fantasy 13

An absolutely beautiful, primal world full of long forgotten mysteries... and giant turtles. Cocoon sits in the sky, and is quite the night light to hover over your new mansion.


Rapture - Bioshock

So I know what you're thinking "isn't Rapture overrun by drug-addled psychos?" You have a point, but where else can you look out your window and see the majesty of the deep blue sea revolve around you. Rapture was always a beautiful concept, and its tragic fall is part of its wonder. How can so many people squander such good real estate?


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