5 Games That Are Least Likely to be at E3 2015

Navigating the countless rumors surrounding game reveals at E3 is one of the toughest things to do, without proper guidance or a wary eye. Publishers and trolls alike prey on the hopes and dreams of readers, getting them all hot and bothered for games that really have no shot at coming out. The following is a small sampling of the game rumors I’ve personally encountered, listed from most likely to least likely to make debuts at E3 2015.


5. Borderlands 3


Of the rumored games that could poke their head into any given conference this year, Borderlands 3 actually seems the likeliest. Strong sales from the Pre-Sequel suggest that the game is still incredibly relevant to its fanbase. All the while, the mere existence of the Borderlands: The Handsome Edition looks suspiciously like a stop gap in order to keep the franchise momentum going while they quietly tinker away at a proper current gen sequel. Learn more at the Borderlands Wiki.


4. Devil May Cry Sequel


With the HD remake of DmC: Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition both happening this year,  one could assume Capcom is looking to build some brand recognition on the cusp of a new entry to the series.  Not so sure that’s such an accurate assumption. Capcom has stated that HD remakes are, more or less, their new business protocol. We can’t apply the same sort of soothsaying to them as we can to other companies that push remakes or collections. That, and the DmC HD remake didn’t exactly light the world on fire, financially. Before the original reboot in 2013, the series hadn’t been touched since 2008. I can't imagine that changes this weekend.


3. Vanquish 2


An interesting tweet got this rumor started, and I’m torn about it. Vanquish is one of Platinum Game’s best works, as it encompasses everything Platinum Games stands for - tense, hectic, skill based action games. It’s way more than it looks, but not many people gave it a look when it came out in 2010, an unfortunate symptom many titles published by Sega at the time shared. Couple the tweet with the rumor that Platinum Games definitely has a game they’re going to present this weekend, and the writing is on the walls for Vanquish 2. Or, more likely, a current gen port of the original Vanquish.


2. Shenmue 3


This rumor starts seemingly every year, along with Half-Life 3 rumors. Like Half-Life 3, it might be time to stop believing them. Apparently, though, there is evidence in the form of screenshots that leak the follow up to 2001’s classic RPG, if you read between the lines a little. Honestly, if you see any Shenmue at all this year, it’ll be a HD version of the old games. Sega has fully committed to the mobile space as far as internal development goes, and I don’t see them backing away from that mantra for Shenmue.


1. The Last Guardian


To list the many “on good authorities” or “reliable sources” that people in the industry have swore by to guarantee this games presence in past shows would be a futile and painful exercise in slowly going mad. Being a person who saw this game live behind closed doors at E3 2009 is being amongst a rare gaming breed, like those people who were shipped copies of NBA Live 2013, despite it being cancelled.


Rumors start up about this game around every E3, and even though the rumors seem way more legit this time around, we still have to play history against our need to be collectively excited. Rumor has it that Knack’s Mark Cerny has taken the helm over at Team Ico to get this game out. The relationship between Sony Japan and Cerny started when they help him develop the PS4 launch title in 2013, so the idea of him returning the favor plays well. But this game hasn’t shown its face in any capacity since E3 2009 and the following TGS, and despite Sony’s efforts to convince everyone that its still alive, we can only believe what we see, at this point.


Which seems most likely to come out for you? Tweet us with your pics @CurseGamepedia, or add a comment below.



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