9 Times Fallout Dwellers Had More Game Than You

Fallout Shelter was one heck of a surprise when Bethesda sprung it on us during its press conference on Sunday. A Fallout-related game we could play right now? Sign me and my iPhone up! The base builder is full of funny Fallout rhetoric, but the most humorous thing has to be the way each dweller courts one another.


You see, when you place a male and female dweller in the living quarters together, they begin a relationship that eventually leads to pregnancy. Being pregnant is the end of a small burst of flirting, where the two characters throw pick up lines back and forth to each other. Some of them are pretty magical.


1. "If roses still grew, I'd search the Wasteland to get you some."



2. "It is getting warm in here, or is it just me?"




3. "Are we in a vertibird? 'Cause my heart's taking off."




4.  "I'm not a photographer, but I can picture you and me together."




5. "You're like cholesterol, always messin' with my heart."




6. "If I could sing, I'd totally write a song about you."




7. "If I seem drunk, it's only because you're so intoxicating."




8. You must be a genie, because you're making my dreams come true."




9. "Did your father sell diamonds? 'Cause you are flawless."



Share your dwellers classiest pick up lines in the comments below, or tweet us @CurseGamepedia. And be sure to check out our Fallout Wiki for all things wasteland related.



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