The Best GTA V Fan Movies on the Internet

The PC version of Grand Theft Auto V was a long time coming. People clamored for the PC versions, mostly so they could frolic into the game's guts and mod the crap out of it. Gamers were given an extra treat when Rockstar released the Rockstar Editor, which was a developer-created mod suite that gave players easy access to almost all of the games assets. It also included a director mode. It's been chaos ever since.


As soon as the feature went live in April, modders hit Rockstar's Social Hub and YouTube hard, with hundreds of videos ranging from simply gameplay captures to full-fledged machinima. Were going to focus on the latter. The following is some of the best fan made films made entirely in Rockstar Editor.

1. Drive

A pretty accurate re-interpretation of the Ryan Gosling-lead neo-noir, minus Kavinsky.





2. The Police Chase

There's so much Micheal Bay in this high-octane clip that you almost expect one of those cars to transform.





3. JUMP.

An artsy editing test that is a welcome change from the action and parody scenes that are abundant in the scene.





4. Sunday Drifting

This short is both well shot, and is a great display of Wise Guy's - the creator - driving skills.





5. The Del Perro Stabber

This is a twisted and dark little short, but it's also impeccability directed.





6. Sins of the Past

With the benefit of a fully written script and outside voice work, Sins of the Past embodies more of the animated short "spirit" than simple machinima.





7. The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

This creepy-yet-hilarious short features Franklin causing a general ruckus on a sunny beach.





8. Full House vs. Grand Theft Auto

This is the Full House intro re-imagined for in GTA V. Take that in.




9. Grand Theft Arthur

A shot for shot take on the popular children's cartoon intro. Utter madness.





10. The Thief

 The Thief is a stylish short about a robbery that's full of interesting edits and camera angles.





Which is your favorite fan movie? Leave it below, or tweet it @CurseGamepedia.



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