The Shortlist of The Craziest Cards in The Grand Tournament

The Grand Tournament, the next big Hearthstone card pack, is promising to shake up the status quo of the game in big ways. Besides the jousting mechanic and the new Inspire ability, many of the new cards are just mechanically kooky. Don't believe me? Well, see for yourself!

1. Because that's what a Control Warrior deck was missing...




2. So long as this card leaves your hand in some form, it works.




3. Doubt he'll last long on the board, but the potential is strong.




4. Really? The whole deck, though?




5. Some really mean combo potential for the aggro Rogue in you.




6. Guess Blizzard really wants to send a message here...




7. For when one Fire Bolt isn't enough.




8. Ramp Druid II: The Revenge




9. Find me a hero that couldn't use this.




10. Hero Power spam for everyone!



11. "Hey Paladins, GET IN HEEREREE!"



There are many, many more cards to ogle at in our Hearthstone Wiki, so stop in an take in the rest of the expansion. Also, leave your favorite card in the comments, or tweet them to us @CurseGamepedia.



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