Hot Dad Ryu is a Tall Drink of Water

Capcom announced some new costumes for a handful of its currently announced combatants as pre-order bonuses for Street Fighter V. As they all look pretty unique and interesting (including what looks to be a subtly redesigned Cammy), a well placed beard has changed the costume game as far as series poster child Ryu is concerned. We all know the effects of well-placed facial hair on the human psyche, but the Internet has been set especially ablaze by the Ryu's new found lumbersexuality. Don't believe me?

 This is actually pretty tame in comparison. There are fully realized Hot Dad Ryu - the name he was christened with by the collective thirst of Twitter - fanfictions being written on Twitter as I type this.

Some recognized his striking resemblance to other popular fiction icons.

Some folks were taking this event as a sign to explore new parts of themselves.

Some people were asking the tough questions.

At least one person was Team Ryu pre-beard.

Before the trend ended, people would step up and examine the dark side of it all.

Simply put: Hot Dad Ryu has ushered us into a new era of beard-born thirst. Revel with us in the comments, or tweet us @CurseGamepedia.


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