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    Quote from 1manfartband »

    You went to Goldshire on Moonguard to get a look at Rp?


    This is such great RP. I've been doing it wrong all this time.

    From an outsider looking in it will obviously leave a different impression. Given Gamepedia's audience, highlighting the more seedy sides of roleplay within World of Warcraft wouldn't be appropriate. That being said, I didn't include screenshots of either upstairs or downstairs in the basement (which got pretty freaky). So I guess what I'm saying is; I understand your point, but just because I CHOSE to ignore the other obvious happenings for the sake of keeping the article clean doesn't mean I'm numb to what's going on in more private channels.

    Roleplaying can be a sensitive topic, and I didn't want readers to feel I left an impression of being pro or con such a lifestyle, so I stayed neutral. Obviously someone who's been in that world might feel their side of the story was left out, and that's okay because you can voice your opinion here and receive a response. I've played WoW for a long time, and I've lost contact with more than a few friends who became immersed in such a world, to assume such things only hurts my pride as a player.

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    Working on the Page Forbidden problem, will provide an update shortly!

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    Thank you for your thoughtful questions! We'd also like to thank Eric for sparing us some time to provide feedback on these points. Be sure to stay tuned to Gamepedia for more Official Skyforge announcements!

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    The world looks beautiful btw! I can't wait until you reveal more so we can see more of that sweet, sweet environmental fidelity. I just had a couple questions about instancing and gear if you'd so kindly entertain my materialistic MMO tendencies. 

    Firstly, it seems Skyforge is going to be instance-based with less emphasis on an open-world style of gameplay which tons of other new titles herald as the future of MMORPGs. As an older school of gamer myself I don’t mind a ton of zoning given the game was built around that, but are you afraid newer generations of players might see it as  a drawback to Skyforge?

    Secondly, I've always been somewhat of a "phat loot" fanatic in MMOPRGs, so my question is this: The Ascension Atlas empowers players by increasing their stats and the number of abilities they have available… does this mean that outside of vanity, your gear and appearance will have no influence on how well you do in battle?

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    The Evolve tournament was amazing, the Hunters seem pretty overpowered right now though, with a little balancing I could see more tournaments like this one.

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    Sorry folks I goofed in the contest system, we're replacing keys while supplies last.

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    You can still try!

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    Good to know! Tell your friends!

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