• published the article EVOLVE Launch and Giveaway
    EVOLVE is one of those unique new titles that seems to cross my desk so rarely these days. 2K's new 4v1 action FPS features four "Hunters" teaming up to track down and destroy, conceivably, the most dangerous game in the universe. To commemorate EVOLVE's release we're hosting a contest offering twelve (12) lucky winners their choice of's new line of EVOLVE apparel, free of charge with shipping included.
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  • published the article Infinite Christmas
    Happy holidays game players! If you've yet to play DC's latest entry to the MOBA genre then we'd like to present the perfect chance for new and old players alike to get a little bit more into the game. Infinite Crisis features some of your favorite characters from the DC Multiverse going head-to-head in electrifying online play. Given we're headed into the holidays, we want to start celebrating the season of giving by offering some free skins for Infinite Crisis fans worldwide.
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  • published the article Post a Goat, Donate a Goat!
    Announcing today, Gamepedia and Coffee Stain Studios have teamed up to host #PostYourGoat – a social media charity drive and contest celebrating the release of Goat MMO Simulator and benefiting Heifer International. Curse and Gamepedia pledge to donate one goat for every 500 uses of the #PostYourGoat hashtag (up to a maximum of 8 goats and 4 flocks of smaller flying goats (a.k.a. “ducks”), a $1000 pledge).
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  • published the article Minecraft: Minimize Me!
    Gamepedia has teamed up with a 3D printing company to bring you another exciting new contest! Minetoys is a Europe-based 3D printing company and they're working with us to offer the Minecraft community some truly unique and cool prizes! Starting on Wednesday the 19th you can enter for a chance to win a custom made 3D print of your Minecraft character!
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  • published the article Goatcraft Giveaway: MM-Goat
    The Coffee Stain Studios office must be quite the magical place to work, because how a game transforms from the "single player, senseless destruction of quaint urban setting, you're-a-goat-causing-chaos" genre to an MMO is probably one of the bigger leaps we've seen in any expansion, ever. Yes, Goat Simulator is releasing its second expansion and it's hoping to be a true MMO. Staying true to that theme you can roam rolling meadows in a fantasy world, collect items to change your appearance, and rescue maidens as an adventuring goat.
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  • published the article Danger Blog 19: Don't Shut Up When You're Talking to Me
    This week I want to talk about Curse Voice, our new and freely available voice program which was recently green lit for use in League of Legends as an acceptable third party program. Personally, I find it really hard to plug a product I don’t believe in, especially when I have people in my ear telling me it’s my job to do so. I think it goes without saying that advertising something you truly enjoy is much easier and comes off as more genuine than advertising, say, something that’s complete crap. To me, that’s Curse Voice, “not complete crap”.
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  • published the article Coraabian Nights
    Coraabia is an all-new online trading card game with RPG elements from ARK8. We're excited to announce the brand new Coraabia Wiki! What's Coraabia you might be asking? The game takes place in a multiverse where Coraabians fight it out for dominance in duels which shape the very course of history. The goal of the game is to end duels with a higher score than your opponent, the basic principle being the comparison of the four numeric values in characters.
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  • published the article Line Your Pockets: Earn Steam Cash By Posting to Our Forums
    Use Steam? Of course you do! Like heaping piles of free Steam Wallet cash? Of course you do! We at Gamepedia do too, and we are happy to present our very first Steam Wallet Giveaway featuring lavish prizes for posting on our forums. What forums? Why these ones of course! We're still trying to get our feet off the ground with our brand new community forums and we're providing a bit of incentive to help us achieve this goal.
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  • published the article Alien: Isolation, An Honest Tribute To A Legendary Series
    If you don't know by now, Alien: Isolation is a survival-stealth-horror game developed by The Creative Assembly and published by Sega as a part of the Alien franchise. If you know anything about the Alien series, it's that the films manage a truly unique flavor of terror and suspense that other works find difficult to imitate. Whether it's the masterful use of lighting and soundtrack, or a youthful interest in dangerous alien monsters, the Alien series piques interests we weren't even aware we had in its four prominent films. The best part about Isolation? Everything we loved about the movies can be found within the game.
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  • published the article Danger Blog 17: One Night in Goldshire
    In World of Warcraft you’re always bound to come across different kinds of people. After all, the MMORPG genre puts thousands upon thousands of complete strangers with overwhelming anonymity together in one place. Sometimes certain new activities become popular as a result from the safety of relative anonymity. When players’ in a fantasy world are unbound by their earthly restraints and can allow their imaginations to run wild, a new kind of player emerges.
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  • published the article Robocraft: Will Edit For Parts
    Starting out in Robocraft can be pretty brutal. You have basic parts and extremely weak weaponry that can hardly put a dent in anything above a second tier craft. Luckily, all you need to do in order to skip all of that early frustration is start contributing to the wiki! We're happy to present the Robocraft: Will Edit For Parts contest! Become a top editor and score some great prizes!
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  • published the article Minesplosion!!!
    Our good friends over at J!NX have thought up some crazy cool new stuff for all of you Minecraft fans out there. What's more, they've sent us a bunch of codes to give away all of their new merch in an explosion of loot: a Minesplosion!
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  • published the article Danger Blog 16: Tasteless Denigration
    Professional gamers acting up is nothing new, in fact, given so many of them are at such a young age it’s even to be expected. In your late teens and early twenties this new-found fame starts having a bigger impact on your life, and it’s understandable if some of it goes to your head. What matters most is managing those responsibilities, and sometimes changing yourself at a core level to perpetuate your success and to thrive in your new environment.
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  • published the article Heroes & Generals: We Want You (to become an editor)!
    Heroes & Generals embodies everything that makes the wargames genre popular. Players can choose to dedicate each soldier they create to one of four lines of military career, Infantry, Recond, Airborne, or Armored division, but what's most apparent is that the choice you make heavily impacts your experience. To aid in the cause we're holding a Heroes & Generals editing contest to help fill up the wiki with great information! We're offering some sick and exclusive prizes to top contributors so pay attention!
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  • published the article Danger Blog 15: 1P
    Video games today come in many different shapes and sizes. Among the most widely popular are massively multiplayer online titles, in which many players from all over the globe meet, compete, and play together. But what’s to be said of the humble single-player title? While most triple A’s are focusing on creating the next big MMO title to rake in the profits, we still see a dedicated few staying the course. Some of them creating the most graphic and moving adventure titles of my time.
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