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    Heroes and Generals is a brand new fast-paced and free-to-play FPS where you're in command. While HaG may be modeled after the widely popular war games around the net, it goes beyond simple tank or airborne battle. Spawn in and level up to earn new and more deadly weapons and equipment. Pilot a plethora of vehicles, from tanks, to planes, to the humble bicycle (really great for getting around). I've played a couple other browser-based war games and this one is by far one of my new favorites. It has a Battlefield 1942 feel without dishing out any serious cash or needing a hefty download.

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    It’s that time of year again! The League of Legends World Championships are upon us once more and one team will be crowned above the rest. Before that, North America’s top squads will have to duke it out in order to decide who will be representing us on the world stage this year. We've made it through the Quarterfinals, but this weekend Saturday through Sunday the top 3 teams to make an appearance in Korea/Taiwan will be decided!

    Curse and Gamepedia are hosting yet another amazing contest in order to celebrate all the excitement that is the North American Regionals, and this time the prizes being offered are bigger and more exciting than ever! A total of sixteen (16) lucky winners will receive the following:

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  • published the article Danger Blog 14: Trolls and You


    It’s a sucky, sucky part of life on the internet nowadays. “Trolling” is the intentional misleading of another person or group of people by way of the internet in order to achieve a certain reaction from said individual(s). If you have grown up on the internet, your experience dealing with trolls may vary, and if you’re comfortable with how you compose yourself you might as well stop reading now. The purpose of this week’s Danger Blog will be to help you identify situations of trolling in hopes you can save face in the future.

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    Strife from S2 Games heralds in a new generation of MOBA action with its fast-paced gameplay and intuitive controls. As with any MOBA, at its very core is the characters with which you take the battlefield, and to help get you started, we’re happy to announce 13 new and exclusive videos featuring both the heroes of Strife and other more subtle aspects of the game. In the Hero How-To series we will provide a general introduction to the personality of each character, and then finish with a deeper walk-through of their kits and abilities. You can also read more about each Hero on the Official Strife Wiki here on Gamepedia.

    Just below you’ll see just one of our exclusive Hero How-To videos featuring Hale: the quick and ruthless!

    In addition to Hero How-To’s you can also find comprehensive guides on the games other more unique features; including crafting, enchanting and coming soon, pets!

    Strife separates itself from the rest of the pack by providing the most high-octane action of any popular MOBA. Some feature that aid this are increased out-of-combat generation for minimum downtime and a courier system so that you can stay on the battlefield longer. Short death timers means less risk involved in attempting to make those big plays, and the tide of battle can be turned at almost any point!

    The Official Strife Wiki is growing every day and you can contribute by becoming an editor! You can expect more Strife content in the future, so stay tuned to Gamepedia by following us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia and "liking" us on Facebook!

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    Nether is a post-apocalyptic survival game set in the desolated city of Chicago. To celebrate Nether leaving Steam Early Access, we’re holding another Nether Key giveaway, once again offering initial entrants a Chosen Key! On top of 20,000 72 hour guest keys which will be offered through Monday the 25th of August, the first 2,000 entries will receive Chosen Keys, scoring themselves some exclusive perks in addition to unlocking the full game on Steam! Get your key here! For more information on Nether, visit the Official Wiki. If you want to support Nether by buying the full game, find it on Steam for the new price of $9.99!


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    Didn't get to attend Minecon 2013 but still want one of those sweet, sweet in-game Capes? Gamepedia's got one lucky gamer covered with our MinecontestThis lucky miner will receive the exclusive redemption URL for the 2013 Minecon Cape in-game accessory (pictured above) for PC. You can enter multiple times by taking advantage of the offered gates, so be sure to do so in order to greatly increase your chances of winning. This contest will run for two weeks starting today, so maximize your entries and win this Cape! Starts today and goes until the 28th at 11:59pm!

    For more information on Minecraft, the explosively popular sandbox builder, visit our Official Minecraft Wiki! The community continues to grow every day, and you can help to contribute by becoming an editor! Not sure where exactly to start? The Help Wiki is a great resource for anyone new or versed in editing. Don't forget to enter today, and good luck!

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    Our Destiny Wiki grows every day and our latest update brings you a full list of Heavy Weapons available in the game. Various launchers and heavy machine guns as far as the eye can see, with additional information available by clicking on any given weapon. From optical capabilities to rate of fire to blast radius, the Destiny Wiki has you covered on all information regarding the heavy weaponry of this highly anticipated and futuristic MMORPG.

    With Destiny’s rapidly approaching release on PS4 in September, we at Gamepedia are trying our best to keep all of your informational needs covered with the Destiny Wiki. If you're looking to start contributing to the growth of any wiki, but aren't quite sure where to start, the Help Wiki is a great place for all of your editing needs! Game on.

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  • published the article Danger Blog 13: Lessons From Girl Gamers

    Let me start off with a little disclaimer; this blog and all opinions expressed herein are heavily influenced by my experiences in gaming, and in no way reflect the reality of or generally accepted community opinions surrounding gaming.

    Much like males of the species homo sapien, girls tend to act differently when socializing through the internet. This difference in behavior can be attributed to a number of things, primarily the relative anonymity one has when surfing the interwebs. People in general become bolder, more thoughtful (given increased response time), and are quicker to jump to conclusions when no immediate physical ramifications to their actions are in place as a deterrent.

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    Guns and Robots is a free-to-play, fast-paced and zany online shooter from Masthead Studios where players assemble scrappy-looking robotic soldiers. The game blends a fun play-style with inventive character design and deep customization features. With seemingly innumerable weapons at your disposal, the possibilities for creating new and even more deadly robots is only limited by your creativity! To help you get started we're partnering with the team behind the madness to bring you a Premium Currency Giveaway! Enter now to claim 100 Sparks for free and start brawling your way to the top of the rankings!

    To download Guns and Robots completely for free, visit to download the client for free! For more information on this maniacal and crazy shooter from Masthead Studios, check out the Official Wiki! Game on friends. 

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  • published the article Danger Blog 12: MMOVERLOAD

    So, there’s a lot of popular MMOs out right now, with more guaranteed in the near future. Destiny hit open beta recently, WildStar hit release two months ago, ArcheAge found relative success for more hardcore RPG enthusiasts, and World of Warcraft has slated its next expansion for December of this very year. For me, the most interesting aspect of the MMORPG discussion is that while these are all very highly quality titles, they each maintain their very own unique play style and “feel”.

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    In ZMR, some enemies don’t just invade our dimension – they overwrite it. With the Mummy See Mummy Doom update, whole cities in China and Egypt have been overtaken and transformed into nightmarish versions of ancient worlds, teeming with hordes of undead horrors. In the effort to thwart these evils, Curse has been authorized to hand out the special M1932 Handgun, click here to get yours!

    With six new maps, more guns, deadly new gear, and Blood Diamonds –a new competitive mode where players race to kill and collect diamonds from opponents– there’s never been a better time to KILL EVERY THING in the over-the-top, anything goes third-person shooter for the PC. To celebrate this most recent update to ZMR, we're handing out thousands of keys used to unlock a unique in-game weapon in our most recent ZMR giveaway! Why let Brenden Fraser have all the fun? Now you too can blast away mummified corpses with this classic piece of wartime history, the M1932 (pictured above)!

    For general information on ZMR feel free to visit the Official Wiki. If you're looking to start contributing to its growth, but aren't quite sure how, visit the Help Wiki, your resource for all things wiki related! For more details on the new maps and Blood Diamonds mode – and to download and play ZMR for free, please visit

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    Because Roman Numerals past ten just start looking like Super Bowls. This week I want to talk about something that’s been a part of my gaming career for a long time, and maybe yours too! It’s something that transcends gaming, and becomes a very part of your personality. It begins early on and lasts until you die. It’s a part of how you conduct yourself, and how others perceive you. I am talking about the human ego.

    An ego breeds confidence, which in turn can breed arrogance, which I think most of you will agree is a bad thing.But Alex, everyone has an ego of some kind, does that mean that everyone is bad?”, of course not. How you manage your ego and pride is all a part of growing up. Finding a balance between confidence and arrogance is all you, I’m not here to tell you how to do that.

    Ego is important in gaming because of how we game. The fact that people are more prone to being jerks online has been attributed to the relative anonymity they have. It’s easier to be bolder when there’s no potential physical ramifications to our actions. I believe the ego is a primary initiator for most negative online behavior. “That guy got so lucky” or “this dude must be hacking” are both examples of someone’s aversion to self-blame. By blaming your failure on someone else, you can protect yourself from the crushing insecurities we as humans hate so much.

    Owning up to your mistakes is a huge part of growing up. Apologizing or admitting you were wrong is no easy task, especially for someone raised on the internet. What feels like a century ago I was playing arena in World of Warcraft at a somewhat high level. I was on a crappy Battlegroup and would float around Gladiator rating for an entire season. Because the Battlegroup was so cruddy, I got a ton of attention from people on my server. Being 18 at the time it all went to my head and I started down the excruciating path to dickishness.

    Again, it’s hard to admit mistakes, and when we would start losing games I would always blame my teammates, again, avoiding responsibility. Eventually it got so bad that my tiny teen brain was forced to realize the reality of the situation, “they don’t suck… I suck!”. After this momentous event during my Sophomore year of college [and a heartwarming apology to my teammates, awwwh feels] my gaming arrogance began to crumble. After I realized I wasn't as great as I had once believed, playing games with friends was a lot more enjoyable. The pressure to perform was suddenly gone.

    If you struggle with your ego, I honestly hope it doesn't take some grand event to wake you up to reality, because damn it can be embarrassing. Being confident is great, but be humble about it, people will respect you a lot more than if you engage in post-game badmouthing. Use discretion and you’ll be untouchable, no matter what community you’re a part of.

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    Gamepedia’s Humble Bundle has proven a big hit thanks to the many amazing games it offers, and starting now for a limited time you can bag all available titles for one low price. For the next four days [ends 11am PST] you can pick up Strife, Paranautical Activity, Windforge, and Lifeless Planet in addition to several other great games AND Curse Premium for just $19.99. Valued at over $120, our Humble Bundle highlights the greatness that is indie games, and represents Gamepedia’s devotion to supporting independent studios.

    To keep up with all of our promotions and contests, be sure to check back every now and then! You can do this by following us @CurseGamepedia and by "liking" our Facebook page. We'd also like to thank Humble Bundle for providing us with the amazing opportunity to work with them! Be sure to snag these great games on your way out, and game on!

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    Competitive eSports is changing the way our world works in a number of ways. This week I want to provide my perspective on the rapidly developing and ultra competitive international phenomena that is eSports. ESports is defined as ‘electronic sports” and is currently changing the way a lot of the world defines professional competition. Since early years, we are taught that it is healthy to move our bodies and participate in “play” of some kind. Playing games with others our own age teaches several invaluable social skills while reestablishing the thought that with a healthy body comes a healthy mind. I don’t disagree with any of this, and I would be the first to advocate the value of regular exercise and play in the life of any young person or child, but as technology begins redefines the meaning of “play” for our generation, a wider perspective is required.

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    Life would be much easier if you could run ahead and check things out in advance. If you could scale that hill and see what’s on the other side before deciding it’s worth the climb. Some people are gifted with relative foresight, but expecting unadulterated clarity is unrealistic. Ultimately, future-sight would hardly matter because among the very few true absolutes in life, the march of time stops for nothing and what will be, will be. Whoa, that was a bit cryptic, but let’s try to relate it to today’s topic. It’s been a couple months since my last Danger Blog, but it’s time to get back after such an exciting period of downtime. Between events like E3, and the daily duties of someone in my position at Gamepedia, I am exposed to new games every single day, almost none of them being big-name AAA titles. I am, of course, talking about the Indie crowd; independent developers and studios who are constantly innovating for our pleasure on boring Sunday afternoons.

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