• published the article Battleborn Wiki Launch, a Gearbox MOBA is in the works!

    Gearbox, the makers of Borderlands, have announced their next big title will be a brave new entry to the MOBA genre. As the wiki starts to grow, we want to give you some additional information about the game itself. With Battleborn, the innovative minds at Gearbox hope to make a splash in the so far exclusive MOBA genre, with a compelling story that revolves around a universal struggle between heroes to control the last remaining star in the cosmos. 

    One of the most interesting things about Battleborn's announcement is the fact that it will be from a first-person perspective. Up until now the classic MOBA style has a top-down view, with Smite being the only notable title playing from a third-person view. In addition to this, with such a grand and romantic setting, the imagination can't help but run wild in anticipation for all of the unique gameplay in store for fans of the Battle Arena genre!

    The Battleborn Wiki is still in its earliest stages, and we would like to encourage anyone and everyone to become a contributor to help it grow! If you'd like to become an editor for any wiki, but aren't quite sure how to start, visit the Help Wiki, your resource for all things wiki! We hope to bring further coverage on this exciting new title, so stay tuned to Gamepedia by following us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia, and "liking" us on Facebook!

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  • published the article Skyforge: Revealing the Divine Observatory

    In addition to the exciting announcements below, Eric DeMilt, Development Director of Culturalization for Skyforge, will be doing a LIVE Q&A session in the comments from 12-2pm CDT 7/2/2014

    It's time to continue the journey through the world of Skyforge! Today we are revealing one of the most significant features of this game, the Divine ObservatoryFor the residents of Aelion, the Divine Observatory is a global surveillance and warning system. Its task is to monitor and display the pleas for help of Aelion's mortals and send immortals to their aid. For players, it is a single point of entry into all sorts of adventures! 

    The Divine Observatory, as well as special Access points located throughout the whole planet, will quickly take you to where your help is needed most. 

    When you first begin your journey from immortal to godhood only a few adventures will be open but more and more will become available to you as you progress. During the first hundred hours of play time, the immortal heroes of Aelion will participate in more than 40 exciting solo and group PvE adventures. There are also five different types of PvP competitions for PvP fans and ten vast open world locations that can be explored for hours and hours.

    There are a multitude of activities open to players in the Divine Observatory, and your choice is not limited in any way. It’s up to you to decide whether you would like to develop your character for PvP or PvE and then quickly jump into the content you prefer.

    A normal adventure can be completed in an average of 15-25 minutes, while open world locations can take hours and hours to explore. 

    The Divine Observatory is updated every 40 minutes. Any changes in the adventures open to you or their rewards will be immediately displayed on the globe, a miniature projection of the planet. The system updates the list of “hot spots”, allowing players to easily see and participate in all currently active events. 

    You are free to replay specific individual and group PvE-missions you enjoy again and again, and their rewards grow as your prestige grows, so they remain useful to your development and progression. After repeating an adventure several times, the difficulty will increase, and so will the amount and value of the rewards. Of course, other types of content also remain relevant to you as you grow as well. For example, the matchmaking system always tries to find the most suitable opponents when it picks players for PvP battles.

     Open adventures and their rewards are updated every 40 minutes.

     There are also additional recommended events which will appear in the Divine Observatory from time-to-time (adventure of the day, week and month). These recommended events are a great way to test your characters progression or try a different class. Sometimes the reward for the recommended event is so high that even an avid PvP player may decide to participate in a PvE adventure, or a confirmed Paladin will set off for Factory 501 as a Cryomancer. 

    The number you see in this picture above is Prestige - the main indicator of character development. It is affected by new unlocked classes, abilities, talents, equipment upgrades and many other things. When you reach a certain amount, new adventure and content are automatically unlocked.

    Over time, there will be an abundance of adventures and content available to you.

    As heroes complete PvE-and PvP-adventures, they receive rewards including; Credits, the most common money on Aelion. Gems of Insight, which are used to develop your characters skills and talents, unlocking new classes and characteristics, and Exotic Currencies, which can be used to buy new outfits, customizing the look of your character. 

    As your prestige grows, the list of rewards expands. While at first characters receive only Gems of Insight, later their adventures will yield other, more valuable resources. Over time, more and more difficult tasks will become available to you, including massive guild activities with their own rules and prizes, but that’s a topic for another day.

    Let us know what you think of the Divine Observatory and remember to leave any questions in the comments below! If you want the chance to see if it for yourself make sure you sign up for the Skyforge Beta now! Our Skyforge Wiki is still in the process of growing and we're always looking for more contributors. If you’re looking for a place to start getting into editing, you can check out our Help Page or the more general Gamepedia Help Wiki. If you want some personal help with something, you can always visit us in the #Gamepedia channel on IRC.

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  • published the article ZMR Open Beta "Unleashed in North America!"

    En Masse Entertainment, a player driven publisher focused on delivering great games and exceptional service, today announced the launch of the Zombies Monsters Robots (ZMR) open beta. Gamers can go to right now to download the game and get ready to KILL EVERY THING in this over-the-top, anything goes, third-person shooter for PC. Players already in the ZMR closed beta and new recruits alike can rampage for free on 16 maps including six action-packed new levels, twelve PvE and PvP gameplay modes, brutal boss battles, and a wild variety of enemies. The insane new maps include the following:

    • Wetworks: This isolated toxic waste reclamation center makes a nice, private place for mercs to meet and resolve their differences. PvP Team Deathmatch and Elimination for up to 16 players.
    • Death Metal: The Connor Foundry has been retooled as a munitions plant—but who actually owns it is a matter of violent contention. 8v8 Team Deathmatch and Elimination.
    • Black Gold Rush: Despite the thresholds spanning the world, we still need oil—and lots of it. Without it, the war effort grinds to a halt. Up to 16 players can join Massive Assault PvE and PvP Free-for-All, Elimination, Team Deathmatch, and King of the Hill.
    • Altar States: Is the temple real? One minute, you're a zombie—the next, a Dominion soldier. All that matters is winning! Mercs vs. Monsters PvP for up to 16 players.
    • The Pit: The alien Dominion are attacking through Earth’s threshold network! Meet them head-on, and shut ‘em down. Kill Every Thing PvE for 5 players.
    • Tourist Trap: Not every enemy comes from another dimension. Take on rival mercs in a head-to-head shootout! Assault PvE and PvP Elimination, Team Deathmatch, and Free-for-All for up to 16 players.

    In addition, the open beta will introduce a unique PvP mode, “Mercs vs. Monsters,” that allows players to become one of over 20 enemy classes and also upgrade their abilities throughout the match. Don't forget to sign up to play for FREE today! For more information on ZMR, head to the Official Wiki. If you want to become an editor, but aren't quite sure how to start, the Help Wiki is a great resources for all of your wiki needs! Happy hunting and good luck!

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    Hex: Shards of Fate is a potent combination of an MMORPG and a Trading Card Game which offers an entirely new gaming experience. Knee-deep in closed beta, we've worked with Patrigan (a Hex TCG Community Admin for the Hex Wiki) to secure some cool prizes for an editing contest to draw additional contributions to Gamepedia's growing Hex Wiki! To do this, we're offering the following to a total of (6) six lucky contributors! While we always hope anyone and everyone would like to contribute given the chance, we're introducing a bit more incentive with the "Hexxed Contest"!


    (1) One Grand Prize winner will receive a Hex TCG closed-beta key to either use themselves or give to a friend, in addition to 1400 Platinum which can be used to purchase booster packs or enter into drafts

    (5) Five First Place Prize winners will receive Hex TCG Starter Packs, which include (1) free draft entry and (5) free booster packs

    How to Enter:

    Any person who submits edits to the HexTCG Wiki while logged in during the contest period will be considered to have entered the contest. The Gamepedia Wiki Team will then consider each user’s personal contributions to determine six (6) winners. General rules listed below:

    • All edits must be made while logged in
    • Edits will only count if they make some kind of real contribution to the wiki
    • Winners will be chosen at random from the edits made during the contest
    • All winners will be contacted via the e-mail associated with their Gamepedia account

    For more information on the contest, visit the Contest Page located on the Hex WikiIf you’re interested in editing, but aren't quite sure how to start, you can check out our Help Page or the more general Gamepedia Help Wiki. If you want some personal help with something, you can always visit us in the #Gamepedia channel on IRC. We also encourage folks to make use of the Community Portal, which will be monitored by other community members as well as the Gamepedia Wiki team. Good luck and thank you for your contributions!

    This contest runs until 7/10/2014, when winners will be selected based on the quality of their contributions. Also, be on the lookout for a couple Hex TCG beta keys being given out on Gamepedia twitter in the next week!


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  • published the article Breach TD Concept Contest Winners!

    We're happy to announce the winners of our Breach TD Guardian Concept Contest, which was held in celebration of the game's Official Wiki! We received over 70 unique submissions and we're proud to announce the Grand Prize winner and two Runners-up! Our three winners all submitted awesome ideas, but ultimately the team at Space Rhino Games decided on "The Faceless Wanderer" idea, a Guardian whose abilities change based on the mask he's wearing. In addition to earning the right to work with devs to implement his idea into Breach TD, our Grand Prize winner will also receive a customized hoodie with his Guardian printed onto it! Again, I'd like to congratulate all of our winners and thank the fine folks at Breach TD for making all of this possible.

    Grand Prize and the Maker of Heroes backer pack:

    • CheshireNull

    Runners-up and recipient of the Bragger backer pack:

    • Adrien
    • Detestify

    Again, we would like to thank all of our entrants for their submissions! Breach TD is slated for release some time later this year, and if you would like to know more about this new take on tower defense by Space Rhino Games, be sure to visit the Official Wiki. We're always thinking of new and exciting ways to promote all kinds of games, so be sure to stay tuned by following Gamepedia on twitter @CurseGamepedia and "liking" us on Facebook!


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    E3 is going on this week, and we’re working with GUNNAR Optiks to hold a contest to give away some sweet gaming eyewear. For those that don’t know, GUNNAR is the most prominent producer and designer of gaming eyeglasses in the world. These unique spectacles are designed and doctor recommended to protect sensitive eyes from the effects prolonged computer use. Finding both of our missions coincide, we’ve worked together to offer twelve (12) lucky winners their choice (on a first-come-first-serve basis) of three hip and effective GUNNAR models. The choices are as follows:

    • PPK in Onyx Mercury (black/gray)

    • Intercept in Onyx (black)

    • MLG Phantom in Onyx Snow (white)

    The contest will run until the end of E3 on Thursday the 12th, with winners being drawn on Friday the 13th. To Enter the contest visit the Official Contest page, here and follow the instructions. Unfortunately, due to legal restrictions, this contest is only open to residents of the U.S. and Canada. Enter today, and good luck!

  • published the article Nether Free Play Giveaway!

    Nether is a post-apocalyptic survival game set in the desolated city of Chicago. To celebrate Nether leaving Steam Early Access, we’re holding another Nether Key giveaway, this time with more Chosen keys than ever before! On top of 20,000 72 hour guest keys which will be offered through Tuesday the 10th, the first 2,000 entries will receive Chosen Keys, scoring themselves some exclusive perks in addition to unlocking the full game on Steam! Get your key here! For more information on Nether, visit the Official Wiki. If you want to support Nether by buying the full game, find it on Steam!

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  • published the article Breach TD Kickstarter and Contest Ending Soon!

    Breach TD has a few days left in Kickstarter and we have a couple announcements to make! Firstly, creative entrants only have 3 more days to submit their ideas for our Guardian Concept Contest. One winner will receive the Maker of Heroes backing pledge, earning them the right to work with the game’s developers to create their very own Guardian in-game. Two First Place Prize winners will get Bragger packs, which include exclusive perks such as all available in-game Guardians from release, a digital art book, and a 2 week xp-boost. In addition to these amazing prizes, everyone who submits an idea will receive a starter pack for their efforts, unlocking 4 Guardians from release.

    Secondly, the guys at Space Rhino games have announced that starting right now, people who back the Kickstarter will receive exclusive Guardian skins. Those interested in supporting Breach TD should visit their page and pledge their support to this new take on tower defense! For more information on Breach TD, be sure to visit the Official Breach TD Wiki. Lastly, thank you to all backers for helping Breach TD reach its initial goal, but it can still be improved with every bit of additional funding! Become a backer today!


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  • published the article YouTube Roundup 5/24/2014

    This weeks YouTube Roundup features introductory material for a couple new titles; Breach TD from Space Rhino Games, and Flagship from Urban Logic Games. In addition to these teasers, we take a quick at a recent civ title Banished and give you a couple tips and tricks to surviving the harshness of the wilds. We wrap up with a couple fun videos from The Elder Scrolls: Online highlighting player vampirism and in-game emotes. Let’s get started.

    Breach TD by Space Rhino Games takes traditional tower defense to the next level. Instead of the usual “build towers in strategic places, upgrade them, and murder millions of creeps along a predetermined path”, Breach TD let’s you meet the enemy in the middle in a brawl of epic proportions. Build up your forces and strategize with different units to meet each threat individually in this new take on tower defense by Space Rhino Games. To become a backer for Breach TD, visit their Official Kickstarter page here. We're also hosting a Breach TD Guardian concept contest here, Grand Prize winners will work with the game's developers to create their own Guardian to use in-game!

    Flagship by Urban Logic Games is another addition to the rapidly expanding space combat genre. Take control of your fleet and wage war against interstellar enemies in this first person commander sim in space. This teaser trailer gave me chills close to its end… and I highly recommend you watch it all the way through.

    Banished is a civ-builder strategy game from Shining Rock Software and is currently available on Steam. Play as a group of exiled villagers trying to make it on their own. The striking attention to detail captivates players as the seasons change, along with the needs of their growing populations. Here are a few tricks and tips to surviving the cold and dangerous world.

    Lastly, we have a couple videos for The Elder Scrolls: Online featuring vampirism as a player trait, and a few fun in-game emotes.


    That’s all for this week’s YouTube Roundup, be sure to subscribe to our channel to stay on top of our new content coming out almost daily! Cheers.

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    I’m not sure how to start off without sounding terribly cliche, so I’ll just be frank. Games are wonderful teachers. I started playing games at the naive and vulnerable age of eight, when I first discovered Pokemon Blue on Gameboy Color. I remember my older brother had the older Gameboy “Pocket” (reserved for MASSIVE pockets), which didn't have a colored display. Interactive video games had a unique impact on my young psyche, I would ignorantly wander through exclusively scripted sequences of dialogue and battle, not a care in the world. I didn't need to be aware of the algorithms that dictated what happened in-game, I didn't need to know *exactly* what X ATTACK was used for, all I was worried about was one thing: being the best Pokemon trainer ever.

    Click "Read more" for more food for thought

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  • published the article Transistor Release and Wiki

    Announcing our latest wiki for Transistor, a turn-based RPG that was recently released by Supergiant Games. Cloudbank is a city where everyone has a voice… and recently the most influential voices among them have started to disappear. Players are tasked with piecing together the mystery surrounding the Transistor, a weapon of immense power and of unknown origin. Pursue the Transistor’s previous owners as you battle your way through the futuristic city of Cloudbank with strategic, turn-based combat.

    Click "Read more" for more information on Transistor!

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  • published the article E3 Goat Simulator Map Contest Winner Announced!

    Great news fellow goat simulators! We’re proud to present the winner of the Goat Simulator map creation contest, hosted on the Official Goat Simulator Wiki: Abu Goat! Enjoy roaming ancient Egyptian ruins as a mummified goat in this user submitted map to be showcased at the Curse booth during E3. In addition to headbutting unsuspecting tourists into oblivion, take on a precariously placed Tyrannosaurus Rex in the latest fan addition to the Goat Simulator world!

    Click "Read more" for another helping of goat doom!

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  • published the article YouTube (Google) Reportedly Buys Twitch for $1 Billion

    Hey everyone, Gamepedia’s streaming enthusiast here. Big news hit the streaming community this weekend, when YouTube (owned by Google) acquired for a sum exceeding $1 billion. For those that don’t know, Twitch is a popular media streaming company that has grown exponentially in the past few years; reporting monthly viewers north of 45 million worldwide. The site currently hosts live streams for some of the largest esports tournaments in the world, the biggest League of Legends and DotA 2 events averaging 200-300k viewers. 

    At this time nobody can be sure what implications this purchase might have for users of, or the changes their Google overlords have in store for the biggest streaming platform on the internet. The only thing left to discussion is the stance of U.S. regulators, who are expected to challenge the purchase, claiming the sale of Twitch would infringe on anti-competitive policies in the U.S. Between the buzz of potential platform changes and the imagery of a fat check lost in a sea of 0’s, I can’t help but think this is just another step Google is taking towards world domination of the IT industry.

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    Gamepedia received a big box of Jazwares merchandise and we’re looking to give it all away to six lucky winners with the Plants vs. Creepers Giveaway! Featuring popular items from Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, enter today for your chance to win a prize bundle! One Grand prize winner will receive the Mega Bundle (containing three pieces of merchandise), while five First Place prize winners will get Super Bundles (two pieces of merchandise). Each bundle will have at least one item from Minecraft and Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare! Due to legal restrictions this contest is only open to legal residents of the U.S. and Canada.

    Click "Read more" to view contest details!

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  • published the article Danger Blog VI: Console Wars

    In another plane of existence, in a world beyond the comprehension of mere mortals, a war is raging. It’s an age-old conflict, behemoths of the gaming industry duking it out through countless rounds. I picture the Storm Giants scene from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug; massive, faceless entities whaling on each other, ourselves being the onlooking dwarven heroes, powerless and insignificant to their bout. As a player I can relate to this feeling, which can only be described as unimportance, when it comes to the console wars. But it’s not just that, I don’t necessarily enjoy seeing conflict between the companies that bring me such entertainment.

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