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    Breach TD is a next-generation tower defense game by Space Rhino Games. Take control of mighty Guardians and clash with Void forces in this new spin on the classic browser genre. Breach TD's playstyle follows the saying “the best defense is a good offense”, instead of building up a fortified position players organize armies and meet enemies half way for an all out brawl. Breach TD is literally taking the towers out of tower defense! Gamepedia is hosting a contest, sponsored by the game's developers, to give away some sweet backing privileges to creative fans!

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    The MOBA genre is without a doubt the hottest scene for online video game play right now. Between League of Legends, DotA 2, Blizzard’s upcoming addition Heroes of the Storm, and countless indie developers getting in on the action, I’m here to give you a few tips for interacting with your peers when heading out to the battlefield. I've been a part of the League of Legends community for a long time, and while League’s playerbase may be larger than that of other titles, the nature of the game is what results in behavioral similarities between their communities. While I haven’t played a ton of DotA 2, I feel these teachings can likely be applied to most of the aforementioned titles.

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    This week we took some early looks at brand new games that need your support on kickstarter! Universim takes the ever popular god mode sim genre to the final frontier, OUTER SPACE. Popup Dungeon is one of the first Roguelikes that truly lets you adventure your way with numerous new ways to customize all aspects of gameplay. Spacebase DF-9 is another addition to the environmental management genre from DoubleFine, and we finish off with some coverage on Minimum’s recent free play weekend, as well as a couple more WildStar Races.


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    Announcing the Official Wiki for Perfect World’s upcoming title Swordsman. Swordsman is a fantasy action MMORPG set in the fantasy world of Louis Cha, one of the most famous contemporary writers in China. Players will experience the richness of Jianghu culture during one of the most influential and romantic eras in China’s history. Ten dynamic classes, in-depth character creation processes, and an intense kung-fu experience define Perfect World’s highly anticipated and free-to-play MMORPG, Swordsman!


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    Strife is "the premier second-generation MOBA" in production by S2 Games. It promises never before seen in-game elements to the stagnating MOBA genre, and we're happy to bring you an awesome giveaway which will help grow its expanding player base in closed beta. Six lucky Grand prize winners will receive a Strife Early Access key and a mega rare 12 inch tall plushie of one of the game's most popular Heroes, Moxie: The Super Cat! Ten First Place prize winners will receive their very own Early Access key, making them a part of a small and exclusive community of closed beta testers! To enter this contest, click here

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    Now is your chance to bag yourself a copy of H1Z1 for absolutely free with Gamepedia's Will Edit for Brains Contest! H1Z1 is the next generation of the ever expanding sandbox-zombie-apocalyptic-survival genre. H1Z1 promises a whole new level of immersion in a world where the undead are often the least of your problems. Loot buildings, establish a base, and guard your cache from other players as you fight for survival in this exciting title from Sony Online Entertainment

    Entering the contest and winning are actually quite simple. Seeing as winners are chosen based on their contributions, If you add a large amount of high quality information to the wiki then your chances of winning a key are astronomically higher! As a reminder, you're only entered into the contest after you make your first edit, no matter how small it may be! As mentioned above, however, making multiple entries significantly increases your chances of winning! Winners will be chosen by our wiki staff based on their contributions on May 16th in the afternoon.

    For more information on the contest, be sure to visit the contest page here! Getting into editing can be intimidating at first, but it’s actually very easy. For those of you interested in entering this contest, or if you wanted to learn how to update the wiki for another one of your favorite games, the Help Wiki is a great place to start learning! Follow some simple steps to help you manipulate the wiki, and leave your mark on the game’s history as a founding contributor to its Top Wiki!

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    In addition to throwing down a sick beat, the guys and gals over at DoubleFine have proven once again that they can deliver the goods when it comes to gaming. Hack 'n' Slash, a puzzle adventure game about hacking and reverse engineering, heads into Steam Early Access today. While there is sure to be plenty of hacking and plenty of slashing in your journeys through this whimsical tale, the primary theme is exploration and the satiation of a youthful curiosity. Rework the very code of the game in order to solve riddles and unlock secrets!

    Available in Early Access for the righteous price of only $19.99, pick up your copy of Hack 'n' Slash today! For anyone who really enjoys HnS, feel free to update the game's Official Wiki! If you've never edited before and would like a little bit of assistence our Help Wiki is a great place to start. For additional updates on DoubleFine and many of their exciting upcoming titles follow Gamepedia on Twitter @CurseGamepedia and "like" us on Facebook!


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    Hello everyone! It’s Friday and you know what that means! Let’s wrap up this weeks Gamepedia YouTube content! This week we took a look at Adventurer Manager, a newly released turn-based RPG from Vigilant Addiction Studios. We look at another WildStar race, the Human Exiles, and top it all off with a short video on popular The Elder Scrolls: Online addons! Let’s get started.

    Adventurer Manager is a newly released hero-simulator adventure game where you, as a ruler, control parties of unlikely heroes to cleanse the land of diabolic filth. Along with crisp 8-bit animation that characterizes an entire generation of modern gaming, Adventurer Manager embodies an attention to detail that defines any good indie production. Despite its superficial simplicity, Adventurer Manager has a surprising amount of depth to it. With character appearance changing as you find new equipment and procedurally generated (and hilarious) lore outlining their humble beginnings, lead your party to victory with tactical prowess, or send them to their deaths and replace them! How you manage these adventurers is no one's choice but your own!

    Ever wondered what it’d be like to play the Human Exiles in WildStar? Curious about what they might look like? Well here’s three easy steps to satiating your curiosity:

    Step 1) Stand up

    Step 2) Walk to your home’s bathroom

    Step 3) Gaze into the mirror and wonder where you might’ve gone wrong

    There you have it, the Human Exiles of WildStar! Basic human features, beautiful complexion, and a sizable helping of regret and malice towards the rest of their race. What’s not to love?

    What would RPGs be without copious amounts UI and combat addons to make our experience all the more immersive? TESO is no exception and this week we bring you the top 5 addons for The Elder Scrolls: Online, courtesy of! (Less invasive addons are spotlighted)

    That was quick! Be sure to tune in next week for another installment of Gamepedia’s YouTube Roundup! Along with the "At A Glance" series, we have other new content in the pipes for the weeks to come, so be sure to subscribe, and see you next week.

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    Minimum is an upcoming free-to-play third person shooter with RPG elements. Produced by Atari and developed by Human Head, Minimum promises fast-paced and competitive online play with elaborate crafting elements and objective based combat. To help spread the word about this new and exciting title, we’ve teamed up with Atari to bring you a weekend of free play with our Minimum Guest Key Giveaway! Generating your key will allow you to play Minimum for absolutely free for the next few days. To claim your weekend guest key click here!

    This weekends free play will feature Minimum’s main game mode, Titan. The objective of Titan is to work with teammates to secure resources from around the map. Use these resources to power-up your Titan construct and crush the defenses of the enemy team! With numerous different ambient enemies and diverse weaponry, any playstyle is viable. From sniper rifles to dual katanas, Minimum is sure to be an all-out brawl for dominance.

    Two Titans getting ready to brawl it out:

    For all of your Minimum informational needs be sure to drop by the Official Wiki to get a leg up on the competition this weekend. If you find yourself enjoying the game, and you'd like to be one of the first to contribute to the Official Wiki! For those interested in contributing, but aren't quite sure how to start, the Help Wiki is a great place to start. To stay updated on Gamepedia content and our many other contests and giveaways be sure to follow us @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook!

    Please note that this key is NOT for unlocking the full game, it will let you download the game and play until Sunday 05/04/2014 at 11:59 PM.

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  • published the article Danger Blog IV: I disagree with most WoW purists

    It’s not the same game it used to be”, “Burning Crusade was the only ‘good’ expansion”, “Everything after vanilla sucked”. I played World of Warcraft (WoW) for nine years, across all of their expansions, and I disagree with almost everything these purists are spouting. To be clear, when I say “purist” I mean advocates of old gaming conventions. A time when things didn't necessarily make sense, and the game was more difficult because of it. But like anything else we as a human race have created, we seek only to improve upon what we already know. This of course applies to the future of video games as well, companies will never stop trying to improve such a lucrative business.

    Hard work should equal just rewards, this is what most MMORPG purists think. I agree to an extent, but using the phrase “hard work” when talking about playing video games seems a bit of a stretch. After all, the people who get the most gear in MMORPGs are usually those who commit significant time to it. For some players, hard work might be getting from level 17 to level 20 in a single night, for others it’s downing a heroic mode raid boss. Purists see the “dumbing down” of traditionally difficult games as companies selling out to a more casual audience of new players. While this may hold some truth to it, we should not so ignorant as to ignore the facts. We know perfectly well that in order to attract more subscribers you need to make your game easier to play for everyone, too much of a challenge turns off a large portion of your audience. Recurring subscriptions make money, and keeping a less hardcore audience engaged means even more profit through microtransactions.

    The idea that an old version of World of Warcraft was better is flawed reasoning, the series itself has set the standard for what makes a pay-to-play MMORPGs successful, and no other title has proven a worthy challenge in dethroning it. I play off and on now, I usually start back up for a month or two after a new expansion comes out, then I quit, this will probably never change. I can still reminisce about vanilla (pre-Burning Crusade) WoW, and the pains of making enough gold to buy a +60% speed ground mount, or doing lengthy and painful class quests for unique rewards. But to state the obvious, vanilla is the past and life is better now. Gold is easier to come by, mounts are available for cheaper prices and at lower levels, no more hunter quivers, reagents, or confusing talents. Tier 1 class armor pretty much proves the point that even Blizzard honestly had no clue what made each class great. Paladin Lawbringer armor had all the stats, and nonsensical set bonuses.

    Even so, I will admit that finally killling Ragnaros in Molten Core was a pretty amazing feeling, and I’m proud to say I downed him when it was current content, but I wouldn't go back to that WoW if someone gave me the option. Plainly speaking, the game was too difficult (and I was too young). Organizing 39 other people to do raids was a huge pain... most casual guilds have trouble putting together 10 man raids as it is. Grinding reputations in vanilla pretty much consisted of killing one type of mob over and over for a set amount of rep. Putting in daily quests to grind reputation actually made a lot of sense. Purists would call this casual, jaded by their past experiences and all of their hard work that seems for naught in WoW’s current state. They have that right, they care about it enough to give an honest opinion, I just disagree with it.

    Garrosh Hellscream 2007 (left) - Garrosh Hellscream 2012 (right)

     World of Warcraft is in its 4th expansion currently, and is largely a result of careful planning and implementation of community feedback. Blizzard as a company knows what the people want, often before even we know ourselves. When you release four triple A titles within 15 years, I think you’re doing something right. WoW purists and elitists will gripe and groan throughout the ages for their lost "challenging and immersive" utopia, which looking back really wasn't really all that great. There are more hardcore MMORPGs to play, but if you’re anything like me you’ll probably just end up comparing them to WoW.



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  • published the article The Official Evolution: Battle for Utopia Wiki!

    It’s our pleasure to announce the Official Wiki for the promising new iOS game, Evolution: Battle for Utopia! Evolution is one of the biggest games ever released for iOS. Developed by and free to download, Evolution is one of the most detailed Action-RPGs available for the mobile platform. In addition to fast-paced third person combat scenarios, Evolution also caters to fans of the strategy genre with customizable base construction and terraformed environments.


    Evolution’s primary theme is simple; players command an exploratory crew in search of rich new worlds. In addition to fighting against the naturally diverse and voracious flora and fauna of Utopia, players can also compete for resources against other players in online modes of Evolution. As mentioned before, you can upgrade your base in a multitude of ways; firing ranges allow you to train your character for combat scenarios, whereas research labs improve your bases defenses as well as your characters usable weaponry. Harvest natural resources with Crystallite Mines and Reactors in order to expand your facilities and tame the wild world of Utopia!

    Available for free at, Evolution: Battle for Utopia is hopefully the first big title in a long line of graphically-detailed iOS/mobile games to come. For more information, stop by the game’s Official Wiki. For anyone interested in adding any information at all to one of our current wikis, but isn't quite sure how, our help wiki is a good place to start. And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    It’s my pleasure to announce the launch of our Starpoint Gemini II Official Wiki! Purchase and control ships of various sizes and models and do combat in the vast openness of space, no longer hindered by egregious loading points. Gain experience and upgrade your skills and hardware to blast interstellar enemies into scrap! Starpoint Gemini II also has in-depth RPG elements that add to keep you on your toes as you navigate your way through a cosmic adventure!

    In its current form, Starpoint Gemini II features new interactive elements, including but not limited to: raidable junkyards, global event, and access to new, high tech spacecrafts. With seamless travel through space, Starpoint Gemini II lets players feel as though they’re a lone ship among the stars. Over 70 unique ships, all of them having variable and customizable on-board systems and weaponry, add to complete immersion. Many paths for story progression are presented with over 50 in-game factions. Joining with them, trading with them, or fighting them is your decision, and no story will be exactly the same with missions being generated based on your choices.

    Starpoint Gemini II is available now on Steam for $18.74 (on sale, 25% off), well worth the investment for fans of interstellar hits such as Faster Than Light, or other space-enthusiasts just looking for relevant game. For all of your informational needs, be sure to head to the game’s Official Wiki. If you’d like to contribute to any wiki, but are not quite sure how to start, be sure to visit our help wiki for some useful tips.

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  • published the article Earthlock Monster Concept Winner Announced!

    This is one of the most unique and creative contests we’ve hosted at Gamepedia, with dozens of amazing ideas submitted! The developer had this to say:

    "The monster design competition we ran during our Kickstarter campaign in collaboration with Curse [] has come to an end, and we've had a blast looking through all the entries! We are very excited to announce the winner, who will be working with Snowcastle's artists to refine the idea and have the monster appear in Earthlock!

    The winner is: Julien Lesieur and his Desert Sharpshooter monster!

    The Desert Sharpshooter, ended up our favourite after careful deliberation. We felt that Julien had really gotten a good grip on our world and has thought out something that just fits.

    Congratulations Julien! We are excited to work with you!

    Honourable mentions to:

    • Lai Qian Yi and the Pure White Dragon
    • Jessica and the Walking Hill

    You guys have also shown real thoughtfulness in your designs! Thank you so much for your submissions and inspiration!"

    We at Gamepedia are happy to have helped contribute to such an amazing game. If you want more information on Earthlock: Festival of Magic, be sure to visit their website, or the game’s Official Wiki! To keep up with our current contests be sure to follow us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia, and “like” us on Facebook!

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  • published the article YOUTUBE ROUNDUP! 4/25/2014

    It’s Friday, that means it’s time for another Gamepedia YouTube Roundup! This week we take a few quick glances at Evoland, an adventure game developed by Shiro Games, as well as Awesomenauts, yet another addition to the expanding MOBA genre. We’ll wrap up with some more profession coverage for The Elder Scrolls: Online, bringing us even closer to hosting a complete compendium on all things TESO on Gamepedia’s YouTube channel!

    Evoland is an adventure game with an interesting twist. As the game progresses and you unlock numerous chests, the game itself changes. Starting out in the most grainy, 8-bit, colorless phase, you make your way through the initial stages of the game, learning a little bit about gaming history, having a couple of laughs, and upgrading the graphics. For everything you’re unable to do in your current stage, there is probably some sort of hidden unlock to enable it in the future! It’s a very unique idea, and makes the adventure experience more interesting and interactive.

    Awesomenauts is a MOBA that came out back in 2012 which has gained quite the sizable cult following. Awesomenauts isn’t quite the same as other titles in the same genre, though. It features a side-view, as opposed to the conventional top-down one you see in other big name titles. This introduces and arcade-esque dynamic to the exciting MOBA objective-based dynamic. Awesomenauts offers a functionality and replayability that modern gamers can really appreciate, in addition to a simple premise and fast-paced action to keep almost anyone entertained.

    Alchemy is an age-old profession, and is almost always in the mix for your choice of professions in MMORPGs. Alchemy in TESO works a lot like it does in Skyrim, in that finding certain alchemical properties within various ingredients is a quest all its own. Combining certain items can have positive or negative effects on the imbiber, with passives boosting both the production process of alchemy or the effects of created elixirs.

    Provisioning… an interesting term, the progressive form of the word provision, a noun with multiple definitions. It’s also a verb meaning “to provide”. In TESO this profession is all about cooking, plain and simple. But not just cooking, you can also make drinks (most of them alcoholic) to boost your stats for a set amount of time. The cooking profession, much like the aforementioned Alchemy profession, is a common one in most MMORPGs, and the benefits of cooking are what you might assume. Regardless, I’ve always enjoyed the cooking profession in MMOs, and I can appreciate its value in TESO. Take a look below!

    That’s all for this week. Be sure to tune in next Friday for another edition of Gamepedia’s YouTube Roundup! Until then, you can stay on top of all of our content by following us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia, or liking us on Facebook! I hope you all have a good weekend, and again, congratulations to our Leaguepedia PAX Skin Giveaway winners!

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    We had over 1.7 million entries into our Leaguepedia PAX Skin Giveaway and we're proud to present our lucky winners! All winners have been emailed and have a week to respond before being dropped from the contest, resulting in a new winner being drawn (as per the Official Rules)! A round of applause for these lucky summoners (names presented as entered):

    PAX Jax (NA): 

    • Taylor Hill

    PAX Sivir (NA):

    • Michael Ding

    • Jordan Neville

    Riot “Fist Bump” Ward Skin:

    • Josh Jackson

    • Robert Caldwell

    • Kyle Clay

    • Stefan Micic

    • Marven Mayas

    Arctic Ops Varus:

    • Can VanLı

    • Zidepo Qavymu

    • Lafa Wyzevivi

    • Sabi Dyqyteq

    • W G

    • Xuhyge Nuhaf

    • Kojbonov Vitalij

    • Luckett Leonier

    • Samo Hypupase

    • Chayanova Olya

    Riot Blitzcrank:


    • Giuseppe,Dwayne

    • Alan,Gonzalez

    • ZEras,sarra

    • Charlie,Del Sur

    • Jorge,Reis

    • David,SPz

    • Maxi,Stanzel

    • Pro,Cars

    • Burak,Demirkaya

    • Andreas,Wallin

    • Erencan,Bulut

    • William,Rey Yami

    • Caballero,Warcry

    • Симо,Я.,

    • Marcin,Krajewski

    • Hector,Infante

    • Darek,Jaworski

    • neredoveNMKD,ivan

    • tiggy,leder

    • Rafael,Fontes

    • james,swinney

    • Bartosz,Kupczak

    • ökrko,erherh

    • Fenwick,Jackim

    • Kamil,Drozd

    • Ivo,Pintom

    • Ilija,Antic

    • Bruno Luciano

    • Matheuzinho,Lima

    • xaric,ydisica

    • michael,fontijn

    • Yurij,Sazonov

    • cafap,yfesyke

    • jufup,oqozob

    • Razvan,Unciuleac

    • rebaq,owilak

    • Аleksej,Seleznev

    • Oscar,Pulgaron

    • Julia,kaussbc

    • zetyq,odacaw

    Arcade Hecarim:

    • Luis,Correa

    • Carlos,Hernandez

    • Lucas,Luna

    • Thiago,Martins

    • Simon,Lakatos

    • Chris,Langeraert

    • Dominik,Sroka

    • Braian,Gomez

    • Magnus,Hansen

    • mehdi,houir alami

    • Diego,Ignacio

    • 홍규,백

    • Andrey,Kara

    • Igor,Machina

    • João,Alves

    • Sebastian,Chowaniec

    • bertes,martins

    • Alp,Patacı

    • Nikolas Ignacio

    • Elspeth,Howard

    • Fish,Josh

    • 해근,박

    • seb,spano

    • Anthony,Dunbar

    • Gianluca,Frate

    • Rutum,tuti

    • konstantinov,ilij

    • hoxib,uhijel

    • almagestrov,leonid

    • Javi,Martinez Lopez

    • Juan,Estay

    • verunya,nabatova

    • artem,arshinnikov

    • Martin,Bangsund

    • lypid,icevif

    • golubov,valerij

    • David,Alcocer

    • casik,eturas

    • Rafael Casas Cordero Saez

    • Emmanuel Rodríguez

    Overall we had entrants from over 100 countries from all over the world! I’d like to thank everyone for entering, and I urge you to follow our social media feeds, as we have more plans for similar contests in the future. Again, congratulations to the lucky winners of Leaguepedia’s PAX Skin Giveaway! More soon, I promise!