• published the article Danger Blog III: Streaming and You

    Streaming video game content is on the rise, and as certain entertainers become more and more popular, some serious money is on the table. It seems like a dream to the average viewer… the people we see on webcam are in-game, having experiences just like the ones we have, and are being paid to broadcast from the comfort of their own home. While many of us wake up every morning and prepare for another day of work, they’re probably still sleeping, recuperating from a long night of streaming that ended just hours ago.

    To the average viewer, the daily life of popular streamers seems like paradise… but what we don’t know is the sheer amount of work and patience required when catering to audiences that regularly exceed 10,000 viewers. Sure, technically these guys/girls are paid to stream themselves playing video games; in the most simple, basic explanation, that’s what they’re doing. But that doesn't explain why MOST broadcasters can’t even break 50 regular viewers, or why we choose to watch some streamers over others, it’s more complicated than that.

    I’ve used almost every single day for around three years now, and I feel that experience warrants some judgement:

    Twitch chat: There’s a fine line between the content on Twitch and the engagement that its chat provides, and in certain streams they’re two separate entities. The intellectual degradation of chat is accelerating at an alarming rate, and in any stream with north of 5,000 viewers the chat goes straight to hell. Amidst all the Kappas and ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つMOLLY ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ spam, getting in any kind of constructive comment edgewise is impossible. And that doesn't even address the plight of female streamers, who are constantly berated by offensive and sexually oriented commentary.

    To combat such behavior, streamers have two options: slow-mode, or sub-mode.

    Slow-mode limits the number of messages you can send in chat every “x amount” of seconds. Slow-mode is unpopular for streamers who like interacting with their audience because it often causes the chat to lag, introducing a significant delay between their live play and messages sent in chat.

    Sub-mode is used almost exclusively on high-volume streams. Subscribing to a channel costs $5.00/month and earns you a unique icon and certain chat privileges. Most streamers believe being able to chat is within the rights of all Twitch users, and denying that right with sub-mode is wrong. As such, sub-mode is often a last resort in the event spam/harassment reaches unacceptable levels.

    It’s not all bad though, and personally I love the fact that in this day and age you can support yourself solely through gaming. It’s giving more games the exposure they deserve and starting to introduce competitive eSports as a legitimate avenue for funding and fandom in the future. One thing I've observed is that even given the monetization of what was recently considered a hobby, most streamers still make it about the game, and I really respect that. I've learned a lot from streams, and currently some of my favorite comedians/entertainers are YouTubers/independent streamers. At the same time, the bar isn't getting any lower, and breaking into the streaming industry is getting more difficult. And without making significant personal compromises for your potential audience you’re not likely to post significant numbers.

    There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to streaming culture, and its future is bright, but there are definitely some issues with the community involved. Can these problems be solved with time? What are some possible solutions? I have my reservations, and no doubt others disagree with my concerns, but I love watching streams. And as opposed to something like professional athletic sports, streams are on every hour of every day, making them a reliable and helpful source for all kinds of information and entertainment. See you next week!

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    Adventure is out there! And what would adventures be without the brave souls that lived to tell the tale? I’m pleased to announce that VA Studios’ new turn-based 8-bit adventure simulator, Adventurer Manager, hits Steam early access today for the reasonable price of just $5.00! In Adventurer Manager you assume the role of an heir to a fallen kingdom who’s gone into hiding. Only by bolstering your forces, forging alliances, and putting your party through vigorous training can you hope to dethrone the evil sorcerer Miraj!

     Despite its jovial feel, Adventurer Manager doesn't slack when it comes to what makes a turn-based dungeon-crawler entertaining. Tiered quality of weapons and armor increases the draw to adventuring and finding upgrades for all of your heroes! If your adventurers die on their journey you can spend gold to resurrect them, or find a replacement! The choice is yours.

    Filled with cheesy but somehow tolerable comedy, Adventurer Manager is a good pickup for those who enjoy punny jokes and procedurally generated lore. The lore behind each and every adventurer you hire is completely random and hilarious; some of them being born children of wealthy burrito farmers, others of poor toilet inspectors.

    Pick up your copy on Steam today at 5pm PDT and embark on an epicly humorous quest to reclaim your kingdom! For any and all informational needs be sure to visit our Official Adventurer Manager Wiki! If you’d like to contribute to any wiki, but aren't quite sure how to start, feel free to visit our help wiki. And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Guns and Robots is a zany, fast-paced third-person(robot) shooter being produced by Masthead Studios. Guns and Robots is a most appropriate title for this game given its focus on two main themes, diverse weaponry and vast robotic mech customization. When I say mech I don’t mean some fancy pants automated super-suit. No, these mechs are more in the realm of Battlebots; scrappy construction, dirty fighting, free for all chaos. Free to play and out now, Guns and Robots is an entertaining pick-up for the solo player and groups of friends alike.

    Dozens of ways to customize your robot lets you stick out in the crowd, with certain builds providing various utility. Close-range combat, as well as supportive features and long-range artillery all offer unique play styles to fit your tastes as a player. Conventional weapons require you to replenish your ammunition during the game, while energy beam technology drains your bots battery, meaning you must learn to manage your energy consumption to fit the situation.

    Guns and Robots is yet another interesting addition to the recently stagnated action shooter genre. Stepping away from the tradition of augmenting human players and their handheld weapons, Guns and Robots lets you become the weapon! For all of your informational needs be sure to visit the game’s Official Wiki! And if you have something you want to contribute feel free to submit an edit or two! For anyone interested in joining in the process of maintaining any wiki, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Currently in open beta (sign-up here!), we’d like to announce our Official Of Guards and Thieves Wiki. Of Guards and Thieves is a fast-paced action title that features unique gameplay and different objectives being developed by Subvert Games. Played from a top-down perspective, thieves must navigate a dark building with night vision goggles, as they attempt to steal certain objects. Such audacity won't likely go completely unnoticed, however, as guards scour the scene in search of the stealthy burglars.


    Guards are more heavily armed and armored than the thieves, but they have limited sight range given their use of flashlights. Thieves, in addition to being much faster and having better vision, can sneak through windows, whereas the guards can only use doors. Overt aggression is an option for thief players, but not recommended against the high-power-rifle-toting guards.

    Currently, Of Guards and Thieves is exclusively PvP, with AI being added at a later date. I would recommend this game for anyone with a group of friends that enjoy a weekend of gaming, it can get pretty intense and inspires more than a couple laughs at times. For more information, check out the wiki, and to keep up with current content on all things gaming be sure to follow us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia and like us on Facebook! Happy hunting gamers!

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    It’s that time again, time for the weekly Gamepedia YouTube Roundup! This week we showcase videos from five different games including: Broken Age, A Wizard’s Lizard, and more from Nether, The Elder Scrolls: Online, and WildStar! Buckle up, because we’re spanning universes in this week’s Roundup!

    Broken Age is a point and click adventure game produced by DoubleFine. In Broken Age you play as both a young man and a young girl who are living very different lives, but undergoing similar struggles. Broken Age highlights the discovery of responsibility in youth, and the storylines of both main characters characterize different approaches to that responsibility. With clear and sharp voice acting, Broken Age promises to be a captivating and memorable story that will inspire and challenge the minds of players of all ages.

    A Wizard’s Lizard is another addition to the top-down 2D Roguelike genre, similar to The Binding of Isaac. Lost Decade Games improves gameplay by adding variable sized rooms to the classic format, and the slew of different enemies makes every room a different hurdle to overcome. You can also make upgrades to your town and its citizens with valuables you find while exploring dark and mysterious dungeons.

    This week we have a more introductory look at Nether for those who were looking for a more general idea of what the game actually is. Survival horror is a rising genre in gaming, and Sandbox ones such as Nether have gained massive cult followings in the past couple of years. For more information check out the video below!

    Finding out shortcuts within games is vital to speeding up almost every single in-game process. Luckily, we here at Gamepedia are here to help! This weeks video is all about the little things that are either underrated or brushed off with TESO. If you’re interested in saving yourself some time finding the best loot or just trying to be the best player you can be, check out this video!

    Lastly, we’re almost done reviewing the WildStar races, and this week we’re covering the zombie-like Mordesh and the brilliant Cassians. The Mordesh were unfortunate enough to live under a ruler who thought himself a genius when he crafted an immortality potion, unfortunately the consumption of this potion resulted in the decay of one's flesh and a maddening of the mind. A vaccine was created, but only after generations of Mordesh were wiped out in the following culling.

    The Cassians are unique in that they have no class restrictions. Brilliant individuals with an affinity for almost anything from magic to combat, the Cassians were coerced into joining the Dominion, losing their leader in the process.

    That’s it for this weeks Gamepedia YouTube Roundup! Be sure to tune in next Friday for more, and remember, It’s dangerous to go alone… be prepare with Gamepedia!

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    With the first week of EU playoffs coming to a close we want to celebrate the rebuilding of Leaguepedia with a massive PAX skin code giveaway. By giving away just under 100 skins totally for free we want to thank our faithful readership for their continued support during our rebuilding process! In addition to crowd favorites like Riot Blitzcrank and Arcade Hecarim, we’re also giving away Riot Ward skins (offered exclusively to those who attended PAX East just one week ago), and Arctic Ops Varus codes. But we’re not done yet, enter today to have a chance at winning one of two PAX Sivir skins, or the extremely rare and exclusive PAX Jax skin!

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our fans for sticking around during the rebuild, we hope to make Leaguepedia bigger and more comprehensive than ever in the coming months, and we’d greatly appreciate your continued support. Remember to follow all the steps on the contest page to increase your number of entries and also your chances to win!

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    Hello Gamepedia-goers, and welcome to the second installment of the Danger Blog… where gaming is discussed in a casual and totally subjective way! Recently I've been watching some videos on scary games so I figured why wait for Halloween? This weeks featured subject is HORROR GAMES…

    Horror survival games are a rising genre, and the indie community represents a healthy amount of popular games. But what makes these new games so pants-crappingly fantastic is the creative and skilled next generation of developers who know exactly what it takes to make something truly horrifying.

    My first example is the upcoming title Alien: Isolation, which is being produced by SEGA and will be made available on October 7th of this year. Alien: Isolation is meant to be a sequel to Ridley Scott’s 1979 Sci-Fi horror flick Alien. As you navigate an eerie and derelict spacecraft you are met at every turn with shifting shadow and foreboding sounds. The focus of Alien: Isolation isn't to fight the xenomorph or to kill it, it’s to escape and avoid it at all costs. By making the player feel underpowered and helpless in the event they are caught, the suspense increases.

    In addition to the staggering difference in power between the alien and the player, the developers have done extensive research into the original soundtracks used in the movie and scripted certain engagements and alien behavior to be truly terrifying. By watching the trailer we can conclude that even something as simple as walking down a dimly-lit hallway will inspire cringed faces and cold sweats as you turn the next corner.

    Indie devs have made some simple yet effective horror pieces as well. The key to interactive horror is atmosphere, letting the player feel that in the event they make any wrong turn they could wind up dead or worse, dismembered and dead! When realistic graphics and fancy soundboards aren't available you have to work smarter to create tension in the games' environment, which is exactly what Paulina Pabis and 7th Density Games have delivered with their psychological horror thriller Eyes.

    The mission in Eyes is simple, enter an old, spooky house and retrieve twenty (20) bags of cash scattered around in random places. The catch? A super freaky ghost head is floating around trying to find you… In addition to tons of ambient effects to encourage minor freakouts the game pings you when she’s getting closer… and in the unfortunate event you get caught the game cuts you off and lets loose a shriek signifying one of your no doubt many failed attempts at looting the establishment.

    There are many more amazing titles to grace the terror scene in the past year, including but not limited to games like Amnesia, its sequel A Machine For Pigs, and Red Barrels' suspense thriller Outlast. These games are testing the minds and courage of an increasing number of gamers, with more intense titles to come in the foreseeable future… someone hold me...

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    In celebration of our launch of the Official Sandbox Wiki, we teamed up with the games’ developers to bring you the Gamepedia Godly Giveaway! Three Grand prize winners will receive a 3D printed statue of the game’s main character (pictured below), while two First place prize winners will receive exclusive The Sandbox t-shirts! In addition to this awesome swag winners will also receive the full game for free upon its release in about a week.

    The Sandbox is an exciting and creative new game in which players use simple and user friendly mechanics to manipulate a pixelated world. Anything you can dream can be achieved in The Sandbox; play a benevolent deity, crafting majestic and serene landscapes. Or pursue a quest to become a force against nature, burning the world to a crisp under raging fires. With a massive online community The Sandbox provides endless opportunities for sharing and collaboration with like-minded peers.


    For all of your Sandbox informational needs be sure to drop by the Official Wiki to help you get started in your adventures of creation. We like to encourage players to take up the pen and contribute to the growth of any wiki, and for those interested the Help Wiki is a great place to start. To stay updated on Gamepedia content and our many other contests to come be sure to follow us @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook!

    Disclaimer: This contest is restricted to registered users within the U.S. and Canada. See the official rules for more information.

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    PAX East was excitement from start to finish, and we’d like to share our experience with you through a bit of photography! For those of you that don’t know, PAX East is a three day gaming expo held in Boston, Massachusetts every Spring. Since its first event in Washington in 2004 PAX has doubled in size every year until reaching full capacity only four years ago. PAX Prime and PAX East represent the two largest gaming event in North America, and organizers are confident that there’s still room to grow.


    Held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, one of the largest in North America, PAX East houses tens of thousands of media staff and gamers every Spring.

    One of the biggest draws to PAX events is the hands-on nature of many of the exhibits. While at most conventional conventions (see what I did there?) there’s a lot of walking, standing, listening, and watching, at PAX you have a chance to get your hands on the products themselves.

    Taking it one step further, there are often crowd events to get the more free-spirited convention goers involved. In addition to the Boffer Deathmatch pictured here, there were also oversized, massive, wacky, puffed-up, inflatable boxing rings.

    The biggest crowds are often drawn to the triple A title booths. Upcoming Carbine MMORPG WildStar received lots of love as you might expect. Blizzard also had a significant presence given its upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft, its new “fast-paced action brawler” Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone... pretty much everything Blizzard brought was popular.

    And what would PAX be without Riot Games and PAX skins? Riot featured a large stage with live gameplay and a panel of popular League of Legends YouTubers that were there to answer questions about the culture of gaming entertainment. The official announcement won't be made until a little later... but you faithful readers can expect and amazing PAX League of Legends Skin Giveaway to start very soon! Be sure to stay tuned to Gamepedia for more information.

    And of course you can’t forget the little guys. Indie games make up a significant portion of the industry nowadays, and while the road to publishing can be long and difficult, independent studios have proven time and time again that size isn't everything. Below our good friends at Last Limb feature their upcoming builder Organic Panic!


    To everyone unable to make the event we hope this is just a small consolation, and you can be sure to expect similar wrap-ups for other industry events in the future. Until then, visit our PAX wiki for more information on the event and the many exhibits that we couldn't fit into this article! Sure to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia and like our Facebook page to stay updated on all of our hot contests and content!

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    Hello Gamepedia fans, just wanted to quickly present our newest wiki for H1Z1, a zombie survival game that could potentially elevate the genre to a previously unreachable level of pants-crapping realism. What little is known about H1Z1 is exciting to say the least. Developer Whisenhunt has mentioned that along with all the things that make other survival MMOs interesting, new engines dictating NPC and zombie behavior will also be implemented. In addition to surviving hordes of the undead, players will also be directly competing with other wildlife in the search for food. In a "circle of life" system wild wolves will be programmed to interact with zombies and players alike, adding to the game's realism. Most of this information is tentative to change, and is available only through H1Z1's subreddit, where interview notes and impressions from a very limited amount of gameplay are available. 

    As we learn more about H1Z1 we will be adding to the wiki, and remember keep an eye out for press releases concerning the game's state and any other special events that might occur! To help you stay on top of such updates follow us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia and like us on Facebook! Keep your friends close and your Winchester closer...

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    Hey everyone! Alex Danger here, and it’s Friday! That means another quick look at this week’s YouTube content. This week we feature coverage on two races from Carbine’s upcoming MMORPG WildStar, more for The Elder Scrolls: Online, and a glance at Square Enix’s fast-paced third-person action brawler Nosgoth. Shall we begin?

    If you’re anything like me, then your first look at WildStar no doubt draws you in. This week we dive into the customization and background of the Aurin and the Granok, two Exile races fighting against the Dominion. The Aurin are cat-like creatures that specialize in quick movement and assassination, thus their classes are limited to the Esper, the Spellsplinger, and the Stalker. This race will no doubt be one of the most popular races in WildStar given their cuteness and resemblance to cat-girls from popular culture.

    The Granok are golem-like warriors who drove the Dominion off their planet after receiving a figurative slap in the face by Dominion warlords. Comprised of the Medic, Warrior, and Engineer classes, Granok are bulky statuesque lifeforms that will likely be seeing the front lines of battle in most cases.

    Nosgoth is a different take on the third person action genre, pitting humans against vampires in an exciting spin off on the Legacy of Kain series. So far the information we have is pretty straight forward, and as there is only one gametype currently, we can focus on the bloody and brutal details to our hearts content. Humans, toting high-powered weaponry, fight to exterminate the last of the longest lines of vampire royalty, re-establishing their dominance as the apex species. The fanged legions that remain are comprised of the toughest and most diverse killing machines ever spawned; flying, charging and lunging at their prey, most often resulting in a gory mess on the ground or walls.

    Lastly, a quick video highlight the usefulness of the enchanting profession in The Elder Scrolls: Online. Improving your weapons and armor is vital in any MMORPG as you reach later points in the game, so check out this video to stay ahead of the curve!

    That’s all for this week’s YouTube Roundup, be sure to subscribe to our channel for new content to come during this next week. If you're eager for more information on any of these games, simply visit their respective wikis on Gamepedia! Follow us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook to stay in the know about new contests and other events. And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Hey everybody, Alex Danger here, and I feel like it’s about time we had a little heart-to-heart, after all we at Gamepedia are gamers just like you! Having played games for most of my life, I’ve observed some aspects of the lifestyle I hope you all might find interesting. As such, I’d like to get some of my thoughts down on paper… or pixels… whatever, and I encourage writing any responses in the comments! Remember, this stuff is a totally BIG DEAL and really matters to everyone. Everyone also agrees with everything written here.

    BIG DEAL NUMBER 1: Not everyone agrees with our lifestyle, and as gamers, we are constantly besieged by waves of judgement from older generations. And it’s not just older generations, stuff that might be a big deal to us is also often taken lightly by our peers. People who haven’t grown up gaming don’t understand what it is that keeps us inside, in front of computers or consoles for hours on end. This is totally understandable… but makes conversation extremely difficult. I don’t hold anything against these people, but trying to explain the draw to something others find meaningless can be very difficult and tiresome...

    BIG DEAL NUMBER 2: New people are getting into gaming for different reasons. As tech grows and new avenues of social interaction are presented to an expanding online community we find that more people are signing up, logging in, and sticking around for more. This change in both gamer culture and tech gave birth to new types of gamers: casuals, core gamers, hardcore gamers, pro gamers, n00bs, retrogamers, and even girl gamers. By expanding the net of interest to include people outside of the communities that dominated traditional gaming culture, we see a more casual, inviting, and social culture begin to take form.

    BIG DEAL NUMBER 3: Games should not be used as babysitters. I feel like I had a very fulfilling and wondrous childhood, full of tree climbing (or in my case, tree descending), hide and seek and camping trips. I still love to go outside, being from the Pacific Northwest I have a very special relationship with the sun in that I so seldom got to enjoy its warmth. But letting children spend any extended time on video games during developmental stages is proving harmful in more ways than one. I’m talking about very tangible changes in the social behavior of young gamers in their online interactions. It wouldn’t be so bad if the maturity level of your average adult was a bit higher, but the intellectual degradation of the internet as a whole is increasing at an alarming rate.

    BIG DEAL NUMBER 4: Streaming video game play is the future of entertainment! More and more people are finding that watching video games can be just as fun as playing them. This is something very, very few people outside of the gaming lifestyle understand. But the same way Stephen Colbert can make a day’s worth of news insanely interesting and hilarious, there are streaming entertainers that bring a new perspective to the games we know and love. In addition to being fun to watch, competitive esports is also on the rise, and many of your favorite games no doubt hold competitive tournaments or circuits at some point. Being able to watch the best players in the world duke it out on one stage adds to the sense of community and camaraderie that defines esports.

    BIG DEAL NUMBER 5: Love what you do. This piece is a bit cliche, but is increasingly important to remember for the times we live in. If you find yourself stressing or getting pissed at the games you play, maybe you should re-evaluate what you’re spending time on. As much as I hate to admit it, it is true that there’s likely something better you could be doing, so why not enjoy every second of every minute you spend in-game? People who get frustrated when they do poorly are always interesting to me, if you really can’t handle it, you should play something else! I know for a fact my Mom could kick the crap out of me in Brick Breaker, and that wouldn’t upset me, because it’s not my game. Trying new stuff is always recommended, and give it long enough to leave an impression. If it’s not for you then whatever, there are hundreds of thousands of games out there, all you have to do is find the right fit.

    Again, I encourage comments below, this can always turn into an interesting conversation. If this takes off you can look forward to more in the future, until then, keep living the dream like nobody else can! Damn it’s good to game.

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  • published the article WildStar First Impressions

    Alex Danger here, lackadaisically coming out of a weekend that was gone so terrifyingly quickly. I finally got to play this mega-hyped MMORPG over the weekend and I just thought i’d pass on my initial impressions to anyone else who might be interested.

    Firstly, it warrants mentioning that I was a hardcore World of Warcraft player for nine years, on and off. This means that every MMORPG I ever will play in the future will be compared to that golden standard, and of course I realize that’s not necessarily fair. After all, World of Warcraft has had almost a decade to hone and improve upon its original model, that only makes me more excited knowing we’ve still only gotten just a taste of WildStar. Let’s begin!

    The coolest thing about WildStar from the second you spawn in-game: movement and the environment around you. It really is a kick in the pants when you realize that technology is literally capturing all that is our imaginations. It reminds me of how blessed I am to live in this generation, as gaming tech makes leaps and strides toward fulfilling the nerd prophecy of living video games. I didn't think the three-dimensional computer consoles and other ambient objects around me were a part of the scene at first, until I started jumping (and double-jumping) all over them. WildStar far exceeded my expectations of ambient objects and environmental fidelity, ending the prominence of rocky objects merely filling up empty space. Movement in-game is smooth and character physics inspire flow to all of your actions. You actually lean when you make a turn at a full sprint!

    Weirdest thing about WildStar as a WoW player: lack of tab targeting. Or rather, lack of a need for tab targeting. WildStar uses a telegraphed ability combat system (think League of Legends skillshots, from a third person perspective). Your abilities are set to follow a predetermined path, or affect a certain area around you. This means that character control is very important in WildStar, as you reposition yourself for maximum damage or threat. With less emphasis on targeting individual mobs it might take some getting used to, but it seems telegraphed combat systems are the direction most new MMORPGs are going in.


    My highest hope for WildStar: decent end game content. I always liked leveling characters, there’s something about the grind that’s almost therapeutic for me. If I can put on some good tunes and zone out for a couple hours blowing away quests I can be happy. But never again will I be as content with an MMORPG as I was when I was raiding Icecrown Citadel during Wrath of the Lich King. As such, my highest hope is that WildStar’s developer Carbine can deliver some immersive and challenging boss fights.

    Another cool feature: the loot system. Finally… finally the day has come when I no longer need to spend another 2 seconds going into a looting animation just to see a bunch of gray vendorables that i’d rather not pick up anyway! WildStar does all the work for you, simply assign a hotkey and “vacuum” everything into your inventory in one easy step. If you’re in a party and a higher quality item drops you are allowed to roll only if it’s suitable for your class, eliminating a lot of drama seen in WoW when it comes to pick-up-groups.

    That’s all I have time for this week, but be sure to stay tuned for the next round of closed beta, as I will surely write another article at its conclusion! For any informational needs, be sure to visit our WildStar Wiki, and to keep up on current and new content follow us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    What’s happening everyone? Alex Danger here, bringing you the latest edition of Gamepedia’s YouTube Roundup! This week marks a significant milestone in gaming history, as a farm animals manage to steal the spotlight and the imaginations of game loving adults around the world. This week’s videos feature Goat Simulator, a sandbox destruction sim with loads of modding potential, some updates on Nether gameplay, and a brief trailer for LEGO Minifigures Online: Pirate World! Here we go!

    For anyone that doesn't know, Goat Simulator started off a joke, but quickly grew into a viral video game. This game is awesome, it pleases a pleasure center I didn't even know I had, one geared towards goat related destruction and the respective amusement associated with it. The best part about it is the fact that we only have one map right now, with many, many more on the way. We’re currently running a Goat Simulator Contest, in which users can submit a map of their own design via the Steam Workshop. The winner of this contest will have their map featured at the Curse booth during E3 in a couple of months! We’re also holding a giveaway for 30 copies of this insane game for free! It doesn't last long though, you have just under 24 hours so enter both contests. Good luck!

    Nether is another addition to the rapidly expanding zombie survival game genre. Form your troop and rally the tribe as you vie for survival in a post apocalyptic city. This week’s Nether video shows gameplay within an urban setting, where you search through rusty cars and ravaged shops in search of resources, all while battling various types of mutants and other players. We’re currently holding a contest to give out 50 full game keys, you can feel free to enter, here.

    Lastly, a featured presentation of the LEGO Minifigures Online: Pirate World trailer! Set sail for loot as you battle for riches on the blocky seas. God forbid you trip and cram a tiny 4x4  piece between your toes because dang that hurts, a mechanic I assume is integral to defeating any of the in-game bosses. Coming out some time in 2014, LEGO Online is approaching the MMORPG genre from a completely different angle. How it will be received is anyone's guess, but boy does it make me nostalgic!


    That's it for this week! But with WildStar doing a round of open beta this weekend and some other crazy stuff sure to surface from Goat Simulator be sure to stay tuned. Do this by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter @CurseGamepedia. Do it. DO IT NOW. And remember, it's dangerous to go alone.... be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Hooray! Gamepedia is now Official for the Duelyst Wiki! Duelyst has to be one of the coolest looking indie games I've seen in a while. Being developed by veterans from the Diablo III team and Rogue Legacy, Duelyst is an interesting addition to a unique gaming genre.The objective is to defeat your opponent by moving around a geometric battleground and using a combination of strategy, special units, and spells unique to your faction. With emphasis on competitiveness and ranked play, Duelyst’s replayability is assured.

    With crisp and clean 8-bit animation, Duelyst promises intense ranked gameplay and beautiful spell effects on any number of detailed and vibrant stages.The Duelyst kickstarter is ending soon and I implore you to contribute!

    To celebrate the launch of our Official Duelyst Wiki, we are also holding the Duelyst Ranked Flair Contest! Entrance to this contest is totally free, and the prizes are truly special. Six lucky winners will receive custom in-game icons with exclusive border and portrait art. EACH OF THESE ICONS IS UNIQUE, ONLY ONE OF EACH EXISTS IN THE WORLD!

    Duelyst’s wiki will be growing more in the next few weeks as we get closer to its launch, so stay tuned for more information! For anyone interested in joining in the process of maintaining any wiki, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hello! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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