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    Hey all! Alex Danger here, and holy crap we’ve had a lot of contests start in the past week, with even more to come! Our contests are changing in some really fun and new ways and we wanted to keep you informed in case you want to get in on the action. In addition to conventional prizes, such as beta keys, we’re introducing new rewards for those willing to put in a little bit of effort to take part in the development of their favorite games.


    The prime example of this is our recent Earthlock: Festival of Creativity Contest (best title ever, I don’t care what you think). Earthlock: Festival of Magic is an old-school RPG, hearkening back to Japanese style games with non-linear movement in a lavishly detailed world. We collaborated with the kind folks at SnowCastle Games and came up with two separate, but equally rewarding contests. Our first contest is randomly drawn, and all you have to do is throw your name into the hat, figuratively speaking. The first contest winner will have the opportunity to design a unique in-game object to be used or seen throughout the world of Umbra. The winner of the second contest will get to work with the games’ artists and designers to create their own monster to fight in-game. This contest in enter-able by submission only, and responses are reviewed by Earthlock’s staff for pertinence to story. Feel free to enter the Festival of Creativity contest here! Ends April 12th.

    Goats are odd creatures, often having a lethargic and awkward demeanor, right? WRONG. Goats are amazing, they headbutt stuff, break femurs, jump through the sky, sacrifice townspeople to a dark goat god and crash parties. Goat Simulator is almost too much, but in a good way. We’re hosting a contest to create a new map for Goat Simulator to be showcased at E3! To enter, simply upload your User-generated map to the Goat Simulator page on Steam Workshop. On May 5th, Coffee Stain studios will begin evaluating all of the submitted maps to pick their favorites and to contact the lucky winners. We’re also holding a Goat Simulator Launch Giveaway for a round of game keys, here. The time you spend with our furry friend will no doubt prove enriching and rewarding in more ways than one, we promise. Ends April 4th.

    Duelyst is a game I’m really excited for, even more so because of the awesome contest we’re putting on for them. This crisp 8-bit action-strategy game pits factions against one another on a pixelated battleground, and with ranked modes available its replayability is assured. If you’ve ever played a game that emphasizes ranked competitive play you know the value of standing out amongst a crowd. Personal flair is a good way to set yourself apart from the rest of the pack, and we’ve got cool prizes for the six lucky winners of our Duelyst contest. These winners will receive personalized icons, the likes of which are available to nobody else in the world. With special icon borders, portraits, and being numbered one through six, these icons will highlight your prestige in all of your ranked interactions. To check out these icons and enter our Duelyst Ranked Flair Contest, click here! Ends April 9th.

    Lastly, we have our second round of Nether beta keys giveaway! Nether is a new zombie survival game in which you are thrown into a post apocalyptic world with little more than a big knife and your wits. Much like other MMO survival games zombies aren't your only worries, as other players can hunt you down to take your supplies. There are two parts to this contest; the first is a guest key giveaway, and the second is a full game key giveaway. We’re offering 10,000 generated guest keys here. Or if you’re feeling lucky and want to enter the full game key contest, click here. Ends April, 15th.

    All of these amazing contests have started in the past week, and will continue for a short while, so enter while you can! We’ll keep bringing you new and exciting content in the coming months, so be sure to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia and like us on Facebook for any important updates! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Leaguepedia has resumed production of infographics to break down each exciting week of the NA and EU League of Legends Championship Series. These are designed to help you keep track of your favorite players’ performance throughout each week of the LCS. Included are interesting numbers highlighting player gold-earned-per-minute and the percentage win-rates of teams who prioritize objective control over kills. In the weeks to come our infographics will change and improve to bring you the most updated and comprehensive statistics so you can be ahead of the curve when it comes to knowing your pros. Below is just a brief example of all the excitement that characterizes the NA LCS when two classic teams collide on the rift.

    For future reference you can navigate to each week's infographic pages by clicking the “Infographs” link to the right of the tournament’s title. I've made week 9's infographics available by clicking here for the NA LCS infographic, or here for the EU LCS one. Be sure to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia and like us on Facebook so you'll be the first to know about impactful roster changes and big upsets! 


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    Hello everyone and welcome back to the YouTube Roundup! As we enter our third week we’re excited to bring you more Elder Scrolls: Online coverage and additional information on Hearthstone so you can stay on top of your game. Let’s begin!

    The Elder Scrolls: Online closed beta is continuously pumping out new information to keep us excited, and this week we cover another major in-game profession with a video on Blacksmithing. Blacksmithing was the easiest way of getting the sexiest armor back in Skyrim, but seeing as TESO is an MMO things will be a little bit different. For people who enjoy crafting it should prove much more rewarding as you destroy items for materials and head out into the wild to secure raw resources.

    Have stress problems? Ever feels like tearing your hair out trying to pick that one master lock in Skyrim by swiveling around inside a dark keyhole, fishing for the right location? Well lock picking is still very much a thing in TESO, but it’s a bit different (and easier). Instead of a randomly placed “sweet spot” of different sizes, each lock has a series of pins that much be methodically placed in order to reach the riches inside.

    When you think of an MMORPG, your mind probably goes to one of several places. What kind of raids will it have? Will there be pvp? Will that pvp suck? What kind of mounts can you get? We answer this last question in a video this week, featuring your first mount in the game. Everyone will no doubt be rolling Imperials after they watch it…

    Lastly, but certainly not least, we have an informational Hearthstone video highlighting the use of the Windfury spell effect. Windfury is a playmaking card that can be used in lots of combos for tons of damage. Not only are there minions with this effect in game, but the video also features the use of the Shaman class’s Windfury spell, which grants any minion the effect.

    Don’t forget to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia and like us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on new content and contests. Not to mention subscribing to our YouTube to see exclusive content in the weeks to come! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Earthlock: Festival of Magic is a Japanese-style RPG that pays homage to earlier generations. Join Amon, a young and ambitious adventurer who gets swept up in an ancient mystery. The world of Umbra is a peculiar mix of technology and magic, and it mysteriously stopped revolving almost one-thousand years ago. To celebrate our Official Earthlock: Festival of Magic Wiki, Gamepedia and the developers at Snowcastle Games are offering two amazing prizes with two separate contests.

    The first contest is enter-to-win, so all you have to do is enter some simple information, and click the “Enter Now” button. The winner will be randomly drawn at the end of the contest (April 12th) and be put into contact with Earthlock’s artists and developers to create a unique in-game object!

    The second contest is available for entry by submission, all you have to do is fill out the attached form and submit your idea. This contest asks you to come up with a unique idea for a monster in-game, and will be judged by Earthlock’s artists and developers for originality and pertinence to story. We would also like to welcome drawings as a form of submission, they can be emailed to for review!

    We look forward to some amazing monster submissions! For more information on Earthlock: Festival of Magic, visit our Official Earthlock Wiki, and to keep up with all of our contests be sure to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia, and like us on Facebook! As always, we welcome those looking to contribute to the growth of any wiki. For anyone interested in joining in, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hello! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Only three days until the scheduled release of Diablo III’s expansion, Reaper of Souls! With the addition of a brand new Act V, Blizzard promises new and more challenging monsters and bosses, a huge relief for hardcore players who have no doubt grown tired of grinding Act IV on Torment.

    Along with all the new content there will also be a new class added, the Crusader. A holy warrior of Westmarch, the Crusader imbues their weapons with light to crush demonic fiends into oblivion. By combining impenetrable defenses with vengeful holy attacks the Crusader is the perfect combatant against the endless armies of demons and the undead who stand between you and ultimate glory (and phat loots).

    Along with seamless travel between acts, the level cap is raised to level 70. This means unlocking powerful new abilities for each class and a race to find the most destructive new items!

    New gametypes give repeat players much more to do with the introduction of Adventure Mode, Bounties, and Nephalem Rifts. Adventure Mode yields blood shards, which can be traded for mysterious artifacts. the Bounties game mode will present players with a number of different challenges in order to reach a bulging cache of items and gold. Nephalem Rifts are separate dimensions from the rest of the Diablo world, throwing wave after wave of diversified enemies against the swords, shields, and magic of anyone brave enough to challenge them.

    The Reaper of Souls wiki is still growing, and we’d like you to contribute! For anyone interested in joining in, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hello! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!


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    Hello everyone, Alex Danger here, and I welcome you all to the second installment of our new series, Gamepedia's YouTube Roundup! This week we showcase new videos featuring Snowcastle Games’ new kickstarter, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, more on the playable races in The Elder Scrolls: Online, and additional Titanfall infos! Let's move out!

    Want to really connect with the character you see running around on screen? The Elder Scrolls: Online offers the perfect race for any personality! Whether you choose a persnickety Imperial, a scheming Dunmer, or the furry Khajit, Gamepedia has your back when it comes to knowing their available appearance customization, passive abilities, and even a little bit of their racial lore. For example, if you thought Imperials were bad company in Skyrim, you won’t be as surprised when you find out in TESO that they've allied with a Daedric prince and his undead army. Be sure to stay tuned to Gamepedia's YouTube as more information surfaces from the TESO beta.

    In addition to the latest information on the playable races, this week we also feature a video on the Woodcrafting profession. I know what you’re thinking, “Alex, why in the world would you want to take up the woodcrafting profession?” and if you’re anything like me, hearing the word “woodcraft” probably takes you back to that class you took during 8th grade, where you made an oven-rack stick... or maybe a hefty wooden battle-hammer (I still have it). With our modern mentalities we tend to forget that a lot was made with wood just a couple centuries ago; crossbows, arrows, staves, almost ALL furniture. And while I’m not so sure about your ability to craft a side-table drawer that “really ties the room together” all of the former are very real possibilities in The Elder Scrolls: Online!

    Earthlock: Festival of Magic by Snowcastle Games hopes to give players an old school turn-based RPG experience with crisp new graphics and a new concept involving the harvest of combat resources.  By combining youthful amounts of motivation with the experience of veteran developers from other big games such as Broken Age and The Walking Dead, Earthlock is definitely a title worth looking forward to. The story takes place in Umbra, a world divided between magic and technology that mysteriously stopped revolving almost a thousand years ago. Join Amon the treasure-hunter and his crew of wide-eyed adventurers in their quest to solve this ancient mystery. For those curious about what gameplay may look like, watch the extended gameplay video here.

    Lastly, we have a clip highlighting the customization and user friendliness of the RC101 Carbine available for Titanfall’s infantry loadout. Veterans of other FPSs will quickly realize the reliability and effectiveness of the RC101 as an all-around standard tool for murdering grunts, spectres, and players alike. Other aspects of the drop leaving you with questions? Visit our official Titanfall wiki for thorough information on everything big, shiny, and deadly.

    Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and subscribe to our YouTube to catch next weeks Roundup! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Alex Danger here, and it is with great pleasure (and a healthy amount of envy) that I present your Gamepedia Titanfall Launch Giveaway winners! Over the last month we held a free-to-enter contest in the U.S. and Canada to give away some amazing prizes honoring the launch of our Official Titanfall Wiki! These prizes included five Collector’s Edition Titanfall packages, five Titanfall Collector’s Edition X-Box One controllers, and eight sets of awesome Titanfall patches and lanyards. Give these lucky pilots a totally non-spite-filled round of applause!

     Grand Prize Winners - 

    • Shane P.

    • Chris W.
    • Christina C.
    • Andrea C.
    • Nichole S.

     1st Place Winners -

    • Bruce D.

    • Chris A.

    • Tim C.

    • Samuel D.

    • Derek D.

     2nd Place Winners -

    • Daniel D.

    • Jonathan G.

    • David V.

    • Jenna M.

    • Mason C.

    • Theresa J.

    • Dustin L.

    • Dennis W.

    Don't forget to visit our Official Titanfall Wiki for all of your informational needs! And keep in mind that we here at Gamepedia are always looking for new ways to reward our community, and contests are always in the works. To keep an eye out for our next event be sure to follow us on twitter @CurseGamepedia and like us on Facebook! And remember, it’s dangerous to go alone… be prepared with Gamepedia!


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    Alex Danger here, and I’m proud to announce the official wiki for Chasm by Discord Games! Being called a mix between popular 2D action RPGs such as Metroid and Castlevania, Chasm will be a sweet return to an older and richer generation of gaming. Hack and slash mechanics, tons of hidden secrets, and a huge 2D world will keep gamers of all ages indoors for hours on end. Hopefully available some time this Fall, Chasm will be for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.

    Be sure to stay tuned to Gamepedia for additional updates on Chasm’s production as we build upon our wiki in the coming weeks. That being said, we like to encourage our community to take part in the growth of any wiki! For anyone interested in editing, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Remember that Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hello. And remember, it's dangerous to go alone... be prepared with Gamepedia!

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    Alex Danger here! This week the boys over at Blizzard Entertainment started a round of closed alpha testing for their upcoming title Heroes of the Storm. By throwing their hat into the battle-arena ring, Blizzard fires up its faithful fanbase while expanding upon an idea from their Starcraft II modding community a couple of years back. Anyone who’s played one of Blizzard’s three prestigious video game series’ will undoubtedly see some familiar faces as they run, fly, and ride into battle.

    People who have played other popular MOBAs, such as Dota 2 or League of Legends, will quickly notice some significant differences in the game’s play-style and focus. Instead of an emphasis on individual skill, Heroes of the Storm encourages the use of teamwork in order to achieve a common goal. Without any in-game items to boost certain stats, players are left with communication and a pretty strict set of hero abilities. Variable factors, such as the amount of damage or healing a spell does, scales to your current level. The sole purpose of minions in Heroes of the Storm is pushing lanes and “last hitting” minions is not a factor in how well you do in each game, as it has been with other games of a similar genre. Objectives on the map are only taken through a concerted team effort, and the ebb and flow of the game is largely dictated by control of key areas.

    An important factor to keep in mind moving forward is that Blizzard has said they don’t want their new game associated with the MOBA genre, saying that it should instead should be seen as something different and unique. One would assume additional dynamics may be added in the future, but as it stands it will please a wide range of players both new and seasoned to the MOBA genre.

    In its current form, all heroes can be unlocked by completing matches and accruing out-of-game currency. Those willing to shell out a bit of cash will find that doing so speeds up the process of unlocking heroes, as well as gets you all your favorite vanity items. In the coming weeks look for more updates on the state of the game. And if you find yourself dying of curiosity check out our Heroes of the Storm wiki, which has information on everything from Hero abilities to official news!

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    Greetings! Alex Danger here, and I’m proud to present you with the first installment in a new series of articles featuring Gamepedia’s YouTube channel, the YouTube Roundup! Our first week was pretty insane and features YouTube content covering Titanfall, Hearthstone, Pixel Piracy, Elder Scrolls: Online, and the highly anticipated H-Hour: World’s Elite. And don't forget to subscribe to our channel to stay up-to-date on recent and exclusive gaming info!

    Stepping into a Titan for the first time may seem a bit intimidating for green players, but luckily our guys at YouTube are there to give you a crash course before dropping into battle. Several minutes of intense in-game footage covers customizable starting loadouts (both infantry and Titan), as well as soldier and Titan ambulation and fighting. This first look also outlines more subtle in-game variables and mechanics, something veteran FPSs players can appreciate during their initial matches. Get a leg-up when you drop-in by watching the video here, and keep an eye out for new content to come featuring other angles to the game.

    Ho-ho! It’s good to see you again! Hearthstone’s community has exploded since it’s transition to open beta just a few months back, and we at Gamepedia are here to help you contend with the seasoned Hearthstone players you will no doubt be running into (outside of buying you card packs, sorry). Luckily this week features a couple videos on in-game card mechanics that can mean the difference between relative success and complete and utter defeat. For additional information ranging from leveling a class to basic cards and quests visit our YouTube, and remember to believe in the “heart of the cards”! 

    Pixel Piracy is a new release from Quadro-Delta and Terraria’s Re-Logic and is now available on Steam! As I fight a losing battle to defeat the urge to squeeze in several pirate jokes, allow me to re-emphasize how great it is that Re-Logic has chosen Pixel Piracy as its first game to publish! Backing the development with years of experience and advice, Re-Logic’s blessing assures us that Pixel Piracy has received the love and attention it needed in order to be a big hit.

    This weeks Elder Scrolls: Online videos will prove quite pleasing to vanity players and those with obsessive compulsive MMORPG tendencies. Starting down the list of several races available for play in the game, this week highlights Orcs, Bretons, Argonians, and Wood Elves including the various character customization they have available. Look for the remaining races and even class breakdowns in the weeks to come!

    Lastly, this week we feature an exclusive sneak peak at H-Hour: World’s Elite, a military hybrid first/third person shooter from the makers of SOCOM. Featuring a flythrough of an online map, the little we know about the game is that its makers encourage the use of teamwork and tactical maneuvers during online play, instead of the run-and-gun theme that characterizes popular shooters nowadays.

    Don't forget to visit Gamepedia for all of your informational needs when it comes to gaming, and be on the lookout for next week's Roundup!


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    Alex Danger here! Today marks the public launch of Infinite Crisis, a new free-to-play MOBA from the guys over at Turbine and Warner Bros. Finally entering open beta, heroes and villains alike from the DC multiverse clash across a desolated Gotham. Play as Batman or Green Lantern, or their re-imagined multiverse counterparts; Gaslight Batman or Atomic Green Lantern, in this new addition to the rapidly expanding MOBA genre. These worlds collide for the first time as your favorite comic book heroes meet on one of three stunningly well textured battlegrounds: Gotham Heights, Coast City, and the newly added Gotham Divided.

    To those of you who who were previously ignorant of the existence of the DC multiverse, you're in for a crazy surprise.  In addition to the aforementioned crowd pleasing classics, Infinite Crisis is a reminder that there have been some die-hard fans and artists over the years that have come up with some pretty sweet variations to keep things fresh. From a steam-punk Gaslight realm, to a horrifying Nightmare take; these “Protectors” are related only in name and anything but similar in their appearance and abilities.

    Gamepedia is a great place for all the information you might need before diving into this wild new perspective on the DC universe, and anyone interested in joining the open beta can sign up here. As always, we like to encourage our community to take up the pen and contribute to the growth of any wiki! For anyone interested in editing, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Remember that Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hello!

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    Exciting news! Running With Rifles, a new open world top-down tactical shooter for PC/Windows/Linux developed by Modulaatio Games, is now available on Steam! As the official wiki host, we are very excited about this release and will be adding information in the coming days. In the meantime here’s a video highlighting the playstyle of this unique take on tactical shooters, as well as a demo that's available for anyone curious to try it out.

    Strap-up your helmet and pull those grenade pins because this is one seriously fast-paced game. Putting emphasis on quick thinking and micromanagement, what looks like chaos is actually quite simple to control given enough practice. In addition to maintaining a fun and jovial feel, Running With Rifles in its current form is the result of the feedback from a very close, and invested backing community.

    The Official Running With Rifles Wiki is currently being built upon, and we at Gamepedia would like that take this chance to invite you to come and take part in this process! For anyone interested in joining in, the Help Wiki is a great place to learn how to get started. Remember that Gamepedia staff and fellow community members are also available in IRC - /join #Gamepedia and come say hello!

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    We at Gamepedia are proud to announce the official wiki for Pixel Piracy! The fine folks at Quadro Delta have teamed up with Re-Logic, developers of Terraria, to bring you an innovative and exciting 2D side-scrolling strategy/sandbox/sim game available through Steam.

    Rouse your crew and man the helm as a pirate captain on the pixelated seas. Players will be able to choose between various methods of coercion in the pursuit of infamy and fortune. Plunder and pillage innocents and adversaries, strike deals and manipulate from the shadows, or make an honest buck through conventional commercial means, the choice is yours!

    In order to fully realize the potential of Pixel Piracy, Re-Logic has assumed a Publisher position for the project, committing their vast wealth of experience to optimizing the user’s experience. Terraria faithful should keep a mindful eye out as the cross-collaboration has resulted in various cameos hidden around the islands of Piracia!

    The release date is tentative, but set to be some time in the next few months. In the meantime head over to for all of your pixelated swashbuckling needs, and be sure to follow us @CurseGamepedia for a chance to bag a free Pixel Piracy key for Steam later this afternoon! 

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